#223 Community Incubation and Merchant Adoption in Costa Rica thruoght AKA SmartWeekends - LATAM HIVE.

By criptosurfer


*admin note* partial completion Incubate and expand the SmartCash ecosystem, merchants and community in Costa Rica (the Switzerland of Latin America) by planning and executing the SmartWeekends, integrating education, sports, arts, nightlife and tourism industry into the SmartCash mass adoption agenda. Timeline: 3 months / 12 weeks


12 SmartWeekend Events - Description

SmartFridays at the metropolitan site (Avalon Country Club / Santa Ana- San Jose) then Saturday Local Surf Event (Backyard Surf Series - Playa Hermosa, Jaco) and finally the saturday SmartFever at night time (Different locations around Jaco and Hermosa Beach each SmartWeekend).

For 3 months we will push forward SmartCash mass adoption agenda integrating people from all ages and different nationalities and cultures to join the SmartHive, learn what is SmartCash, how to open SmartCash wallets, how to use it, how to create proposals and how to interact with us, the SmartCash community, and with the other features and benefits from using SmartCash. We will besides incentivize the tourism businesses and merchants surrounding the beaches and surf spots to integrate and start accepting SmartCash as payment. We are creating the ecosystem and our decentralized economy in a recognized international world surfing spot. Our expected outcome is to integrate new ambassadors for costa rica and Latam while getting SmartCash exposed to the international community visiting the chosen locations in Costa Rica.

SmartFridays-Santa Ana

Santa Ana is located at the metropolitan area of CR, neighbouring Escazu and Guachipelin which all together constitute the most vibrant areas of San Jose. We are renting a 100sqm space at Avalon Country Club to offer 3-4 hours SmartCash workshops for at least 30-40 people.

We will provide free SmartCash merchandise for the attendants such as keychains, hats, t-shirts, and sport bottles, we are also doing SMART giveaways, 10 USD worth of SmartCash for the first 30 attendees. The giveaways will be rewards for conducting dinamics with the attendees such as uploading selfies on their social networks, the use of tags and hashtags e.g. @smartcash #SmartWeekend # SmartFridays #SmartCostaRica and such

With the use of a video beam we will address talks with multilingual speakers about Smart Investment Planning trough SmartCash. Listing  the virtues and features of SmartCash, teach new users how to open SmartCash wallets (Desktop, Web) and how to make passive incomes with SmartRewards, SmartNodes. We will set an example of a running SmartNode and give orientation on how to set it up and run it. There will be enfatic development of the 2018 SmartCash Roadmap. Finally the talk will focus on the importance of getting involved with the community on Steemit, Discord and Telegram and other channels as well as how to make a proposal in order to keep nurturing the future of SmartCash in a decentralized way trough the SmartHive. The 12 sessions will be catered with basic snacks and hidration/hot beverage, free secured parking lot provided. Video documentation and live broadcasting in social networks during the sessions will be enabled. There will be fun!



In order to build SmartCash Economy in Costa Rican world-class surf spot Playa Hermosa and Jaco Beach,  SmartSaturdays will be held on a different restaurant every month, the idea behind is to encourage both the merchants and the Smarties to use SmartCash to transact, buy or sell goods, foods at their favorite restaurant, bar, surfshop, etc.

There will be a local surfing event at Backyard surf series once week at the Backyard Hotel in Playa Hermosa, the main surfing spot for tourists and international surf events site in Costa Rica. During this contest there will be a SMART giveaway (10USD worth of SMART) for the first 10 persons that show up with a SmartCash T-shirts or hats !

Prizes of the Surf Contest

We propose to give 2000 SMART to the 1st place, 1000 to the 2nd, 500 for the 3rd and 4th place each, the idea of this is to empower the leaders of the elite surfing in Costa Rica and gain influencers to contribute to mass adoption through their example of usage and involvement on the SmartCash community. Another prize categoruy is Best Smartsurf photo wins 1000 SMART (500 for the surfer and 500 for the photographer)

in adition to the surf contest we propose to develop a SmartSurf video at Playa Hermosa using the event as platform to showcase best surfers in LATAM using SmartCash as cryptocurrency to pay at their favorite commerce (rest,bar, shop) + another edit format is for the SmartFriday Workshop sessions, to later publish all 12 weeks. All these videos will have SmartCash arts, logo at all time.  All documents, photos, videos, interviews during the SmartWeekends will be announced, broadcasted and published through @SmartCashLATAM @Criptosurfer, @flauwy @oucan, @octoleaks / Instagram ,FB , Steemit, Gab, Youtube, Twitter,Dtube , Steep up, local radio news station magazines and local news papers.

