#403 Creation of SmartStudent ecosystems: Stage 1 Month 2

By CoachDigi


This is 2nd month of the stage 1 of the creation of SmartStudent ecosystem.

We'll be focused in starting a SmartStudent community in two different universities in 2 different cities of Mexico: Universidad Anahuac Cancun at Cancun and Universidad de las Americas Puebla at Cholula, we will also start spreading the SmartCash word to highschool students.
We will creat the SmartStudent ecosystem with food schoolarships to some students and athletes from the universities. The students will receive weekly SmartCash so they can pay their food in different restaurants/establishments that are part of our SmartRestaurants club. This restaurants will receive SmartCash as payment.

For creating the SmartStudent ecosystem we first have to create a SmartStudent community involving Students, restaurants and universities adminsitrations.

The objective of Stage 1 is:
a) to convince at least 5 restaurants/establishmenst to accept SmartCash as payment in every city
b)Know what can the universities contribute to SmartCash (SmartCash ATM, SmartCash branding in campus, SmartCash meetups, SmartCash campus radio, SmartCash sport tickets payment, etc) and what SmartCash can contribute to the universities (Sponsorship of: Sports teams, conferences, students activites, Blockchain courses, etc)
c)Know what students need (how they receive their monthly budget, what restaurants/establishments the students go, etc)

Stage 1 2nd month: from may 23 to June 6
3 meetups and 2 events sponsored by SmartCash in 3 different cities (Cancun, Cholula )


This is the First Month Activity report of proposal #182 (https://vote.smartcash.cc/Proposal/Details/Creation-of-SmartStudent-ecosystems-Stage-1-by-CoachDigi)

Link to first month Video Report   


2nd Month Activities.

  • 3 SmartStudent Meetup in Cancun, Mexico (May 23,30 & june 6). Our first 5 SmartStudents (All football players -captains)will invite other students to the SmartStudents Meetups and also will be learning more about SmartCash so they organize their oun SmartStudent Meetup.  We will do the meetups in 2 diffrent restaurants.
  • SmartCash Highschool Cryptofair: A SmartCash day with 300 highschool senior Students (in 3 months they will be in college).
    • The students will learn about SmartCash in a PRACTICAL, not only teorical, way.
    • The students will receive $10 USD in SmartCash so they can buy their food and participate in the fair games.
    • Some students  that are studing the carreer of "Food & Beverages" will do the food (Breakfast & pizzas) and will receive SmartCash as payment.
    • Students will do games and activities and the winners will receive a SmartCash merchandise (T.Shirts, caps, USB and glasses), they will have to pay a small amount of SmartCash so they can play the games.
    • We will have 4 SmartCash speakers. 
      • Topics
        1. Welcome and intro
        2. what is blockchain
        3. What is SmartCash
        4. SmartCash Wallets and how to vote
        5. Smartrewards, Smarthive
        6. Social Networks (telegram, FB, Discor)
    • A student will be the Dj of the event.
    • We will create a SmartStudent Telegram channel so we can be in communicated.
  • National Girl Flag Football Tournament sponsor in Cholula, Puebla (june 1,2,3): 35 teams (400 athletes) from different states of Mexico.
    • 2 categories (junior and open)
    • All the players, coaches and tournament staff will have a  Shirt/cap or hat/glasses/water container/backpack with the SmartCash logo, so SmartCash can be in all the event.
    • Also we will give the players a knap traveler kit, so we can do a Social Media campain with the players using the knap kit in the airport/ bus station, in the airplane/bus.  They will have to upload a picture of them using the kit.
    • The tournamen Champion  and the MVP´s will receive 5000 Smarts as price (we will do a big Check with a paper wallet QR and they will scan the price)
    • We will also have SmartCash games and activities where the people can win SmartCash merchandise, they will be invited to join our Social Media Communities so they can participate int he activities.
    • 5 SmartStudents football players from Universidad de las Américas will help us whith the event, and they also will be the Smartstudents that will receive the first SmartCash schoolarship in Cholula and they will invite other students to future meetups and SmartCash events.

