#82 First physical - online store that you can Pay with SmartCash. Venezuela

By Victor Hernandez


Creation of the first website for the sale of mobile items, which accepts SmartCash as a payment in Venezuela / Campaign for the promotion of this project and a conference for clients of the company and future buyers and interested in SmartCash that can be obtained in the advertising campaigns.


Who Am I? What do I bring to the table & whats my goal here? Reparcel Import CA, We are a Venezuelan company founded in January 2011, related to the sale of cell phone products at the forefront, currently we have 2 branches within Valencia state Carabobo, we have a client portfolio of more than 800 users between individuals and companies. We are characterized by the sale of mobile producers that are currently most quoted in the Apple, Samsung, Huawei, ect, and by the timeliness of our shipments to our clients throughout the national territory. With 7 years in operation, we can catalog ourselves as a solid company within the Venezuelan market. Deliverables / Job description of the proposal. Ideally it will be itemized Our main objective is to instill in our future new clients and the portfolio of the same ones that we already handle, the adoption of SmartCash as marketing currency, initially in our online store as physically in any of our branches and at the same time expand the community and popularity of SmartCash within Venezuela and the rest of the world. Venezuelans know the great problem that we have in our country and that has drastically affected our economy, the persistence of national money in cash has become a challenge, of all these problems our idea of ??accepting SmartCash is born. Anyone who wants a team from our store, cell phone, smart watch, iPad, tablet, any item and have SmartCash will be able to buy it without any problem, so simple As having bolivares or dollars, we will not have any type of restriction at the moment of the amount of sale in amount or products. How will I achieve all this? Actions to be taken with this proposal; 1.- Development of the web page. 1.1.- All part of the development of our Web site, sincerely we had one some time ago but by dissolution of society the website had to close. The new website will have exclusive sections talking about SmartCash; What is SmartCash and its importance? How to use and market with SmasrtCash? How to buy on our website. 1.2.- Integration of payment of SmartCash, in all our products, from the most economical product such as battery, headphones, chargers ect, to the most expensive device or product device will reflect its price in S SmartCash. 1.3.- Offers on our website to those who buy with SmartCash. We intend to encourage people to pay with SmartCash, through discounts, additional gifts to your purchase if you pay with this cryptomoneda and discount coupon for your next SmartCash account. 2.- Campaign in front of our stores for two weekends (Friday, Saturday, 4 days in total). In each of our stores: Campaign information, with music that attracts attention and 2 chichas identified with SmartCash, the delivery of free cell phone liners (Apx about 1500pcs per store) and thus capture the attention of the people and to take their data, to give delivery of information brochures of the acceptance project of SmartCash in the stores where they have url information of our web where they will have all an illustrated material what is SmartCash, the options to market with and finally how to buy in our store. Later with the captured data call and make the reiteration of SmartCash in our payment systems. 3.- Placement of advertising with light in the 2 stores where they reflect: Here we accept SmartCash! With logos of the currency to make attractive to the sight to the people that visit us. 4.- Conference with our clients and people interested in the Campaign, in theater-auditorium of the University of Carabobo, capacity for max 1000 people, we hope to have at least 40% of the capacity. (400 people). The number of people we still do not manage, will depend on the availability of our clients and the new stakeholders captured in the 4 days of Campaign. The points to be treated would be; A.- SmartCash What is SmartCash? How to obtain it, ease of acquisition and use. Wallets and administration of your SmartCash. Importance and security of transactions. Prices and projection in the Market. B.- SmartCash in Reparcel Import CA Price converter of items to national currency (Bs) and US dollars (usd) How to make and pay for an order with SmartCash. Explanation of offers and discounts when paying with SmartCash in our stores. 4.1.- The duration will be approximately 3.5 hours. Conclusions: We want to promote through our store Reparcel Import CA, the use of SmartCash, always and simple, without limitations, as effective for the acquisition of products as any other currency in cash, that people adopt this method and the community grow and at the same time transmit to other businesses the confidence and solidity that there is in the currency. We believe in the SmartCash Project and we bet all our assets on it, receiving and giving 100% coverage about all our merchandise for sale. Thank you, Blessings! We are attentive to any question or doubt. Added: cost breakdown Download: https://mega.nz/#!t7w2BQpD!4ltV4syfmwNvlG5cQuqGZ_wrgxLdehxkuPHTsVfcSMs

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