Smartphoto - contest

The winner of the photo contest will have to comply with 3 rules 

1. Post the photo on their social networks

2. Follow and Tag SmartCash official, SmartCash Latam, SmartCash Outreach, Criptosurfer

3. The post text must include information regarding the event and SmartCash therefore creating rich content from influencers to the SmartHive



The SmartLycras are another giveaway for Smart exposer trough 10 lycras for surfing athletes, the lycras will be printed with SmartCash logos, SmartCash web page. This is going to give SmartCash exposure among the local surf instructors and surf schools incentivizing them to integrate in the SmartCash community in the Costa Rican surf industry (surf shops, surf factories, tourism business and other merchants) being one of the biggest industries in the country.


Costa Rica as an International Surfing Tourism Hub

Costa Rica has one of the most surf spots per square meter in the world !! over 75 surf spots only in the pacific countless in the caribbean the country receives over 2.9 million tourists every year making this the most important economy in the country, infiltrating the tourism industry with SmartCash will make us pioneers in that segment and getting us tons of world exposure due to the massive international tourism reaching the country permanently.

Surfers in Costa rica are perceived as big leagues athletes by merchants and people in general making them as important as soccer players or football players therefore sponsoring surfing events and making surf videos is one of the best ways to achieve confidence of merchants and help accelerating SmartCash mass adoption!

About us

I am Miguel Megias Alias @criptosurfer i’ve been involved with SmartCash since october last year, I have done SmartCash tutorials videos, constant giveaways, videos and episodes talking about SmartCash and crypto as a self determination mechanism to achieve freedom.

I am a mass communication savvy owned a surf magazine for 5 years and been a professional surfer most of my life !
The other part of the team is well known inside the crypto community he is @octoleaks a great entrepreneur, communicator and strategist. He is a great asset for the community and excellent and creative manager for this project.

@Oucan is also well known by the community, he is one SmartLeader from Cancun Mexico. We would like to invite Omar @oucan to come to Costa Rica from Mexico to share his life experience with the crypto revolution in Cancun and talk about how SmartCash changed his life on one of the SmartWeekends. This invitation sets him as example of success thanks to hardwork with cryptocurrencies that would also give more credit to SmartCash as an international currency and a strong community !! we will broadcast and post his interventions talking about all his story and experience, also will produce another episode with @Criptosurfer !!

Finally we also have the intention to invite @flauwy to the SmartFridays meetups as part of the team to show the SmartBee puppets and talk about his experience with Steemit and the SmartCash community and how to make stronger bonds within the LATAM spanish community.


Goals and conclusions

- Incubate and Expand the LATAM SmartHive community in Costa Rica, an international eco-friendly tourism hub.

- Open new wallets, teach about SmartCash features for investors, merchants and as a users.

- Sponsor the first crypto-surf contest and give SmartCash prizes in World class surf spot, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

- Create the first world crypto and surfing video by SmartCash

- Increase the number of merchants accepting smartcash as payment more POS available for Smarties to spend their SmartCash in tourist friendly Costa Rica

- Nurture the SmartCash Discord and Telegram (english and spanish)

- To develop tons of new SmartCash ambassadors !!



600 SmartCash wrist bands
120 T-shirts SmartCash Costa Rica
100 Sport Bottles SmartCash logo and webpage
10   Lycras with SmartCash logo and web address
600 Keychains printed with SmartCash logo
120 Hats printed with SmartCash logo and web page
500 Stickers (100 smartcash accepted here and 400 logos with typography)
12  SmartFriday SMART giveaway worth 3600$ ( 12 weeks 300$ each friday)
3  Banners SmartCash logo and typography, web page, social network
2  SmartCash Flags for sport events




Budget Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JRaSJN-Lpy-3OhBxqhZttfy3RlYRZg8m-DmX07ie5n8/edit?usp=sharing

Preproposal Link https://forum.smartcash.cc/t/grow-community-and-merchant-adoption-in-costa-rica-through-aka-smartweekends/3985

Avalon Country Club http://avaloncountry.club/

Backyard http://www.backyardhotel.com/

VidaHermosa https://www.facebook.com/VidaHermosaPlayaHermosa/


milestones does not reflect the actual timeline any ways the exxel file seems accurate enough !

the exeding amount of SmartCash will be donated to a charity to plant trees on the coasts of costa rica the foundations is Costas Verdes directed by Mr Fernando






Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 07, 2018 6,500.00 12,306,876.70 * Merchandise full order -
May 09, 2018 10,560.00 19,993,941.23 * SmartWeekend #1-4 -
May 20, 2018 6,500.00 12,306,876.70 * Admin costs -
June 04, 2018 3,500.00 6,626,779.76 * Oucan trip budget -
June 06, 2018 10,560.00 19,993,941.23 * Smartcash week # 4-8 -
June 15, 2018 6,500.00 12,306,876.70 * Admin costs -
July 08, 2018 10,560.00 19,993,941.23 * SmartWeekend # 8 - 12 -
July 16, 2018 6,500.00 12,306,876.70 * Admin costs -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 61,180.00
  • Estimated SMART: 115,836,110.27
  • Estimated BTC: 3.01903654


  • Created Date: Friday, April 20, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, May 4, 2018 23:52:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Completed


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No (1,326,710.60)
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