#666 Mexico City digital business summit Expo PYME

By AlanisHec


### Mexico City digital business summit Expo PYME 2018 The **most important** business event in Mexico City, where micro, small and medium enterprises will find support programs, public institutions, financial services to strengthen their capacities and promote its development, innovation, productivity and competitiveness. Since the Fintech law was recently passed, this year event is target in companies, as well as public and private institutions whose economic activity is digital. As a priority, but not excluding: software and technologies, internet of things, mobile applications, cloud technology, digital marketing, web design, incubators, financial services, video games, virtual reality, traditional messaging, e-commerce, security with use of systems, electronic payment and the like. This event will take place in Mexico City. It highlights among other cities in the country because it contributes with 35% of the national GDP in less than 1% of the territory. It is classified as a global service center, ranking 15th out of 54 cities. Similar position as Sao Paulo, Madrid and Brussels. Two thirds of the most important companies in the country are located in Mexico City. The event, "Expo Pymes 2018" will take place from September 7th to 9th, on the "Plaza de la Constitución" the main square in Mexico City. It will gather over 400 enterprises, 50,000 attendees are expected per day [the most crowed event in this place gathered 4 million people in a two weeks event] This makes the Expo an excellent opportunity to present SmartCash to Mexico,s capital business owners. This event will allow us to have a space for direct dialogue with business people who are interested in applying technology to their own enterprises.


### Mexico City digital business summit Expo PYME 2018

The team that is promoting was the initial idea of Héctor @AlanisHec Software engineer and part of the community of the Criptografo elcriptografo.com community focus to introduce people to criptocurrency world. and Erika Montes de oca owner of EPPs, an Environmental-Health and Safety e-commerce platform. Erika was an attendant to Talent Land, where met SmartCash from @oucan and @eiky as an alternative for payments.

After a meeting with me, she will use SmartCash in her business as payment method an well as a reward system to enhance her costumers to provide referrals. We are working in her website and will launch the rewards through SmartCash in the event "Expo Pymes 2018".


We will participate through a 3 x 3 m stand
Offline Marketing

![Expo Pyme 2018](http://www.sedeco.cdmx.gob.mx/storage/app/uploads/public/5b5/555/18e/5b555518ee5df490278239.png)
We will have printed SmartCash advertising throughout the booth, where we will teach attendees from the basics about smartcash.

A person distributing and paper wallets throughout the event.

We will be 4 persons, who will get paid 90 USD for day.
Crew Salaries $1080 USD
Unexpected events $150

Logo printed material

300 logo stickers
50 hard hats smarcash branded
50 back belts smarcash branded
300 snacks
Crew salaries
Unexpected events
100 Paper wallets (with 13 USD)

Within the event we will
Every day we will broadcast live.
We will publish content via twitter

And after the event we will provide a final report with everything done
Any suggestions from the Community are very welcomed.





Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
September 03, 2018 160.00 300,390.51 * 300 logo stickers In progress
September 03, 2018 53.00 99,504.36 * 50 hard hats smarcash branded In progress
September 03, 2018 189.00 354,836.29 * 50 back belts smarcash branded In progress
September 03, 2018 245.00 459,972.96 * 300 snacks In progress
September 03, 2018 1,300.00 2,440,672.87 * 100 paper wallets In progress
September 07, 2018 720.00 1,351,757.28 * crew salaries In progress
September 07, 2018 150.00 281,616.10 * Unexpected events In progress
September 09, 2018 600.00 1,126,464.40 * organizers salary In progress
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 3,417.00
  • Estimated SMART: 6,415,214.78
  • Estimated BTC: 0.16923337


  • Created Date: Sunday, August 19, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, September 3, 2018 21:33:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Funds Allocated (Not Started)


Yes (15,317,779.85)
No (5,931,719.30)
Abstain (336,768.50)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2018-08-19 01:54:53 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2018-08-20 21:33:07 Open voting. Deadline up to 2018-09-03 21:33:07. (slpin1) -
2018-09-02 21:39:39 Last 24 hours of the vote. Σ 13212673.26083 Σ 7008973.47345
2018-09-03 21:33:34 Voting closed. Status: Funds Allocated. -


  • Yoditar 08/28/2018 22:58

    Hello! Good and necessary proposal to SmartCash community. I want to see the impact of your work in this event to Mexico, it will be amazing. Good luck!

    AlanisHec 08/28/2018 23:30

    @Yoditar TKS for your comments!!

  • JZA JZA 09/02/2018 13:45

    espero que tengas una muy buena participación en el evento. Creo que puede poner una ventaja a la industria empresarial. Seria bueno que pudieras publicar algunos videos de la experiencia durante el evento. Es importante acercar a los negocios a las criptodivisas y tecnología blockchain.