#184 SmartEvent in top French Business School with 4 000 students

By Antonio-Clark


I will introduce Smartcash to a Top 5 French Business School with 4 000 students from which 1/3 comes from abroad, with the help of another Smartie, @Math, the 28th of March. We'll meet in my Business School to play some "Smartgames" with students and explain them what makes Smartcash unique in the crypto world: - The Hive - The community funds - The voting system


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About me

I discovered Smartcash in early January and I got involved since then.

To help coordinate Smartcash’s communication, I founded the “Communication Task Force” with @blockchainrelations in late January.

Apart from Smartcash, I’m studying business and management in a top 5 French Business School called EDHEC.


2 students associations I’m a member of organize our green event of the year. We call it “the sustainable week”. From the 26th to the 28th of March, we’ll be gathering hundreds of international students and several local entrepreneurs involved in green business.

Each day has a topic and day 3 focuses on sustainable technologies. I’ll add Smartcash to the party.



During the event

The public will mostly be composed of students, and they’re not all used to crypto. So I’ll start with a conference:

“What can crypto currencies be used for ? What is the difference between Smartcash and Bitcoin ?”

I’ll take them to the Smartcash website, show its forum, and discord channel to illustrate the active community + show them how they can also get involved. I’ll explain how the common found and the proposals works, showcase how easy and fast it is to pay with Smartcash, and also the roadmap including the new payment card prototype.

After this conference, we’ll do a quiz about Smartcash to test their newly acquired knowledge. Best scores will win amazing Smartcash goodies !

Click here to see the images of the Smartgoodies students will win !

Thanks to @simplifylife for networking and @camakin for the original design.


Finally we’ll play some fun games on the Smartcash theme (we’re currently working on the games) and I’ll keep distributing goodies.  

For this special occasion, Math - another cool smartie I met on this forum - will come from Chartres, another French city, to my business school so he can assist me on the event and illustrate that being a smartie is being a member of a community.

Thanks to Smartcash participating in our event with a conference, a quiz and some games with awesome goodies, hundreds of students will know and feel positive about it at the end of the day.



After the event

To get the best results from this event even when it'll be over, I’ll make sure students keep hearing about Smartcash.

To reach this goal, I’ll make Smartcash a partner of 2 students associations of my business school. I can do this because I’m the partnership department manager of these 2 associations.

As our official partner, Smartcash will benefit from year round communication. We will publish articles about it on our online channels and also exhibit Smartcash’s logo on all our events + our associations jackets.

These associations are “Ecothink” and “Oikos International”. You can find more info on them at the end of this proposal.



Sum up

We offer:

  • 20 minutes conference + 10 minutes QnA about Smartcash
  • Quizzes and games where students can win our branded goodies
  • Official partnership with our 2 student associations, Ecothink and Oikos
  • Access to asso websites + social networks targeting students of EDHEC Business School for regular articles about Smartcash
  • Photos of the event and maybe videos

 Total costs of the event: $949 (or 769 €). Find the breakdown of the costs in the link below.


By saying yes to this proposal, you support the international student adoption plan and more precisely you:

  • Instantly build massive Smartcash brand awareness in a top 5 French Business school called EDHEC
  • Encourage long lasting notoriety in this school through 2 partnerships with student associations
  • Participate to the French part of the international student adoption plan


Useful links

Link to breakdown of the costs

Link to a more beautiful - with pictures - and more detailed version of this proposal

Link to the pre-proposal page

Link to the Communication Task Force Page



Additional links

Link to the official EDHEC Business School website

Link to the Ecothink student association website

Link to the Oikos International association website


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  • Blockchain Relations 03/14/2018 01:33

    Good stuff, Antonio! As we've talked before, I really like your approach and this is really a no-brainer for international outreach and going beyond the "crypto border". I hope others will catch your fire and do the same thing in their own schools and other types of local communities. The outside is curious and this is a great way of reaching them where they are at.

    Antonio-Clark 03/14/2018 21:38

    Yes! I share you point of view. Thanks for commenting my proposal.