#693 Build Machine to build SmartCash Node Wallet for ARM64 Architecture (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

By JediWed


A machine consists of Raspberry Pi 3B+ to build SmartCash Node Wallets for ARM64 and provide it to the community.


Currently SmartCash Node Wallets are only available for Windows, Linux and macOS based on Intel Architecture (x86 and x64).

A lot of people have problems to run Node Wallets on a secure system. A lot of people are using Windows or all day computer, which can be easily compromised.

A good solution is to set up a Raspberry Pi with Desktop and Node Wallet but unfortunately there are no binaries for ARM64 architecture.

Why Raspberry Pi?

  1. It's cheap
  2. It's easy to set up
  3. Has more security than an all day used computer

Why we need you, to do that?

Everyone could do that, of course but you need a Raspberry Pi and a lot of Linux knowledge. For example it's not possible to use ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin on Raspbian to install Berkeley DB libs 4.8, but this is necessary to keep your wallet portable and compatible with other installations. So you have to build these libraries by yourself. Also it will take a lot of time. And so on. There a lot of problems, which have to be solved before you can run a build.

Long story short: It's a lot of work and you need a lot of time and knowlegde. It's much easier just to download the binaries.


The goal of this proposal is to create a hardware environment to build every release of node wallets also for ARM64 Architecture so every user can download it from GitHub and install/use it on a Raspberry Pi. The hardware should look also good (that's the reason for Pi-Top) to demonstrate it on Meetups. For example on the southern germany Cryptocurrency Meetup in Stuttgart and Munich. Also a developtment Environment is need, of course. This means: Display, Keyboard, and so on. All these could be fullfilled by a Pi-Top.

The founder of this proposal will build every future release of Node Wallet also for ARM64 Architecture for the rest of all days. Promise :-)




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
September 30, 2018 35.00 11,884.23 * Buy Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+ -
September 30, 2018 25.00 8,488.73 * Buy Hardware: microSD Card Class 10 U3 64GB -
September 30, 2018 319.00 108,316.24 * Buy Hardware: Pi-Top -
October 07, 2018 0.01 3.40 * Release of current Node Wallet for ARM64 Architecture -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 379.01
  • Estimated SMART: 128,692.60
  • Estimated BTC: 0.04115589


  • Created Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Thursday, September 27, 2018 16:59:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (16,462,932.05)
No (30,352,324.18)
Abstain (610,495.38)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2018-09-12 16:56:34 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2018-09-13 16:59:24 Open voting. Deadline up to 2018-09-27 16:59:24. (slpin1) -
2018-09-26 16:59:41 Last 24 hours of the vote. Σ 17410467.15757 Σ 30341090.84842
2018-09-27 16:59:42 Voting closed. Status: Not Funded. -


  • Solarminer 09/13/2018 17:43

    We don't recommend node wallets run with Raspberry PIs because they don't have enough processing power and have an inferior network interface. The goal of SmartNodes is to actually move transactions fast. If a PI is thinking for 30 seconds on every block, it won't be contributing to the network. You don't need a Raspberry Pi to compile for the ARM based architecture(it will take a long time to compile with a PI anyway). And a Pi is 32 bit not 64 bit, so you should be creating the ARM32 version. You also don't need the Pi-Top software to do compiling. Much easier to SSH into a Pi to do any tasks. I would suggest you look at installing Electrum on a PI. Maybe make a guide or offer suggestions on how to make that easier. The latest versions can start SmartNodes and future versions will have voting and other new features.

    JediWed 09/13/2018 17:52

    Raspberry Pi can be run in 64 bit mode because it has a 64 bit cpu. But you're right, I should (and will) also build 32 bit. Electrum has the problem that you can't do everything the node wallet can do and the goal is not to run a smartnode, the goal is to have a node wallet on a secure platform. Electrum would be a possibility yes but it's not full featured like the node wallet. There a lot of guides but the effort won't be reduced by a guide. It will stay a lot of effort and time needed.