Community Creation

  • Students: We will start coaching 5 Smartstudents in each town (Cancun, Cholula) so they can know SmartCash, they will start participating in the different social networks and they will invite more students.  They will receive SmartCash as food schoolarship so they can eat at restaurants that accept SmartCash.  
  • Restaurants: They will start receiving the SmartCash scholarships as payment.  This will be our lab. experiment, so we can se the SmartCash payment process whit out s POS. We will use Coinomi wallet as receiving because with the Web Wallet you can´t see all the transactions made (only like 12), also you can´t see the amount in Pesos (MXN), so you don´t know how much SmartCash you have to pay. Also we hae to see an easy way that they can change SmartCash to Fiat, because much of them need the money for daily operations. In the future we will start speaking with providers so they can start accepting SmartCash but know this is a problem that has to be resolved.
  • University authorities: I had already spoken whith the coaches and in this month I will talk to the univerity authorities (Academic and administrators) so we can find a way to promote SmartCash in the universities and students.

Total Budget: $35,736.87 

Link for Budget proposal

Forum Link 

Link to first month Video Report   

Link for first month financial report




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 21, 2018 2,540.00 23,995.99 * Milestone 0: airplane tickets, car rental and hotel -
May 21, 2018 15,451.87 145,977.55 * Milestone 1: SmartCash merchandising -
May 27, 2018 975.00 9,211.06 * Milestone2: Smartstudent meetup in Cancun (May 23) -
May 27, 2018 5,020.00 47,425.15 * Milestone 3: Smartstudent Senior Highschool Cryptofair in Cancun, Mexico (may 26 ) -
June 01, 2018 975.00 9,211.06 * Milestone 4: Smartstudent meetup in Cancun (May 30) -
June 04, 2018 9,800.00 92,582.97 * Milestone 5: 3 days, Girsl Flag football tournament in Cholula (June 1,2,3) -
June 08, 2018 975.00 9,211.06 * Milestone 6: Smartstudent meetup in Cancun (June 6) -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 35,736.87
  • Estimated SMART: 337,614.85
  • Estimated BTC: 4.33159859


  • Created Date: Monday, May 7, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, May 21, 2018 01:37:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Deactivated


