#780 Channel On Youtube Brazil and A Public Event 2

By Rodrigosmart


Renovation of the proposal #774



I’ve been talking with many people about Smartcash and I’ve noticed they have lots of doubts about it. They liked the idea of the project but they didn’t know how to engage on it or even how to spend it or buy it or manage it. To be honest they didn’t have any idea of how to do anything with it. So to solve this issue I’ve been trying to figure out a way to educate the population about Smartcash and the benefits of using it and adopting it as a part of Brazilian's daily routine. How? Creating a channel on YouTube Brazil and teaching all about this cryptocurrency.

Who am I?

     My name is Rodrigo Barbosa and I’m from Brazil. I’m in the crypto universe since 2016. I’m in love with Smartcash because the project is so amazing and I’m extremely confident that Smartcash will change the lifestyle of a lot of people. I’m also very confident that I have a lot of to contribute! I know that Smartcash has the potential to change the world entirely and I really want to be a part of this huge revolution that is going to happen in the near future.

The Problem

     There’s not much information neither publicity about Smartcash in my native language and people often don’t know about how things could be better with the use of Smartcash on their lives. When I started to learn about Smartcash it was so hard to find quality and trusted information about it (at least in Portuguese). 
     So I started by myself to teach about it to my friends and family and they thought the project amazing. They really liked the but they couldn’t really use Smartcash because as all of you guys know cryptocurrencies are so difficulty to average people.

Why to solve this problem?

     In 1969 when the Internet was created nobody knew how to do anything with it. Nobody knew that Internet was so revolutionary and useful on a daily basis. Only after many years of development that the Internet achieved a large adoption and I’m sure that the critic point for this was the facilitation of the use of it to the average people. This is what I’m going to do with Smartcash. Everyone here know that Smartcash is revolutionary but yet complicated to average people.
     If you believe in Smartcash and want it has a large adoption is necessary to educate the population. This channel will teach all about Smartcash and at the same time will spread it.

How to solve this problem?

     Creating a channel on YouTube Brazil. This channel will be a place where you can learn all about Smartcash. If the people don’t have information all we have to do is to create a bunch of videos on YouTube giving information to their. In these videos I will teach:    

    How to buy
    How to spend
    How to use Smartband and Smartcard
    How to miner 
    How to accept 
    How to use all Smartcash wallets
    All about masternode
    The Smartcash Blockchain
    The Whitepaper
    Smarthive (including Smarthive Voting)
    News about Smartcash
    Anything that is somehow connected with the Smartcash


    2 videos per week 
    1 livestream answering the subscribers per week (I will airdrop Smartcash in the livestreams)*
    Duration: 5 months (08/08/2019 - 01/08/2020)** 
    Total Content: 44 videos and 22 livestreams
    Total Amount: $2,735


     Public event on tourist spots in my city (Belo Horizonte). In this event I will airdrop Smartcash and sell some products (clothes, food, books etc) accepting only Smartcash as payment method. This event will stimulate the use of Smartcash and teach people how it works in real-time. This event will be recorded and posted in the channel so every viewer will see Smartcash working in real life.***

I’m already glad to have your attention and I’m totally open for any suggestions that will improve the project. Thank you guys!

*On these livestreams I’ll airdrop Smartcash for the viewers. Doing this the viewers will be encouraged to create a Smartcash wallet and explore the use of Smartcash.
**Will be posted one video every Monday and every Wednesday. And one livestream every thursday. I will make the proposal again in october because Smartcash Proposals doesn't allow to put milestones 2 months long from today. 
***The event will occur in the last month of the proposal and I will not ask funds to do it.





Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
September 07, 2019 547.00 1,034,261.08 * 8 Videos and 5 Livestreams posted on Channel -
October 07, 2019 547.00 1,034,261.08 * 9 Videos and 4 Livestreams posted on Channel -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 1,094.00
  • Estimated SMART: 2,068,522.16
  • Estimated BTC: 0.05407324


  • Created Date: Wednesday, August 7, 2019
  • Voting Deadline: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 21:20:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (17,158,682.78)
No (21,749,083.25)
Abstain (684,418.30)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2019-08-07 13:01:26 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2019-08-07 21:20:07 Open voting. Deadline up to 2019-08-21 21:20:07. (Discord Andrew) -
2019-08-20 21:20:39 Last 24 hours of the vote. Σ 16234734.40897 Σ 19922818.45300
2019-08-21 21:20:39 Voting closed. Status: Not Funded. -


  • Solarminer 08/07/2019 21:52

    The Smart Rod youtube channel only has 108 subscribers. How do you expect to show that to a large audience? How many people will your event have? We have a complete homepage specific to Brazil. https://brazil.smartcash.cc/ Your initiative is great. But think what is most important. That is getting NEW people to see SmartCash and get excited about it. A series of videos isn't going to help much if very few people view them.

    Rodrigosmart 08/07/2019 21:57

    Everyone starts of zero. The channel is growing. So many people are learning about Smartcash. I already have some collabs videos with brazillian youtubers to record. This channel is important because people have to learn about Smartcash.

  • joaogabrielcorrea 08/14/2019 16:43

    Well, i dont see you on Telegram or other social midia. Send the indicators, metrics and goals about your past project.

    Rodrigosmart 08/16/2019 14:22

    I don't use Social midia. The proposal is about channel on Youtube. Verify the channel: youtube.com/smartrod In just 1 month we achieved more than 100 subscribers. So many news smartcash adress createds.

    joaogabrielcorrea 08/16/2019 18:56

    Renewal, but your previous proposal is until 2020. I couldn't find the How to buy videos either How to spend How to use Smartband and Smartcard Like mine How to accept How to use all Smartcash wallets All about masternode The Smartcash Blockchain The whitepaper Smartreawards Smarthive (including Smarthive Voting) Shouldn't the event have happened in the previous proposal? It is confusing.

  • RoJo56 08/16/2019 10:08

    What other social media platforms do you have related to Smartcash running please?

    Rodrigosmart 08/16/2019 14:20