  • smartcash.ru 09/13/2018 18:41

    Welcome! I represent the Russian-speaking smartcash community ( Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and other CIS countries). We really like your proposal and we are ready to help you and vote for it. I hope you will succeed. And we can test smartcash wallet on October 7 :) Join us in telegram @smartcashru

    JediWed 09/13/2018 18:50

    Thank you for your support. I‘ll do my best to build it for 32 and 64 bit as soon as possible. Maybe it could also be earlier ready than expected.

  • Tho Bo 09/14/2018 08:22

    Can you provide some reasoning why it has to be a smartcash node wallet, seems unnessarry. What features of the node wallet are essential for you that are not covered in the electrum wallet? The features required maybe can/ or might already be planned to be added to more lightweight wallets instead (going along with the arguments solarminer provided)

    JediWed 09/14/2018 08:25

    SmartRewards, SmartVote. Electrum will always get new features much later than node wallet, IF they come. I don't want to wait months until a new feature is available in electrum. I think I'm not the only one with this opinion. And to be honest, Electrum will never be the same priority as node wallet. Node wallet on a secure system will always have the newest and ALL features.

    smartcash.ru 09/15/2018 08:45

    Do you really think that electrum can completely replace a heavy client if it has all the functions of a heavy client? From a security perspective: 1. There can be so called substitution of nodes electrum. 2. If everyone uses the electrum, the network will not grow. But the more the network grows, the more decentralization. 3. With PI I can implement offline coin storage - on PI will be an offline wallet that will only sign transactions, and on the local computer "ONLY VIEW" version without secret keys, but with which I can to brodcastion transaction into the network.

    Solarminer 09/17/2018 15:55

    You are missing some information. The roadmap is to phase out node wallets for desktop use. Electrum will be the primary desktop wallet and will get all features and newer features. For example, only Electrum will work with Trezor. And using a Trezor is a much simpler and a more secure way to manage your funds than having multiple computers to manage. We also have plans to decentralize and pay for Electrum servers. The other BIG element here is that we will push nodes to be faster. A PI that might be borderline now with 0.5 MB blocks will likely not in the future when blocks are filled to the 4 MB block limit.

    smartcash.ru 09/21/2018 17:13

    I agree with you. I do not have full information. Thanks, this is a great solution and very interesting :) Regarding the block size, I am skeptical about 4 MB. This is of course good if smartcash is so in demand that the whole block will be filled. But we are still very far away from this. For example, I can not make a transaction, if I'm not mistaken, when it is more than 50,000 bytes. Now each block have 1000-5000 bytes aproxymately.

    Solarminer 09/24/2018 15:10

    Code already allows 4MB blocks. We tested on testnet with several blocks in a row and nodes struggled to keep up. So we know this is an issue that will hurt slower nodes. The transaction size is not related to blocksize. There can be 1000s of transactions in a block.

    smartcash.ru 09/15/2018 08:46

    When there was the first hard fork of bitcoin, many people lost their transactions due to the fact that part of the electrum nodes went on another chain!

    smartcash.ru 09/15/2018 08:48

    I never heard that in the community there were stored serious amounts of crypto currency on the electrum. Probably worse only to store on an online wallet. Electrum wallet - only for operating and regular spending. Heavy wallet - if you are for a long time and seriously interested in the project.

    JediWed 09/15/2018 09:08

    As you can see it seems there is no interest on security or supporting people, who want to help this coin/community. This community is killing it's own coin. So sad...

    JediWed 09/15/2018 09:09

    Nearly all proposals are declined by the community, also very good ideas which cost nearly NOTHING. Just sad.

  • dustinface 09/15/2018 15:09

    I just added the binaries (1.2.5) for the rasperry pi, enjoy it :) but keep in mind that it won't perform the best on a pi. https://github.com/SmartCash/Core-Smart/releases/download/v1.2.5/smartcash-1.2.5-arm-linux.tar.gz Its nice if someone wants to help out with stuff like this.. But having builds for another common platform is really not a very big deal. About this proposal...I don't get what the advantage of having a "good looking build hardware" for meet-ups would be. This Pi-Top for 320$ is wasted money, isn't it? Instead of trying to build some "good looking raspberry pi laptop" which will most likely take forever to compile you should read about cross compiling. Anyway.. keep it up, maybe you can come up with something else :) cheerz