#657 SmartCash Reward System Using My Resteem Service On Steemit

By abasinkanga


My resteem service aims at leveraging on its large number of followers to increase the popularity and quicken adoption of SMARTCASH on steemit.



Abasinkanga Resteem Service (@abasinkanga) on steemit.com has 6700 followers as at the time of writing this proposal, 5 to 20 new followers are added to my account on a daily basis through my regular resteems, and posting comments on resteemed posts along with other promotional efforts to make the resteem service the most popular resteem service on steemit.

**My resteem service aims at leveraging on its large number of followers to increase the popularity and quicken adoption of SMARTCASH on steemit.**

> **About Abasinkanga Resteem Service:**

The standard fee for a post resteem is 0.1 SBD. We have a discord server

> **My contribution to SMARTCASH growth so far:**

I started the Smartcash reward for resteem service since the 1st of May, 2018. Within that period a total of 391 smarts was distributed as follows:
May: 128 smarts
June: 129 smarts
July: 134 smarts so far

Visit link to see proof that i actually do carry out these resteems and reward smartcash accordingly. Historical link to reports for the month of July are found at the bottom of the post here:

> **My Proposal for SmartCash:**

* Every steemit user that pays me for a post resteem should be rewarded SMARTCASH (1 SMART per post resteemed)
* A comment stating the user has received a smartcash reward for using my resteem service, and command menus for accessing his smartcash will be made on his post.

* I am requesting that the smartcash community approve a total of 600 smartcash for a 3 months campaign of resteeming smartcash posts.
* A total of +/-200 smartcash is budgeted for each month, but depending on requests from steemit users (those who pay for resteems), we may actually spend less than or more than that each month.
* After the 3 months period, this proposal should be reviewed, and if necessary an upward or downward review of smartcash amount allocated per month, should be approved and disbursed for another 3 months campaign.

**Breakdown of Proposal Implementation Costs:**
1. Cost of promoting "Smartcash For Resteem" posts with other resteem services
other resteem services charge between 0.05 SBD and 0.2 SBD to resteem posts. I will bear the cost of running promotions for my resteem service, as my own contribution to the success of this proposal

2. Cost of rewarding users smartcash for using my resteem service:
The 1st campaign is for 3 months, I anticipate 200 posts, more or less, will be resteemed each month.
1st month: 150 smartcash allocation
2nd month: 200 smartcash allocation
3rd month: 250 smartcash allocation
Total: 600 smartcash allocation for the 1st campaign

> Smartcash SBD/Steem Exchange Rate

As at Thursday 9th August, 2018
1 Smart = 0.058 USD
1 Smart = 0.053 Steem
1 Smart = 0.054 SBD

> **How Word About SmartCash Will Be Spread On Steemit**

Strategy 1: I will spread the word on steemit about the smartcash income opportunity my resteem service provides by posting 2 to 3 times daily about it, and also i will employ the use of other popular resteem services, to get my posts seen by their own audiences and followers.

Strategy 2: I run a discord server for my resteem service. I have 200 members currently in my server. Steemit users who like my resteem service and want to get more value out of it, when they join my discord server, are also introduced to more smartcash opportunities and the smartcash community on discord.

> **Benefits for SmartCash**

Putting SMARTCASH in the hands of many steemit users using my resteem service as the point of distribution, will make many people to pick extra interest in SmartCash, and increase its adoption rate throughout the steemit platform, because the people receiving SmartCash rewards for using my resteem service, will ultimately want to cash in on the SmartCash rewards they have received. In the process, they will also come to learn about the inherent value that lies in SmartCash and begin to embrace it wholly, starting with joining the smartcash community.

Promoting the "Smartcash For Resteem" service actively on steemit, will be creating more value for smartcash in the long run, as more people know about smartcash and its rewards through my resteem service and this will build further interest in them about smartcash


I beleive that if this proposal is supported and approved, all steemit users who use my resteem service will adopt SmartCash, in less than 30 days of receiving steady rewards. I predict a 100% conversion rates from non-smartcash users to full smartcash users for every steemit user receiving SmartCash rewards through my resteem service, and also many more people will become aware of smartcash as a rewarding cryptocurrency and payment coin.

Your comments on this proposal will be highly appreciated, constructive or critical, it will be accepted in all fairness. Thank you!




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
August 31, 2018 9.00 5,086.79 * 1st month of resteeming posts -
September 30, 2018 12.00 6,782.38 * 2nd month of resteeming posts -
October 31, 2018 15.00 8,477.98 * 3rd month of resteeming posts -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 36.00
  • Estimated SMART: 20,347.14
  • Estimated BTC: 0.00100025


  • Created Date: Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, August 24, 2018 07:59:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Completed


Yes (10,655,566.13)
No (2,473,414.67)
Abstain (522,993.81)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2018-08-09 19:00:29 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2018-08-10 07:59:22 Open voting. Deadline up to 2018-08-24 07:59:22. (slpin1) -
2018-08-23 07:59:39 Last 24 hours of the vote. Σ 11595264.47457 Σ 2835328.27113
2018-08-24 07:59:41 Voting closed. Status: Funds Allocated. -
2019-06-24 21:31:21 Status changed by administrator: Completed. (slpin1) -


  • William 08/14/2018 03:06

    Thank you for your proposal. I don't know Steem (except the name), but I can not believe you're going to convert 100% of people who call your services to SmartCash, just with one smart reward. Maybe I don't understand the principle.

    abasinkanga 08/14/2018 13:11

    The principle is simple really. Steemit.com is a content driven social media platform on the steem blockchain, people are rewarded by steemit users for posting good quality content. Basically the average steemit user posts at least 1- 3 posts per day, so as to get a steady daily reward from the upvotes of his followers. Now if such a user is to resteem every post he creates (resteem here means to share or retweet his post to my own followers), in a month he will be resteeming say 30 to 90 posts. Now if he is receiving 1 smart for each post he resteems with me, he will be getting a monthly passive smart income of 30-90 smarts. I think the accumulated earnings over time will prompt such a person to cash in on his smartcash, especially if the value starts to moon as we earnestly anticipate. Thanks for your question. Hope i have been able to answer it properly, and i hope i will get your vote in favor. Thank you

    William 08/14/2018 21:29

    Thank you for explanation ;)