#403 Creation of SmartStudent ecosystems: Stage 1 Month 2

By CoachDigi


This is 2nd month of the stage 1 of the creation of SmartStudent ecosystem. We'll be focused in starting a SmartStudent community in two different universities in 2 different cities of Mexico: Universidad Anahuac Cancun at Cancun and Universidad de las Americas Puebla at Cholula, we will also start spreading the SmartCash word to highschool students. We will creat the SmartStudent ecosystem with food schoolarships to some students and athletes from the universities. The students will receive weekly SmartCash so they can pay their food in different restaurants/establishments that are part of our SmartRestaurants club. This restaurants will receive SmartCash as payment. For creating the SmartStudent ecosystem we first have to create a SmartStudent community involving Students, restaurants and universities adminsitrations. The objective of Stage 1 is: a) to convince at least 5 restaurants/establishmenst to accept SmartCash as payment in every city b)Know what can the universities contribute to SmartCash (SmartCash ATM, SmartCash branding in campus, SmartCash meetups, SmartCash campus radio, SmartCash sport tickets payment, etc) and what SmartCash can contribute to the universities (Sponsorship of: Sports teams, conferences, students activites, Blockchain courses, etc) c)Know what students need (how they receive their monthly budget, what restaurants/establishments the students go, etc) Stage 1 2nd month: from may 23 to June 6 3 meetups and 2 events sponsored by SmartCash in 3 different cities (Cancun, Cholula )


This is the First Month Activity report of proposal #182 (https://vote.smartcash.cc/Proposal/Details/Creation-of-SmartStudent-ecosystems-Stage-1-by-CoachDigi)

Link to first month Video Report   


2nd Month Activities.

  • 3 SmartStudent Meetup in Cancun, Mexico (May 23,30 & june 6). Our first 5 SmartStudents (All football players -captains)will invite other students to the SmartStudents Meetups and also will be learning more about SmartCash so they organize their oun SmartStudent Meetup.  We will do the meetups in 2 diffrent restaurants.
  • SmartCash Highschool Cryptofair: A SmartCash day with 300 highschool senior Students (in 3 months they will be in college).
    • The students will learn about SmartCash in a PRACTICAL, not only teorical, way.
    • The students will receive $10 USD in SmartCash so they can buy their food and participate in the fair games.
    • Some students  that are studing the carreer of "Food & Beverages" will do the food (Breakfast & pizzas) and will receive SmartCash as payment.
    • Students will do games and activities and the winners will receive a SmartCash merchandise (T.Shirts, caps, USB and glasses), they will have to pay a small amount of SmartCash so they can play the games.
    • We will have 4 SmartCash speakers. 
      • Topics
        1. Welcome and intro
        2. what is blockchain
        3. What is SmartCash
        4. SmartCash Wallets and how to vote
        5. Smartrewards, Smarthive
        6. Social Networks (telegram, FB, Discor)
    • A student will be the Dj of the event.
    • We will create a SmartStudent Telegram channel so we can be in communicated.
  • National Girl Flag Football Tournament sponsor in Cholula, Puebla (june 1,2,3): 35 teams (400 athletes) from different states of Mexico.
    • 2 categories (junior and open)
    • All the players, coaches and tournament staff will have a  Shirt/cap or hat/glasses/water container/backpack with the SmartCash logo, so SmartCash can be in all the event.
    • Also we will give the players a knap traveler kit, so we can do a Social Media campain with the players using the knap kit in the airport/ bus station, in the airplane/bus.  They will have to upload a picture of them using the kit.
    • The tournamen Champion  and the MVP´s will receive 5000 Smarts as price (we will do a big Check with a paper wallet QR and they will scan the price)
    • We will also have SmartCash games and activities where the people can win SmartCash merchandise, they will be invited to join our Social Media Communities so they can participate int he activities.
    • 5 SmartStudents football players from Universidad de las Américas will help us whith the event, and they also will be the Smartstudents that will receive the first SmartCash schoolarship in Cholula and they will invite other students to future meetups and SmartCash events.

