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This roadshow is aimed at taking smartcash to the whole Ghana starting from the Upper west, Upper east and Northern region to educate and market smartcash to attract small and large buyers, traders and merchants to increase adoption and usage with each region seeing two meet ups/conferences, two radio discussion and a TV discussion with a minimum of 40 participants per meet up to equip participants the knowledge of smartcash, how to get started, how to trade in smartcash using exchanges and other online portal and the benefits of holding smartcash for longer period.


Hi community, I am Mohammed Awal Sani from Ghana West Africa known as cryptowall on Smartcash slack forum. I am submitting my first proposal to embark on a Smartcash road show in my country Ghana. Ghana is a relatively large country in West Africa with 10 regions and each region to a capital city. I have since 2016 supported cryptotraveler in advocating crypto currency through meet ups and conferences under the umbrella of our free markets and liberty think tank: Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship - www.cleghana.org. We Have held several meet ups in Ghana including a three days liberty and entrepreneurship camp 2017 under the theme: Entrepreneurship, Growth and Competitiveness; the Block chain to The Rescue' which featured crypto currency throughout https://web.facebook.com/CentreforLiberty/. I am embarking on a road show in Ghana to propagate Smartcash to the entire nation. Young men and women will be recruited and trained on Smartcash to stand on roads for Smartcash evangelism in each region as part of the road show. The Smartcash road shows will see two meet ups, two radio discussions and one Television discussion in each of the 10 regions of Ghana. Each of these meet ups are expected to record not less than 40 participants each and Smartcash tokens will be given to newbie’s and their addresses submitted to the community. The radio and TV discussions will feature call inn sessions for questions and answers and Smartcash tokens given to listeners who call to ask questions and or contribute. The radio discussions will be heard by about 20,000 people every week and about 50,000 viewers to the TV discussions. This road show when successfully carried out will make Smartcash one of the popular crypto currencies in Ghana and Africa and hence will increase the rate of adoption by a bigger margin. Each stage of the roadshow will be video recorded, pictures will be taken and article will be written and all submitted to the community for proof of work. Considering the price of smart cash today it will attract larger buyers to substitute smsrtcash for bank deposits and government treasury bills holding This project aims at covering the whole country starting from the three northern region and when the community is satisfied with the work the proposal will be rolled over for another three months. I am asking for 105350.379SMART every month with an average price of $0.0633612/SMART for the next three months to cover three regions then I will roll inn for another cycle in other to cover the entire country with SMARTCASH TALK within the next 12 months. BUDGET Transport to and within each region for one month $700.00 Accommodation and feeding a month in a region $1875.00 Smartcash T-shirts for participants in a region $900.00 Conference room for two meet ups in a region $300.00 Refreshment for participants in a region $750.00 Two SMARTCASH radio discussion for 1hour each $400.00 One TV discussion in a region $500.00 Background SMARTCASH drop down banner $150.00 Smartcash stickers and fliers $150.00 Camera for pictures and videos $500.00 Tokens for participants a month $300.00 Contingency $150.00 TOTAL $6675.00



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  • Created Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017
  • Voting Deadline: Saturday, November 18, 2017 11:05:00 UTC
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