#419 Advertise Smart Cash and Smart Band in Brazil on Second Largest News Outlet

By etopsaber


Strategically, repetition is the key. My goal is to show the Smart Band in action, not only through paid advertising, which we will but also on the daily basis on my YouTube channel. With the community's help, we will get millions intrigued by the usability of Smart Cash through Smart Band, and the technology Smart Cash brings.


Amount: US$ 5.500 every 2 months
Goal: initially get the Brazilian population interested in Smart Cash trough Smart Band, meanwhile advertise the usability and technology os Smart Cash in the biggest news outlet in Brazil.

Hello community I'm Wilker, I previously worked with digital marketing and now, for the past 2 years I have been working on a YouTube channel here in Brazil with over 18.000 subscribers, where I do daily updates on the market news and much more.

I share the same vision as the Smart Cash community here in Brazil which is to make it the main source of payment, show how Smart Cash is already a smart payment system utilizing debit card and Smart band. Also, I have a Smart Cash free guide where I show what is Smart cash, how to use it, send smart trough email, much more and always adding new videos.

I'm very intrigued with the Smart Band solution, and every time I use the Smart Band to make day to day payments, when I tell the merchants and people that I am making payments in Smart Cash they really want to get involved.

The problem I want to solve.

We are at the infancy of this technology and less than 1% of the population knows about it, therefore we need to introduce cryptocurrency by explaining what is Smart Cash and how it uses blockchain, smart nodes and much more to revolutionize the world.

For Smart Cash to really get adopted her in Brazil, it is important to let the population know that Smart Cash exists, and it's already changing people's lives.


With the community´s help and consensus, my goal is to let the whole Brazilian population know that Smart Cash exists and is already changing the payment system. And here's is how I plan on instigating the Brazilian community to join the Smart Cash ecosystem.

Smart Band is the key since is a visual mean of payment utilizing cryptocurrency, there for people need to see it in action, I plan on buying, food, clothing, pay bills and display it on my youtube channel.

Advertising is the key, people need to see and hear about Smart Cash on the daily basis (that's my goal). That's why I am going to do paid advertising, since facebook, twitter, google, and bing has banned cryptocurrency ads, we will advertise Smart Cash on the second biggest news outlet in Brazil with over 110 million views.

I am frequently doing speeches on public schools, radios, community serviçes institutions and more. With the funding, I will be able to make shirts, bracelets, posters and much more and distribute in those events.

I have already made a couple of videos showing how easy it is to pay using a Smart Band, here's an example of how people's reaction.

(Watch the video here)


“That's awesome, form now on, Smart Cash is my coin.”

“Cool, paying bills with Smart Cash, now we can use cryptocurrencies without banks and in a private way. This is the future.”

Media Outlet

O Popular in partnership with Rede Globo (biggest television channel In the country), partners with 8 radios station, 11 media sites and more. In all it generates over 110 million views on the monthly bases, also it is important to point out that O Popular is second biggest media site in Brazil, as shown below.

The more people see Smart Cash being utilized and talked about, the better and faster it is for its adoption, that's why it's important to let people know, and show how Smart Band with Smart Cash, offers a real payment solution.


US$5,500 per month for every 2 months

  • US$750 will be invested in the Smart Band, where I will record places that accept Smart Cash with Atar Band and publish on my channel and paid to advertise. In order to instigate and generate curiosity on the users.
  • US$500 will be invested on a professional graphic designer to design campaign ads, shirt, and posters.
  • US$1250 will be invested in the creation of shirts posters, gadgets as a strategic way to catch people's attention and take Smart Cash into peoples homes.
  • US$3000 will be invested in paid ads, where we will advertise on the second biggest news outlets in Brazil for 2 months, with four strategic ways of advertising.

In case the community want to know the outcome of this advertisement, I will create a specific link, were all direct click will be registered, also, we have a news agency were after each event, the journalists will publish a post talking about the event with pictures and videos.

As I mentioned I will be posting short videos at the beginning of the channel's videos on all forms Smart Cash with Smart Band can be used as a payment, and through our social media.

News Agency
Youtube Channel
Smart Cash free guide

First Month

After the graphic designer creates a couple awesome and intuitive image we will advertise trough Mega Box. This one-month advertisement will cost US$647,70 and it will be displayed in every article.

Create an article, here we will create an article and introduce Smart Cash technology and how it's changing the financial sector. This article will always be available on the O Popular´s site, with one payment of US$948,51 the article will stay live and well hanked for life.

Second Month

Second Article, the second month we will do something similar, starting with an article more in depth of why people need to know about smart cash and start using it as a payment gateway, also display short videos of the Smart Band payment system. To display another article, it will be charged US$948,51.

Meanwhile, we are going to advertise through banners on the site and its affiliates, Arroba Capa will be displayed for a month for US$515,00.

This is an investment that is necessary to take forth the Smart Cash ecosystem that will lead to adoption, also Brazil is in the top 7 countries that are most active in the crypto world, that makes it so important to get it adopted here.

Here are some more information on the site daily access

I’d really like to have the communities help to make this happen and I'm sure it will bring great benefits to the Smart Cash ecosystem, tho, independent of the outcome of this proposal, I will continue to advertise and talk about Smart Cash´s technology and payment solution on my youtube channel and site, thank you.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
June 06, 2018 2,750.00 5,184,179.77 * Will be applied on advertising Smart Cash the first month In progress
July 06, 2018 2,750.00 5,184,179.77 * Will be applied on advertising Smart Cash the second month In progress
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 5,500.00
  • Estimated SMART: 10,368,359.54
  • Estimated BTC: 0.27164065


  • Created Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Thursday, June 7, 2018 04:39:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Funds Allocated (Not Started)


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