Community Creation

  • Students: We will start coaching 5 Smartstudents in each town (Cancun, Cholula) so they can know SmartCash, they will start participating in the different social networks and they will invite more students.  They will receive SmartCash as food schoolarship so they can eat at restaurants that accept SmartCash.  
  • Restaurants: They will start receiving the SmartCash scholarships as payment.  This will be our lab. experiment, so we can se the SmartCash payment process whit out s POS. We will use Coinomi wallet as receiving because with the Web Wallet you can´t see all the transactions made (only like 12), also you can´t see the amount in Pesos (MXN), so you don´t know how much SmartCash you have to pay. Also we hae to see an easy way that they can change SmartCash to Fiat, because much of them need the money for daily operations. In the future we will start speaking with providers so they can start accepting SmartCash but know this is a problem that has to be resolved.
  • University authorities: I had already spoken whith the coaches and in this month I will talk to the univerity authorities (Academic and administrators) so we can find a way to promote SmartCash in the universities and students.

Total Budget: $35,736.87 

Link for Budget proposal

Forum Link 

Link to first month Video Report   

Link for first month financial report




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 21, 2018 2,540.00 227,409.42 * Milestone 0: airplane tickets, car rental and hotel -
May 21, 2018 15,451.87 1,383,425.52 * Milestone 1: SmartCash merchandising -
May 27, 2018 975.00 87,292.99 * Milestone2: Smartstudent meetup in Cancun (May 23) -
May 27, 2018 5,020.00 449,446.97 * Milestone 3: Smartstudent Senior Highschool Cryptofair in Cancun, Mexico (may 26 ) -
June 01, 2018 975.00 87,292.99 * Milestone 4: Smartstudent meetup in Cancun (May 30) -
June 04, 2018 9,800.00 877,406.43 * Milestone 5: 3 days, Girsl Flag football tournament in Cholula (June 1,2,3) -
June 08, 2018 975.00 87,292.99 * Milestone 6: Smartstudent meetup in Cancun (June 6) -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 35,736.87
  • Estimated SMART: 3,199,567.29
  • Estimated BTC: 9.91865860


  • Created Date: Monday, May 7, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, May 21, 2018 01:37:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


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Yes (496,163.93)
No (1,246,409.85)
Abstain (41,265.06)

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  • fl0at1ng_p01nt 05/09/2018 05:13

    Coach Digi has demonstrated to be a committed individual. He is a passionate and honest person, working hard for the young and the adoption of blockchain technology. Much success!

  • Antonio-Clark 05/09/2018 17:29

    Follow up of the student adoption plan in Mexico, already initiated by Coachdigi. I find it to be a great program, plus it serves as an experiment whose results will help us to expend in future cities. I'm with it 100% !

  • mastin 05/14/2018 11:04

    The price looks overly expensive for what it aimed to deliver. Having parties at the cost of SmartCash community is not the best way to spend the budget. The budget itself also looks inflated. Are you going to keep DJI copter for yourself instead of hiring filming services much cheaper? How many members do you think this project would attract? How many investors among them? What is the cost of one new member?

    CoachDigi 05/14/2018 11:46

    I did a video describing the proposal (I did a video describing the proposal). This is not a only 1 month project so I think is cheaper to have our stuff. The DJI copter, the tent and all the things we buy is for the community and for all the SmartCash events the community has in Mexico, any one can use it, just contact me and I will send it to them. We are starting a mkting team and we will have a full year of activities if the communities aprooves it. The new members that we will have are the University de las Americas Puebla (http://www.udlap.mx/inicio.aspx) and Anahuac Cancun (https://www.anahuac.mx/cancun/). hope the video helps to answer your questions

  • CoachDigi 05/14/2018 11:47

    Video Description of proposal https://youtu.be/Yxmjud0o_iU

    CoachDigi 05/14/2018 11:47

    I can´t add links