Frequently Asked Questions

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After the proposal is submitted it has 2 weeks to be voted by the community, after this deadline the votes are computed. If there is a change from yes to no or no to yes majority in the last 24 hours the proposal is extended 24hrs.
When the voting period ends and proposal is allocated funds are paid according to the milestones. Proposers are required to submit proof of expenses and meet the terms and conditions to be paid.
During the voting period, if you make any exit transactions using the address you used to vote, your vote will be invalidated
1. Open -> Voting is open
2. Funds Allocated -> Finished the vote and had more "Yes"
3. Completed -> All milestones were paid
4. Not Funded -> Finished the vote and had more "No"
5. Deactived -> Proposal cancelled by proposer or because it didn't meet terms and conditions.