By marshalllife


Social media is in fact a force to reckon with,online presence has shown to really contribute to development and adoption of most Internet projects, likewise non Internet projects,through the creation of awareness on social networking platforms. The awareness campaign organized by most project owners is always aimed to create "cognizance" from day to day trend of such project in order to reach far, wide and near the Internet sphere through the usage of social platforms, "because knowledge is indeed powerful". Trending topics on the Internet tends to create notice to individuals,it makes them get aware of some unknown activities and grasp through it, making them conscious of what the project/topics offers, even why it was created and how they were derived from,its usage and features -hence the introduction of a weekly campaign for smart cash on twitter. This initiative is not just about tweeting the goodies/features involved in being a smarty or creating online sentiments alone,but will be used to even as far create more contents for SmartCash, this twitter campaign (Smart session) should enlighten and spread that smart awareness across to Newbies , Crypto Enthusiast like wise Investors through the use of social media hash tagging power,Twitter platform acting as the medium and also marketing smartcash on social media through our orchestrated method by the Atlas force. This is “Re-campaigning smartcash again on Twitter, creating weekly and monthly awareness, sending platform users to learn and know about smartcash, creating Social media presence with my team plus creation and publishing of several smartcash FACTS to different platforms for more crypto audience for each week's of our campaigns. This was the previously ended smartcash campaign. ”



Links to our first completed campaign - https://vote.smartcash.cc/Proposal/Details/TRENDING-SMARTCASH-ON-TWITTER-TO-CREATE-MASS-AWARENESS


Lets run a quick look aback on our first campaign which took place around  Apr 07, 2018, Smart price was around 0.078678 usd and as soon as we started creating awareness for the smartcash project ON TWITTER, price started appreciating 

smart analysis

And the analysis pulled from Twitter through keyhole (A powerful Twitter tool) shows that the #smartcashTheory hashtag we were using alongside the #SmartCash was creating quite a huge important impression along side huger “Sentiments” as at that time,

We all know sentiments plays a vital role in crypto though smartcash isn't here to sell the hype but sell its technology, integration and features, we shouldn't forget that daily awareness, updates and positive vibes drives people's emotions to how they feel about a project ,even to how they think its succeeds and the social activities of such project plays a vital role, so our aim is to act as a catalyst on

  1. creating positive vibes with daily memes and fun facts about smartcash on Twitter,
  2. Creating huge impacts on several crypto Twitter communities and #makeSmartcashGreatAgain by sharing smart regular news from several Twitter accounts and using the key factor which is the “powers of hashtaging” to direct our tweet to a particular community and platform users.
  3. Keep smartcash news and stories at a significantly higher level online, this brings about awareness every time.
  4. creation of potential reaches to crypto communities and driving traffics back to smart sites.
  5. Creating an active community of smartcash again on Twitter.

How can this be done

The project atlas are online networkers who use social mediums such as Twitter to create awareness and positivity for supported projects.

we are crowd community and have more than 107+ social accounts that collaborates together to achieve this with crowd campaign.


twitter: @project_atlas2

HQ on discord 

Our previous campaign for trending SmartCash on Twitter was a success and interesting one,as everything went just as planned.

Check out these search results of our previous smartcash #campaign : https://twitter.com/hashtag/smartcashtheory?s=09

And this was the final updates and stats of the last year campaign we did.


On this particular new edition, A Lot of things will change and we (team) be upping our game differently to how we  previously carried out the past campaign. sat down and plan to see how we could improve even more on our awareness campaign,i will be inviting a graphic designer who is going to work alongside with us on this one to help us on daily smart designs to create

  1. SmartCash fun facts like this
  2.  smart fun facts
  3. SmartCash Memes to display, to tweet and share some smart humor 
  4. smartcash to the moon
  5. youtube link Gru smart to the moon and lastly
  6. SmartCash generally graphics for tweets usage


Estimation Of Weekly Campaign Results (Reach /Impressions)

Reaching more twitter users, creating “Mass awareness” is possible with using active crypto hashtags, also tweeting at the right time to maximize potential reaches impacts.

Each members of the team will be expected to tweet 4 unique and creative “Smart tweets daily”

“Monday to Sunday” with every time set to catch attentions on the media with team efforts- (for maximum effect,we are using the working hashtags at that moment and proper timing)

Weekly reaches and impressions - estimated

maximum -> Impression + Reach Audience = 5 to 10 million.

minimum -> impression + reach audience = 2 to 10 million.

Total estimation for eight weeks (2 months)

Impression/ Reaches

Maximum =40,million / 144,million

Minimum= 16,million / 64,million


(Payment is paid to team according)

  • To twitter followers they have.
  • The impacts their tweets made on the platform (we use analytics tool to draw this out)
  • Quality of the tweets and how well arranged they are.