Yes (496163.926242395)
No (1246409.84524506)
Abstain (41265.0625)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
118 SgNiaeCKtXMqn5ATFhhsrKYVDrJ5pGsJ41 Σ 11689.70 YES True
117 SUroByHn1S7BY46StZy8pubsGg157vJ8hg Σ 0.30 YES True
116 ShQrLqA45Q7ioWgmQWKFwTcYTqvJCqxMLK Σ 12951.70 YES True
115 SgYc6EBhEiW3JNSNsk2zzWR5tgEidQavS2 Σ 10000.00 YES True
114 SfimFHNDS43Ks4YEUaVJWhdyLYnTVbbmgp Σ 0.19 YES True
113 ScRvBGmc5y2kQpdZ8gyhZmYiNWhJ5Apyg5 Σ 13055.00 YES True
112 SZ9GoZ8vxHzm8gSqsLhht62rvTSYDQzUmr Σ 12378.50 YES True
111 SYQU8opaEfYaY9ExMpWcafND7MBtA43PpB Σ 12615.50 YES True
110 SXwARrsMuzEiMitzyLa7TCNcnjNWDP9vuR Σ 10154.10 YES True
109 SWzbNFXEfm7mGjDMF1ePP7DQU7Th88GZhx Σ 0.09 YES True
108 SWzGjgAGcFXrYZqjAL6U5weceMCQx9tAcj Σ 10154.80 YES True
107 SRvaZsNsFv6aiKrdN1FiUGfg9PwuuPhs9i Σ 11992.80 YES True
106 SR96iGo768e3J3vXuGgT36HftvAUnyAx7t Σ 12868.20 YES True
105 SN4P1qjqAnrsDdh7eto3S8wX6tKcAAGpdo Σ 12385.50 YES True
104 SMfuwf2tu2Vxu1Ts6EJ5pcwGNiCHCM8PQD Σ 13880.10 YES True
103 SZQTVJkHtAnezxHfzDAEbXh5hSYMCgvW7i Σ 0.07 YES True
102 SRdzVvmgtiS4x6pJNvXqgXmd8WPB8KiQF4 Σ 46000.00 NO True
101 SUDUEXMgDkVqfq76E5VBVkZkFCT7CTaTWk Σ 726585.00 NO True
100 SdwPH4c3jUHzCNAnybAt7q5zUj235QVdEf Σ 10408.17 YES True
99 SPZufxG4m3kVzFMv2ayGmfptC3a7t7WqDc Σ 41265.06 Abstain True
98 SbfWke3EQBfQ79WjdapTgL2nWWDbUgskNA Σ 20099.20 YES True
97 SZ4TERkC9iA6rYBbYCicwUYLKvrwxoCtDM Σ 1179.22 NO True
96 SRTEeg6tm2NzfW7n9o1HrikjCYWSgRhTzR Σ 1010.35 NO True
95 SfgohGVkmARsG7UCdmdCTMVj1ePZVxqEof Σ 1605.13 YES True
94 SMP3ookNJwUBZesFFVRTJ3HA6U7wQ4YnBL Σ 68.48 YES True
93 SUvSmxa5uY9GkQnNrGEU3MS7mWjiFozNSi Σ 10000.00 YES True
92 SYmMU32tyY1DwvSLrkFgLMXQYukx4nBxiy Σ 6350.00 YES True
91 SiNsG4UD6nFBqQ2YsJm4CZzPp6iZGDdoJi Σ 2057.98 NO True
90 SRoRaCSAAqjjScB3YFVKqsEWK9KNuE7obu Σ 1002.40 NO True
89 STrBsMaLZ9AufWC8aay7NrfE5TQ5NVyXpK Σ 2423.13 YES True
88 SXS5ch9gwb8Aud3kNFsLKgPbjiKb9h9Xpz Σ 4125.61 YES True
87 SXyVEz7iejKwFSMUgu4aa7hjgMGAWwnXD4 Σ 12883.40 NO True
86 SWD7TpHhfPpanAMVFNQiVRUXdz69Er2vPk Σ 44.59 YES True
85 SMT3WP5P5n3F45gsKnExpAyTMCmjhCVicp Σ 10000.00 YES True
84 Sdx7ibwqPwLg2q8FVqQwEMDNi27kTqRtqJ Σ 10000.00 YES True
83 SY3hXjkvDofWuaXU9AXKBWuD6H4cztAL5a Σ 10827.30 YES True
82 Sc5gpk2i7ZqpYK7VrCDqWXt6xux6orCHVb Σ 12467.00 NO True
81 SYYaVw5EHr9CKnLR6W5y8uNkahsgtmNfv3 Σ 13293.10 NO True
80 Sbj6PZY9a945HHgvpv6Hre57UkgKzMfqZx Σ 10842.70 YES True
79 SVYFvy9R5iQNqG6TYtr7MCDxHCXwyaZFL5 Σ 13137.70 NO True
78 SRjrqhpAFiWpiDVv3Gff6QXaGDoVutwhux Σ 12474.20 NO True
77 SPNf4UCmNmz6bwGajSxDoJ4e5QCPL5tuYc Σ 12178.30 NO True
76 ScBXWak3Z6kFW1HxUSaW33DxZLjk4NhzT6 Σ 10977.10 NO True
75 SUw5cCw1iywFauFHKvdxGWpFH5id5H8R5Q Σ 8638.51 YES True
74 SamQgNQ6XMnQgbtapWF8xDonJ2Q89RW9Tk Σ 162.00 YES True
73 Skb8qRTdASQ5eLFdcjHvsnS2nPDqRSkYr7 Σ 122435.06 NO True
72 SQRveQMQfhSJqwgJcQp63m2F7dd3HVLNrB Σ 10000.00 YES True
71 SPd6KRg5XFV8A3BUrBtysdd4vMLh2vR59j Σ 10000.00 YES True
70 SfM1HyYLD4HobhdA6FACHfcjZgkqE31Sbe Σ 10000.00 YES True
69 Si3bTiKHGmb5MLHqt38rY5AMEiUeUh5UV3 Σ 10000.00 NO True
68 SgVGL7hoJmwRS1Kd61px3WrB3cDrWN5PuV Σ 14167.90 NO True
67 SNz6a5V5NWKPLvEZFUnnfxTanptyKyRPST Σ 16614.20 NO True
66 STrAcdsazyShHnq9Pgjs42VNEwRk5AohVx Σ 10000.00 NO True
65 SVzrXDcGxwDZLXcsDC127ryyy3z1QzPkbe Σ 12134.20 NO True
64 ScRyvMMTW947cFk5csjn9p3EFash9AELw1 Σ 10000.00 NO True
63 SVEikrNo8VvFuzjkYVVXuAxbyDhTaK7Adq Σ 11732.70 NO True
62 ScWYHJDU2JFDxTfDN8wyJEnUaQTKF3zfKg Σ 10000.00 NO True
