#777 SmartCash Store

By Jfolha


This proposal is to build our own SmartCash Store It will be a place where people can advertise anything to get on SmartCash, service or products.


It will be one of the first product stores dedicated to accepting SmartCash as payment method, we will also have the very product dissemination inside the store, to start the market

We will initiate a major adoption of SmartCash as a global payment medium, with this markeplace of services and products, a person who is selling a product can advertise freely on the site and accept SMART as a means of payment for their product

Store will sell 6 items initially: T-shirt, sweatshirt, socks, cap, mug and frame.

We will be asking for USD $1596 in SmartCash in a single payment to pay for 1 year of hosting plus configuration

There will be a link to the store at smartcash.cc

We will have regular competitions for new merchandising designs that will be open to the community

The SmartCash Store will be launched with these 6 items initially designed especially for SmartCash

Besides the personalized ones we will also have the sale of Gift Card inside the site

Google Play, Steam, Uber, Netflix, Playstation Store

Payment options:

SmartCash (via CoinPayments)


A calculator for freight in Brazil and other locations will be added on the website

More services and products will be added to the store as suggested by the community. This proposal is essential to show SmartCash as a global payment method, thank you so far and I count on everyone’s support!


All costs are for 1 year (Costs in USD)

  • Create site: $581
  • Hosting of all services: $190
  • Incentive campaign: $82
  • Initial stock (production and gift card): $364
  • Marketing: $53
  • Operational and logistic costs: $ 86
  • Human resources (management and technical staff): $240


An example of how Marketplace will look





Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
July 23, 2019 1,596.00 3,006,329.11 * Site running -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 1,596.00
  • Estimated SMART: 3,006,329.11
  • Estimated BTC: 0.07888608


  • Created Date: Friday, June 21, 2019
  • Voting Deadline: Tuesday, July 9, 2019 14:49:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (28,719,792.92)
No (40,754,860.90)
Abstain (215,257.68)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2019-06-21 04:02:32 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2019-06-23 14:48:32 Open voting. Deadline up to 2019-07-07 14:48:32. (Discord Andrew) -
2019-07-06 14:49:00 Last 24 hours of the vote. Σ 25363425.24652 Σ 17497807.33671
2019-07-07 03:51:00 Change of votes. Σ 27104136.24800 Σ 27854896.73261
2019-07-07 14:51:00 Voting extended for another 24 hours. Deadline up to 2019-07-08 14:49:00 Σ 31878578.59184 Σ 27854896.73261
2019-07-07 23:12:32 Change of votes. Σ 31878678.09184 Σ 39564487.53305
2019-07-08 14:49:59 Voting extended for another 24 hours. Deadline up to 2019-07-09 14:49:00. Σ 31575522.93623 Σ 42821816.33975
2019-07-09 14:50:40 Voting closed. Status: Not Funded. -


  • Tho Bo 06/25/2019 15:25

    Hi, what will be the key difference between your suggested shop and the already existing smartcash shop that sells Tshirts, mugs, sweatshirts, socks, smartcash plush bee and other smartcash articles? The existing shop can be found here: https://smartcashoutreach.store/

    Jfolha 06/25/2019 20:09

    Hi, these sites they are centralized in only one vendor, in this site that I am proposing several people will be able to advertise their products that are selling and accepting SmartCash, so if I am selling a mobile and I am accepting SmartCash, I will create an advertisement in the site several people will know that I'm selling

  • ArcherBullseye 07/08/2019 14:29

    How do you plan to handle escrow to make sure its fair for both parties?

    Jfolha 07/08/2019 19:26

    We'll have a ranking with top sellers as ads

  • ArcherBullseye 07/08/2019 14:59

    Also, will anyone be able to list an item? Will it be p2p like eBay? What happens to the Smart from the sold seed items?

    Jfolha 07/08/2019 19:26

    Yes, anyone can list an item