#768 CriptoBlock Edition Rio de Janeiro

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CriptoBlock edition Rio de Janeiro was developed exclusively for wonderful city; we will host the exclusive event on adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies


CriptoBlock Edition Rio de Janeiro

Topic: Adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies


CriptoBlock edition Rio de Janeiro was developed exclusively for wonderful city; we will host the exclusive event on adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies



The CriptoBlock Edition Rio de Janeiro event will bring to the wonderful city an exclusive event involving merchants, investors university students and a community interested in knowing payment solutions, accepted crypto-coins and technology.


In this first meeting we intend to achieve the following stages:


  1. Increase and reliability in the use of crypto-coins in day-to-day

We will gather in this second event a large number of entrepreneurs interested in implementing payment methods in their establishments, investors and enthusiasts with a focus on knowing better new technologies and businesses.


  1. Increase the use of crypto-coins in Brazil

Brazil has a large area of people interested in cryptomoedas and is a great influencer with active voice throughout Latin America being known by professionals worldwide with a focus on technology. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate to a select group new technologies and solutions important to commerce and to the end user, the event will be promoted in Rio de Janeiro known for the wonderful city and stage of great events of success in the country.


  1. Increasing the crypto-coin payment network

The CriptoBlock event wants to show strength by bringing together a team of influencers to demonstrate the presence of crypto-coins in Brazil, attracting a select audience of investors and entrepreneurs interested in receiving payments with crypto-coins and alternatives of use such as SmartBands and SmartCards.



We developed CriptoBlock in 2018 with the intention of representing exclusive events about adoption and usability of crypto-coins.


Our first event occurred in São Paulo; Known as the largest financial capital of Brazil was a success! Check the numbers of the first edition:

- We have gathered more than 200 people present on site

- More than 4mil people connected in the online transmission through facebook, youtube and instagram.

- Record duration in a single holding lectures during for 9 hours of exclusive event.

- Several local companies representing the cryptocurrencies network: digital marketing, foreign exchange, technology companies: Atar Band and Kamoney, trade companies: Security and products.


With all this success we will take to Rio de Janeiro an exclusive event identical to the success of São Paulo, leading companies, influencers, various trades, multiplying the number of participants present, in online transmission;


In our team we have experienced members in the creation of events adding more than 20 years organizing and managing events throughout Brazil.



  CriptoBlock has developed a set of lectures that will cover in theory the adoption and usability of crypto-coins and will use in practice the consumption of products with payments in place, as well as bringing together entrepreneurs, enthusiastic merchants and digital influencers.

By participating, each congressman will acquire a package of advantages, such as an exclusive kit taking the brand of all participating companies in the place and free access to all dependencies located by Criptoblock.


Access sales will be limited to an exclusive audience, tickets will be marketed directly on the official CriptoBlock website and may be paid by credit card or crypto-coins including SmartCash.



The event will have differentiated structures, among them:

1) Entrepreneurial space with physical presentation of shopkeepers accepting crypto-coins in the sale of products;

2) Food space with varied options (kiosks, FoodTruck);

3) Information space with guidelines on event, audience targeting, and visitor accreditation;

4) Support team present from the beginning to the end of the event helping with the main doubts presented at the event;

5) Networking space for exchanging ideas, contacts, photos and participation in the third plane.


NOTE: Every consumer space will accept SmartCash as payment method.



The event will feature a benefit called CBC ("Cripto Block Cash"), an incentive for anyone visiting the event and should occur as follows:

- Event paying visitors receive credit in their crypto-coins portfolio under a percentage of the amount paid for entry on the day of the event to consume and test the technology in practice at all kiosks;

- VIP guests (Entrepreneurs and supporters) also receive credit in crypto-coins.

In addition to reversing the entrance fee for paying visitors with credit in their crypto-coins portfolio, each participant will receive a complete kit with pen, sticker, notepad and T-shirt of the event with the participating companies logo.



All lectures will be recorded, edited and published on social networks like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Besides the videos recorded in all lectures highlighting the participating companies, we will broadcast live every event on our Youtube channel.

Recorded videos should be captioned in English to facilitate public understanding and supporters of the event outside Brazil.



Local: Iate Clube Jardim Guanabara

Date: June 16, 2019

Hours: 9am to 6pm



Founded on December 27, 1950, when real estate agent Hermes Borges convinced a group of residents to buy a series of lots with the goal of founding a social and sports club on Governor's Island.

Currently, the Iate Clube Jardim Guanabara is one of the places most frequented by the inhabitants of the Island. Many members no longer live in the neighborhood, but still enjoy the 200 thousand square meters, with tree-lined avenues, multisports courts, restaurants and a marina with 500 boats.

In this way we will unite a space created especially for economic development, science and technology, to present the adoption and usability of crypto-coins in the largest financial capital of the country.


- We will have a wide and divisible space between presentations and spaces.

- Free parking for participants / event visitors



We will have Projector, Screens (simultaneous), Laser Point, desk and sound booth, lights mirroring the logo of SmartCash, high-speed Wi-fi Internet, service team prepared to solve doubts.



We will have many thinkers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors and influencers known in the world of crypto-coins and Youtube, to talk about adoption, usability, technology and new visions of the future.





EVENT STRUCTURE:  $ 5.360,02



Professional booth rental with TV for SmartCash


 $               3.154,80

Television Rental for SmartCash booth


 $                  473,61

Printing SmartCash folders


 $                  142,58

Printing SmartCash Banners


 $                  248,23

SmartCash booth representative value


 $                  253,40

SmartCash representative's dinner


 $                  150,44

Hotel rental for SmartCash representative


 $                  421,14

SmartCash booth decoration


 $                  515,82


Total budget:

 $               5.360,02




CriptoBlock intends through a big event that will be based in the space: Yacht Club Guanabara Garden, created to host themes related to Economic Development, Science and Technology based in the wonderful city.


With the support of SmartCash, we will promote highly educational lectures, carefully linked topics on adoption and use of SmartCash, and we will have partner companies, entrepreneurs, investor society and cryptocurrencies enthusiasts, besides of course thinkers and supporters of the technology that most grows around the world: SmartCash.









Thanks for taking the time to read and support our project.

Team CriptoBlock




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 29, 2019 3,154.80 5,182,252.74 * Professional booth rental with TV for SmartCash -
May 29, 2019 142.58 234,209.96 * Printing SmartCash folders -
May 29, 2019 248.23 407,756.62 * Printing SmartCash Banners -
May 29, 2019 253.40 416,249.16 * SmartCash booth representative value -
May 29, 2019 150.44 247,121.24 * SmartCash representative's dinner -
May 29, 2019 421.14 691,788.36 * Hotel rental for SmartCash representative -
May 29, 2019 515.82 847,315.08 * SmartCash booth decoration -
May 29, 2019 473.61 777,978.55 * Television Rental for SmartCash booth -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 5,360.02
  • Estimated SMART: 8,804,671.72
  • Estimated BTC: 0.22296951


  • Created Date: Monday, May 6, 2019
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, May 20, 2019 19:28:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (23,061,795.29)
No (29,823,093.50)
Abstain (2,577,869.94)

Voting Audit

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2019-05-20 19:30:41 Voting closed. Status: Not Funded. -


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