61 SSjJcJMf2wpvvmLJM4YUL84pcjHmb8tRiA Σ 15118.60 NO True
60 SffWp3xSaRujQyz5sg5YQgWgNNVXKMfz3T Σ 10000.00 NO True
59 STaDgvGrU2Vo1nPdEyzPzmoDJhNtDT1rQj Σ 12338.00 NO True
58 ShyDR6zCt2516Z42jZF5TPA93TKTtdZZAX Σ 10818.20 NO True
57 SMQdVn5Szux4rWNXEt5bm53x4kWy3FLxpX Σ 11953.30 NO True
56 SjhSco2xm7VP3MsgehUB4rjZCcUdm4gw9N Σ 10000.00 NO True
55 SeiFC3s1Ya4TfipFF6y4pv9rezzNeY44xL Σ 14922.70 NO True
54 Sd6wfsxHABXiPup6wCUUD3Si99SRoRj11R Σ 15238.50 NO True
53 Sg89ra4GDNJ1ECxfwokHjimYscZKzKbbPd Σ 60.00 NO True
52 SSFwuRF6ZkhSQTy3CXYin5zaFgxkdWPAou Σ 1119.60 YES True
51 SSSxuxF114DGXfF4DFUuUwXntCc6Ud32Dw Σ 10159.20 YES True
50 SSCx3kZLJj8UuKwUz4v3QDqWs4kE6wr2Lc Σ 5400.10 YES True
49 SUoyanMfPy4nQjDbcDMinkSxREWmJpiHbv Σ 9984.34 YES True
48 SctxbAVcT4TdZaG5EB4hKEfCPL8HVgEFyr Σ 15675.14 NO True
47 SSaPU8khev8P9jRmGd4tvvAsTGPHTJgmKH Σ 225.99 YES True
46 SPYDNqPnVa66KFRz2d5nQVNprrhWbVU1yX Σ 6826.38 YES True
45 SPdHEdTbFccJsME9QQWUutSAAzNYp1MWE8 Σ 10000.00 YES True
44 SboT5SsNPJDZPcD5pK4HHdZifmyynvvGe8 Σ 10000.00 YES True
43 Sai9XcND5vtWzM7kKeFKoEydbE3iHgAb3P Σ 10000.00 YES True
42 SNFxUgxapaMNU3ksAx2BrQPRYszomwxqyr Σ 10000.00 YES True
41 ShuAZ7nzYfTXV65An7N716HvEEKGQVYhoS Σ 10000.00 YES True
40 SNLtyMQzpY3kUS5gHgH5SpkCf6XcN9V2ji Σ 13052.88 YES True
39 SXe1bfkyJhXdDkTctgJwTLHesMZQnvtYHq Σ 2178.61 YES True
38 SQAJUBGe6sAUsq6m7XHaLmuK8Rr3osGnJn Σ 10315.00 NO True
37 SWWs3L9bqnjBKXSaYi1NFnpXcQpuPscU1M Σ 11000.00 YES True
36 Sh1wTqfLemSfxedqfnJBABtJZRWd8M8hb4 Σ 11608.10 YES True
35 SZ7qDJq6MLDyVXaBfCnq64oJhXL3nNCqLS Σ 35.00 YES True
34 Sje2HpaBF2m8UKRQt3Co8ZtrGnVNFzF9RC Σ 35.00 YES True
33 Satu17wKAtj8kgbe7DMVq6u5GJwmqzNMW3 Σ 35.00 YES True
32 SNK2MVM86rPVwfatc91RuXEaUWaSiY2FgX Σ 35.00 YES True
31 SdjrNZRJ7hq4XNCFeUWyEBVx1rbvoKiGsP Σ 35.00 YES True
30 SiaRXUXUj72TSNRmnmzLkzGjgH1Siug2ug Σ 20.00 YES True
29 SgbXZ1j2JAVKuUaFHqLbrBcfamAV7Sopem Σ 50.00 YES True
28 SZcbQDzyfS9VXJZqruYCa3mDVYwN78Vxzy Σ 94.00 YES True
27 SN6iSEACrZTaQ62ZXEGSfe1u2i2SzsSaJs Σ 35.00 YES True
26 SMoYZdYtehykRfjttBnUd4edW1R1iimesq Σ 70.00 YES True
25 SeaoarUCE5N1JXuMgFEj1dAvUuapqpXVih Σ 35.00 YES True
24 ShXLd5wPkLLBqCXQwT7696jAWnBnaU1Uwv Σ 35.00 YES True
23 SY9Swdn7RKF4MEuTTX2j7wggTbMDwarKd3 Σ 35.00 YES True
22 SajvH4eH1qqqYNj7mdGSvZikGeWip3ehCP Σ 35.00 YES True
21 SQ9x6iRtPWcjVi9eb5cdzHaCu7VoWxoAZW Σ 35.00 YES True
20 SThLyAHYbvF66YoPnUfHR1frogXdZcb4sa Σ 1014.80 YES True
19 SgGPWLPJtRwEkewKTjkwofxV5XUVqNt47f Σ 35.00 YES True
18 SRwC6uEXCPAFEpjraGbvxwRiWabV6qMXq2 Σ 47.00 YES True
17 ScP17egjo7ojyiRunYGphNDYb6KKXqYnEq Σ 1000.00 YES True
16 SdwBJsbATgvZPdku2M7NyeZHz5icCeVCTQ Σ 2.00 YES True
15 SU4PFoCq7tvRJCJsqQJXF2ViqBxfLA6sbq Σ 35.00 YES True
14 SjL4JZNC9TavG2PbgM4GYfuFX62LNfQ65P Σ 1091.00 YES True
13 SVT9eZP97kY5tXeacticTzezDQS99e1naZ Σ 10000.00 YES True
12 SMZYUiCDXFwsH6FqWaohJiFb6UMDWsZF3Q Σ 10000.00 YES True
11 SQZ8Pe5DHw7RVz85LH3NKuQo1pySuQZKUh Σ 10000.00 YES True
10 SfsQ2vSPW7QcSGdd1wD4E6Zue2CK47wG1w Σ 10000.00 YES True
9 SVVPED3DcCKQD7gWfyjTRW4sanooaDkz2a Σ 10000.00 YES True
8 SQzhsxzbQbFtdwbzr6ijPnX3jK7sPTqqFq Σ 10000.00 YES True
7 ScbQg7h7n3g2YNFQCzQGmxM1Pzqy8VE7Ra Σ 10000.00 YES True
6 SPcx4gawCAht8o1gGcEAZKTFMc5Aujv7Gr Σ 10000.00 YES True
5 ST5erQ39pLwrNvTqnaaNy41Ubrwg7Kv3Xw Σ 1043.57 YES True
4 SR36EvTDpshpdbozL2vjrHSSADKQj9Rg5X Σ 12526.20 NO True
3 SNCfBVTkneBorpBkQ97AdKE7URyVykcWJP Σ 12156.30 NO True
2 SjeXmWECGuVLbm7byuJoaAr676EWXhVeH9 Σ 12958.10 NO True
1 SfLdKXb1A2XqSTZr2MpeRDciy3RU2vgEJR Σ 10000.00 YES True


