#78 Proposal for SmartCash expansion within Mexico with Social Media

By thewalk_er


Creating the SmartCash Community for Mexico on social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.


Introduction We have a population of 130 Million people willing to leverage the blockchain technology, we are an emergent country with a lot of potential in tech-industry and leader in the zone for fintech endeavors and blockchain initiatives who are waiting to discover new ways of decentralization and economic freedom. Proposal Goal The proposal includes the following but not limited to: -Create and manage the Mexico Group for Facebook (Actually already created) -Managing the community it’s a challenge since this has to be done in a very respectful way and giving a follow up on all the questions that might arise. -Get the paid marketing campaigns in Facebook with a budget of $150 USD per week -Create and manage the Twitter account for Mexico. (Already created @smartcashmx) -A constant follow up on this social media is key for bringing more users to the platform, it will include the creation of all Graphics Design needed to maintain the news in Spanish. Answering the questions and connecting the people also to our official twitter account @scashofficial Get the paid marketing campaigns in Twitter Ads with a budget of $100 USD per week -Follow up on Reddit space for questions needed to solve in Spanish. Amount 110,000 SmartCash (Includes the marketing campaign fees) Divided into four installments paid at the end of every month. Budget for Marketing campaigns fees (40,000 total) Advertising on Facebook Ads Total budget 25,000 Smart Advertising for Twitter Ads Total budget 15,000 Smart *All the advertising expenses will be accounted for verifying the existence of invoicing as a proof. Transparency is Key! This proposal also includes the following: -Graphics Design needed for Facebook and Twitter -Creation of Ads for Facebook and Twitter campaigns -At the end of the project, a compile of experiences and documents will be created for future initiatives in other regions. -Two members of the community will help in this effort in order to be always working as community members. Timeline 4 Months Total Hours expected for the project to complete 700 hours minimum Goal to achieve To have during the 4 months a good amount of new members joining our community every day and entering this new economy, preparing the filed for on-site meetups, meetings on colleges and reaching out the national media with our movement. Who am I and what is my experience in the blockchain space? Hello Smarties, my name is Ignacio Figueroa @thewalk_er and I live in Mexico. I´ve been in the crypto space since 2013 advocating for blockchain projects within Mexico and I am sure we can bring SmartCash to a good level of acceptance within our country delivering the message of this wonderful idea to the masses. You can see the Pre-proposal thread here https://forum.smartcash.cc/t/pre-proposal-for-smartcash-expansion-within-mexico-with-social-media/968 where I answered all the questions and gathered all the suggestions from the community and that are all included in this Proposal. By voting YES on this proposal you are giving the opportunity to many to know about our project. Best Ignacio Figueroa Mexico Ambassador



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  • Created Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017
  • Voting Deadline: Thursday, November 9, 2017 04:16:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


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No (570,479.42)
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  • thewalk_er 10/26/2017 20:17

    I have accepted the suggestion of having a video blog in spanish so the community can learn more about SmartCash in its own language, so I am amending the proposal for adding this feature, this addition will be made with the same amount of SmartCash. This show will have interviews, news and fun. Let´s get SmartCash the sucess it deserves!

  • thewalk_er 10/26/2017 20:37

    So the name will change to "Proposal for SmartCash expansion within Mexico with Social Media and Video Blog"

  • ARGFA83 10/29/2017 01:17

    excelente amigo tienes mi voto

  • thewalk_er 10/29/2017 03:15

    Muchas gracias @ARGFA83 :)