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Teachers play a major role in the development of every country. But unfortunately, in Ghana teachers are among the least paid. Most teachers received as low as ₵800.00 ($181.82) every month and a pension gratuity of less than ₵20,000.00 ($4,545.45). Ghana has a total population of 26million with 378,242 public sector teachers. Teachers for liberty and Innovative Teachers seeks to organize a workshop to educate and practically train teachers to adopt Smartcash as a means of exchange instead of depending on the weak cedis which is controlled by the state. The workshop would also focused on teachers finding other source of livelihood by trading in digital currencies and imparting these new ideas on their students so that the students will not depend on government for jobs after school. We would train 400 Ghanaian teachers (40 per location) from five (5) selected District/Municipal/Metropolitan on to trade using cryptocurrencies with emphasis on SMARTCASH to accumulate wealth and nurture their students in a digital currency era. This would help to expand the frontiers of SMARTCASH in Ghana and Africa as whole.


The training/Workshop will be held in five locations within selected districts/municipal/metropolitan. Forty (40) participants are expected to attend the training/workshop at each selected location (Fomena, Bekwai, Obuasi, Ejisu and Kumasi).

Below are outputs and outcomes of this training/workshop:

Train 200 teachers on how to download and setup Smartcash wallet. They will also be trained on the features in the smartcash wallet and how to purchase Smartcash and hold it for wealth accumulation in the long term. (pension gratuity to some extent).

Outcome 1
All participating teachers can download and set up smartcash wallet (window wallet, web wallet etc), help others to set-up smartcash wallet and purchase smartcash from the Exchanges like cryptopia, coinexchange etc.

Output 2
Select 10 teachers from each district/municipal/metropolitan who were very active and acquired exceptional skills in the training as Local Coordinators for Smartcash in their district/municipal/metropolitan.

Outcome 2
Popularized (promote) smartcash among their colleague teachers in the district/municipal/metropolitan. They will be provided with support to organize school-based and cluster-based workshops in their district/municipal/metropolitan on smartcash. Finally trained teachers to be merchants that trade in Smartcash and other cryptocurrencies.

Output 3
Trained teachers to impart their knowledge on cryptocurrencies on students and parents and the community they live.

Outcome 3
To train students on blockchain technology during co-curricular activities. Promote smartcash to students and convince parents at home, abroad and far away to send money to their wards through Smartcash to avoid higher fees from banks and delays in transfer. To nurture students to trade using Smartcash and start business without depending on the state for jobs. Makes Smartcash more popular in Ghana by forming teacher groups to promote smartcash in Ghana.

Output 4
Organize Stakeholder education event on cryptocureencies with emphasis on Smartcash

Outcome 4
Mass adoption of smartcash by Teachers in Ghana.

Topics to be covered:
a. History of Blockchain Technology
b. Smartcash Technology
c. How to download and setup Smartcash
d. Understanding features of Smartcash
e. How to purchase Smartcash from Exchanges
f. How to purchase Smartcash and hold it for long time to enjoy smart rewards
g. The need for teachers to purchase Smartcash to serve as a store of value (pension gratuity to some extent)
h. How teachers can promote Smartcash among their colleagues, students, parents and in their community.

Action Plan:
This Action Plan seeks to target teachers as primary promoters of the use of smartcash in Ghana. All participants would be trained on how to set up smartcash and promote it among teachers, students, parents and the community they live. In addittion, Ten Participants (teachers) from each district/municipal/metropolitan who were active and exhibited excellent understanding of the blockchain technology and smart cash would be selected to serve as local coordinators in their district/municipal/metropolitan. Below is the planned activity for them:-

Team 1: Five teachers from each district would be trained to promote smartcash and convince teachers to purchase at least 1000SMART and hold it for at least 10years. The team will always collaborate with the other 30 teachers who attended the workshop to promote smartcash among teachers in Ghana,

Team 2: Two teachers from each district would be trained to set up Young Entrepreneurs Club in schools so that students can learn money and financial tools management. A fund of $500.00 worth of SMARTCASH would be used to support each district and Smartcash would be promoted among students. The team will collaborate with the other 30 teachers from their district to set up these clubs in their school.

Team 3: Two teachers from each district would promote mass adoption of smartcash among parents and the community they live. They will speak at School Management Meetings, Parents Teachers Association meeting, community gathering and among others. They will convince parents to send money to their wards in the form smartcash and convince school authorities to accept smartcash. Parents would also be encouraged to purchase and hold smartcash for a long period. They will collaborate with the other 30 teachers from their district and local coordinators.

Team 4: One teacher from each district would push for merchant adoption of smartcash in Ghana. They will be trained to help those who want to purchase smartcash. Their additional duties is to convince teacher associations in Ghana to buy and hold Smartcash for long period instead of treasury bill.

Below is the timeline for this workshop:-
18/1/13-19/1/18 FOMENA ADANSI NORTH DISTRICT 1:00PM-3:00PM
25/1/18-26/1/18 OBUASI OBUASI MUNICIPAL 1:00PM-3:00PM
1/2/18-2/2/18 BEKWAI BEKWAI MUNICIPAL 1:00PM-3:00PM
15/2/18-16/2/18 KUMASI KUMASI METROPOLITAN 1:00PM-3:00PM

Hiring of Venue - $454.55
Feeding Cost - $340.90
Hotel Accommodation - $681.82
Printing of Smartcash T-shirt - $1863.64
Hiring of Projector - $545.45
Communication (Data & calls) - $113.69
Local Travel Cost - $340.91
Media Engagement - $ 227.27
Young Entrepreneurs Club Fund - $2500.00
Token for Volunteers - $200.00
Banners - $136.36
Water - $279.55
Cameraman - $568.1
TOTAL AMOUNT: $8252.32


Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
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Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 8,252.32
  • Estimated SMART: 15,533,194.04
  • Estimated BTC: 0.40881813


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