Numbers of people to participate

  • 15 atlas team
  • 60 + Twitter accounts


The highest payment team members will be paid = $26 weekly ($26 × 15 team mates = 390)

2 moderators to moderate for each weeks and record each tweets to a Gsheet =$35 (35 × 2 =70)


Team payments par tweets

4 quality tweets daily for seven days,(4*7 = 28total tweets per week)

28/26$=1.0769$ per tweets

daily payment =  3.714$



2 moderators = 70%

team = 26$

($26 × 15 team mates = 390+70)


1 MONTH {4 weeks}= 460 × 4 = 1840

2 MONTH [8 weeks] = “460×8”

Grand total = 3680USD

Graphic designs Weekly for outreach/tweets humors/contents.

10 to 12 prof graphics contents weekly - from

  • SmartCash memes
  • general graphics
  • SmartCash fun facts

6$ ×10 contents weekly

Total = 60USD WEEKLY

2 months -> 60x 8weeks

Grand total = 480USD


keyhole subscriptions

keyhole prices - professional

Keyhole subscription for 2 months = 199$ × 2months =$398

Total amounts to spend for the two months campaign

TOTAL = $398


= 3680USD+480USD+398USD

Grand total =4558 USD



Payment varies from each team because of the options listed above, Team with low quality tweets and small impacts will receive low payment, if this happens, it will leave us with even more left over smart after the campaign - the leftover $? (USD) remaining will automatically triggers continuous campaign even to the ninth and tenth weeks until the whole funds for the campaign has be exhausted and used properly for the campaign, and after that, the full update will be published with positive feedback and impacts on the whole smart ecosystem this i can assure you off.


Some of the twitter accounts to be used for the campaign awareness







And more 



completing 2months stated from june 17/august 17


"And may the atlas force be with us”





Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
June 16, 2019 398.00 749,077.77 * keyhole subscription -
July 16, 2019 2,080.00 3,914,778.29 * First month campaign completed -
July 30, 2019 2,080.00 3,914,778.29 * Second month campaign completed -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 4,558.00
  • Estimated SMART: 8,578,634.34
  • Estimated BTC: 0.22541220


  • Created Date: Friday, May 31, 2019
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, June 14, 2019 03:57:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (23,132,681.57)
No (31,163,180.88)
Abstain (1,697,620.38)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2019-05-31 03:24:43 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2019-05-31 03:56:50 Open voting. Deadline up to 2019-06-14 03:56:50. (Discord Andrew) -
2019-06-14 03:57:15 Voting closed. Status: Not Funded. -


  • Solarminer 05/31/2019 04:49

    Why are you asking almost $2000 more than the similar proposal #742 that didn't pass. Typically, you would reduce the cost and make your proposal more attractive if the one before didn't pass.

    marshalllife 05/31/2019 12:10

    Is it that the amount is large, or the said amount needed was explained to exactly how its going to be used and distributed.? Yeah you are right, i found out maybe the previous proposal v2.0 [#742] might be lacking some interesting facts,i mean like alot of things weren't stated, i didn't give specific team numbers, and Jumpstart to price, the usage and how many teams involved, just like how the V1.0 proposal #207 which passed cleared things up, i wanted more results on the campaign and maybe people didn't vote as they think its impossible with the low team I'm using, that's why i decided to use more team mates, [15] i can say 8 people participate [8×3.714USD] but the hunger the crowd, the stronger we are and the better we could make impacts. The real issues of amount might be because, campaign ends in 2 months and the total of 2months made it seems the amount is crazy. Now we have to remember that each team gets 3.7 USD daily, apart from the payrolls involved, as a team they are some extras we do, Twitter gets so exciting that the payroll doesn't matter and we just do we, if the weekly was reduced to 5days also in a day instead of 7days,, that will definitely reduce the overall cost right? unless one is thinking maybe the 26usd for a week is too huge for just campaigns on Twitter and the team price reduced to 10usd, which is pretty way off and not encouraging, the 26usd is the perfect amount, anyone can do their maths and see reasons, the enormous 8 weeks involved makes it seems the price is huge, 4 months definitely will reduce the price, but 2months isn't a bad idea actively staying active on Twitter with this initiatives. Since the keyhole subscription is constant to 199$, i will move to graphic design. I decided to introduce the design so as not only tweet words but create contents for smart on the long run while making it fun with designs and humors to go along with, apart from us creating tweet contents, they are also daily graphic contents provided. removing the graphic design from the proposal and reducing the team to get involved, from 15 team mates to 8 team will definitely reduce the cost, making it a month campaign will even reduce the cost, "but sometimes the only way to win in a game isn't by one's efforts, but by team work" and my team works best when we are strong in numbers. i proposed the best way possible i see fit so cause i want the best, and the increase in all this does not fill my pocket,I'm just a mod and admin but brings the best result as they will be many involved, the #742 wasn't clear enough to pass, i think this is more clearly in respective of the price needed, the usage was clearly stated even up to 2 months. price can always be reduced to suit how we want it to be but the main question will remain, - is the amount provided above calculated in a wrong way? - does it shows detailed amounts to how its going to be used? - is it doable even to the amount and the team involved? - The amount provided is it better explained to how its used than the previous proposal? - and above all, is the amount transparent enough to the above proposal and amount needed, if yes then great, if no that is when it needs reduction. Anybody correct me if i'm wrong.

  • Solarminer 06/03/2019 20:15

    Don't think anyone is complaining about the level of detail. What matters is the cost of the proposal vs the benefit.