Getting Started with SmartHive Governance

There are a few steps to accomplish and things to learn before we get started.

How to Use the SmartHive Governance Platform

Step #1: Submit a Pre-Proposal discussion in SmartCash Community Forum.

In order to increase the likelihood of your proposal passing, you can go ahead and create a pre-proposal thread in the SmartCash community forum to lay out your idea, and get some feedback. This way any concerns can be addressed prior to the proposal being submitted to a vote.

However, if you feel confident enough in your proposal, you can go ahead and just post the proposal and then create a proposal thread in the proposal section

Here is an idea of the formatting you can use when submitting an idea.

Step #2: Engage with the community and answer questions in the discussion.

If you want to see an example of a live pre-proposal discussion you can go here to see a discussion on a potential Twitter Banner Campaign:

In this discussion, different aspects of the campaign are discussed and hashed out until the idea comes to a place where it would be ready for @hockleyj to submit the proposal to a vote.

Step #3: To Submit Proposal go to

This is the SmartHive Governance Portal where you will see the current Community Budget as well as any recent proposals that have been submitted.

Step #4: Click 'Submit Proposal' and Fill in Proposal Details

For the sake of this guide, I have filled out this proposal form as if I were @hockleyj, using information he gave in the pre-proposal discussion for his Twitter Campaign, and his SmartCash Address.

Step #5: After you hit 'Save' You will be instructed to Pay 100 SMART to confirm your submission.

Step #6: Go to your SmartCash Wallet to transfer the funds.

Be sure to copy the SmartCash address from the instructions and the payment amount as 100.

Step #7: You will see that your Proposal Has been Submitted To a Vote. Good Luck!