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Amount: 500,000 total. 250,000 project deliverable + 250,000 endowment of the library branch for ongoing support. Timeline: 1 month: create SmartCash Branch website and set up systems, months 2-6 continually add content. Total Hours expected for project to complete: About 1,200 hours (Split among one web staff + coordinator, one writer, one research assistant / social media manager, and one graphic designer). Proposal Goal: Fund a SmartCash Library Branch to create new resources and curate existing ones for the SmartCash community at https://smartcash.blockchainlibrary.org/ .


Hello! I am Mark, the Founder of the Blockchain Library, https://blockchainlibrary.org/. I would like to create a Digital Blockchain Library Branch dedicated to the SmartCash community and platform to be located at https://smartcash.blockchainlibrary.org/. This would be useful as a way to grow, curate, and promote the SmartCash community globally. I first heard about SmartCash last week from Fordham University and believe there is a lot of potential with the community oriented focus. The Blockchain Library’s goals are twofold: to provide easy access to resources on cryptocurrency research for scholars, academics, analysts, and anyone with an interest in cryptocurrency publications; the second is provide a historical timeline on the development of the blockchain field and to document the journey of its growth. The idea of having a community fund their own section really helps the Library scale and SmartCash would be the first to do so because of your innovative democratic voting proposal process! Deliverables/Job description of the proposal: Create Digital Library Branch for SmartCash on Web Server: Server costs for increased capacity, setup of Wordpress CMS and plugins, add topic voting plugin for SmartCash topics, create and configuration of RSS aggregator plugin and content sections dedicated to SmartCash. $2000 USD Branding the Library Branch: Hire a graphic designer to create original graphics for the SmartCash library branch, including branded items available to purchase online: $600 USD Write New Articles on SmartCash for the Library Branch: Write 4 unique articles per month of 1,000 to 1,500 words included citations of primary sources, for a total of 24 articles on SmartCash. One of these articles will be published as a Wikipedia page to provide an overview of Smartcash. Articles will include topics suggested by the community as well as on the fundamental principles and unique technology of SmartCash. I would like one or two to also be interviews with active community members / founders. Professional content writer at $12/hour and approximately 7.5hours per article (including original research, editing, formatting, unique image, publishing and comment moderation) $360 / month * 6 months = $2,160 USD Curate Other Articles on SmartCash for the Library Branch: Create citation lists and a link directory for important writing on SmartCash, books, articles, events (not created by the library branch itself). $600 / month for staff time dedicated to this, $3,600 USD RSS News Tracker + Daily Newsletter Digest: Create a feedly integration to combine RSS feeds, Google News Alerts, and Reddit discussions into one location at the SmartCash Library Branch website. Add automated tagging using important keywords in cryptocurrency. Curate, maintain, and promote the service. Premium API service fees and a WordPress plugin subscription are required. $500/month for six months, $3,000 USD Hire a Research Assistant and Social Media Manager to curate content focused on SmartCash on Twitter: Stipend for a Graduate Student at Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture, and Technology Program. $500 per month for six months, $3,000 USD Endow a SmartCash cold wallet account to provide ongoing support for the SmartCash Branch of the Blockchain Library (server + maintenance costs past the project window, and to protect against price flucutations): 257,429 SmartCash. Total cost for 6 months of support of the SmartCash Branch of Blockchain Library: $14,360 USD, which is at the current rate is 242,571 SmartCash. My Current/Past SmartCash related experience: This is my first experience with SmartCash, but I have a strong background and drive to promote the community. I have a MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University and seven years of experience in library science and information management. I will be pursuing the MSc in Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia in 2018. My interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency stems from philosophy of technology and the change to communities brought about by innovative technologies at socially relevant times. SmartCash seems really promising and I would like to share it with the world more widely. The writer I am working (another librarian with a lot of experience) with has marketing other communities and written articles about their technologies, written interviews, etc. Possible FAQs: How will you decide what topics to write on? I think there could be a democratic aspect to this by having a voting system on the SmartCash Hub at Blockchain Library to identify possible topics. This would help to discover what topics are important, what technologies of SmartCash are unique to write about, and who would be interested in being interviewed. Why not create a completely new website domain? Having a connection to the blockchain library helps with the trusted branding and improved SEO so people will find materials on the SmartCash site. Who are you going to hire to help with this project? I can share my profile and the team’s profiles. I am already in discussion with them. They are interested but funding can help us make time to work on this project apart from our regular jobs, studies, and family duties! What will you do if the price halves? If the price doubles? : If the price tanks we may need to reduce the support length to four months and then submit another proposal for funds (I can also find out if potential hires would accept SmartCash directly and not at a USD rate). If it doubles we would put it into a kind of “SmartCash Branch” endowment to support ongoing server costs in case a future renewal of support does not come from the SmartCash community. Conclusions: I hope the SmartCash community finds this useful to complement their existing website. Thank you for considering my proposal. Thank you for your time for reading my proposal! Sincerely, Mark Hakkarinen Founder, Blockchain Library

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  • Created Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017
  • Voting Deadline: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 20:05:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


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