#116 Coin Burning

By VanCarlo


Coin Burning of some percentage from airdropped smartcash to community funds address which holds majority of smartcash. at least 5%-10% monthly for 1 year. Starting january 2018 to December 2018which will take place on day 10th of each month.


Having this coin burning every month will further increase the value of coin and more and more people will get to know the coin since it will be posted monthly in coin calendar activities. This will trigger curiosity of people to research on the coin and eventually get to know about us and invest. Placing the buring on 10th of every month give half way of the month from airdroppingcoins to holders which takes Place on 25th of each Month. More investors will hold the coin thus further increasing and stabilizing the price.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
December 20, 2017 100,000.00 33,840,947.55 * Coin Burning -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 100,000.00
  • Estimated SMART: 33,840,947.55
  • Estimated BTC: 10.83587140


  • Created Date: Friday, December 8, 2017
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, December 22, 2017 01:15:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (15,860.82)
No (704,409.46)
Abstain (53,723.52)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid


  • VanCarlo 12/08/2017 01:54

    I mean.. coin burning of atleast 5%-10% of coins from block rewards monthly for 1 year starting january 10, 2018 to december 10, 2018.

  • Younglegend 12/08/2017 21:37

    coin burning increases the fee. what we want is better market cap, not higher price.