  • fl0at1ng_p01nt 05/09/2018 05:13

    Coach Digi has demonstrated to be a committed individual. He is a passionate and honest person, working hard for the young and the adoption of blockchain technology. Much success!

  • Antonio-Clark 05/09/2018 17:29

    Follow up of the student adoption plan in Mexico, already initiated by Coachdigi. I find it to be a great program, plus it serves as an experiment whose results will help us to expend in future cities. I'm with it 100% !

  • mastin 05/14/2018 11:04

    The price looks overly expensive for what it aimed to deliver. Having parties at the cost of SmartCash community is not the best way to spend the budget. The budget itself also looks inflated. Are you going to keep DJI copter for yourself instead of hiring filming services much cheaper? How many members do you think this project would attract? How many investors among them? What is the cost of one new member?

    CoachDigi 05/14/2018 11:46

    I did a video describing the proposal (I did a video describing the proposal). This is not a only 1 month project so I think is cheaper to have our stuff. The DJI copter, the tent and all the things we buy is for the community and for all the SmartCash events the community has in Mexico, any one can use it, just contact me and I will send it to them. We are starting a mkting team and we will have a full year of activities if the communities aprooves it. The new members that we will have are the University de las Americas Puebla (http://www.udlap.mx/inicio.aspx) and Anahuac Cancun (https://www.anahuac.mx/cancun/). hope the video helps to answer your questions

  • CoachDigi 05/14/2018 11:47

    Video Description of proposal https://youtu.be/Yxmjud0o_iU

    CoachDigi 05/14/2018 11:47

    I can´t add links