#182 Creation of SmartStudent ecosystems: Stage 1 by CoachDigi

By CoachDigi


This is stage 1 of the creation of SmartStudent ecosystem. We'll be focused in starting a SmartStudent community in two different universities in 2 different cities of Mexico: Universidad Anahuac Cancun at Cancun and Universidad de las Americas Puebla at Cholula, we will also start spreading the SmartCash word to highschool students.
We will creat the SmartStudent ecosystem with food schoolarships to some students and athletes from the universities. The students will receive weekly SmartCash so they can pay their food in different restaurants/establishments that are part of our SmartRestaurants club. This restaurants will receive SmartCash as payment.

For creating the SmartStudent ecosystem we first have to create a SmartStudent community involving Students, restaurants and universities adminsitrations.

The objective of Stage 1 is:
a) to convince at least 5 restaurants/establishmenst to accept SmartCash as payment in every city
b)Know what can the universities contribute to SmartCash (SmartCash ATM, SmartCash branding in campus, SmartCash meetups, SmartCash campus radio, SmartCash sport tickets payment, etc) and what SmartCash can contribute to the universities (Sponsorship of: Sports teams, conferences, students activites, Blockchain courses, etc)
c)Know what students need (how they receive their monthly budget, what restaurants/establishments the students go, etc)

How we will do it?
With 8 meetups in 3 different cities (Cancun, Cholula and Mexico city)
With meetings with universities personel and restaurant/establishment owners

stage 1 first month: from march 28th to april 29th

Budget: $7,515.00 USD


Who am I?
I´m Coach Digi and I live with Oremor (my wife) in Cancún, México. I´m a public highschool teacher and a college american football coach. I´m also an industrial engineer with a masters degree in mkt.
I´m a Bitcuner (Cancún crypto community) and had been promoting cryptos for the last months by doing monthly meetups. this meetups have been focused in highschool and college students of Cancún.
I new about SmartCash in november, thanks to @oucan ´s and @Eiky SmartCash Meetup in Cancun and bought my first SmartCash.
I started minning SmartCash with some GPUs and also I have a Smartnode.

Why a SmartStudent ecosystem?

  • The young generations are the ones who will adopt cryptos in the future, so introducting SmartCash to highschool and university students, will help masive SmartCash adoption

What is a SmartStudent ecosystem_

  • Foreign and international Students can receive their monthly budget from their parents in SmartCash.
  • Students can pay in the school cafeteria, restaurants and establishments with SmartCash and use their SmartCard
  • SmartCash is a sponsor of universities activities like, sports, culture, tech conferences, etc, and are paid with SmartCash

How will we create a Smartstudent ecosystem?

  • We will start the Smartstudent ecosystem by sponsoring students and sports teams of the university,
  • with food schoolarships.
  • The students will receive an amount of SmartCash weekly, so they can buy their meals at the School cafeteria and other restaurants and establishments.
  • Also each student with a schoolarship will invite a different friend weekly to eat in a restaurant,
  • the friend will receive some SmartCash so he can pay his meal and keep some SmartCash in his wallet.

Cancun, Quintana Roo Mexico:
We will start with the Anáhuac University campus Cancun. even do is a small university (2000 students) Anahuac University has more than 5 campus in Mexico.
Hihgschool CBTIS #111 (2800 students) I teach here.

Cholula, Puebla, Mexico:
We will start at the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla.. It´s one of the university that more appears and news coverage has in Mexico (10,000) students.

Both universities have an american football and sports teams (I played in th UDLAP and coached at Anáhuac Cancún) and both have foreign and international students.

We divided this proyect in 4 stages, the first stage will start in March.
Stage 1: Conception of a SmartStudent community in the college campus.
Stage 2: Birth of a SmartStudent Ecosystem.
Stage 3: Growth of the SmartStudent Ecosystem.
Stage 4: Reproduction of a SmartStudent Ecosystem.

Stage 1: Concepcion (2 months: part of march, april and may). : Create a SmartStudent Community

We will do a marketing research, so we can know the needs of the SmartStudent Ecosystem’s elements. ( restaurants/establishments, students and authorities).

Restaurante owners:

  • We will start some SmartCash presentations to restaurants and establishments owners, so they can know about SmartCash and how they can accept SmartCash as payment.
  • We will do Meetups in the food establishments. (I had already talk to some in Cancun and Cholula and are ready to participate).
  • We need at least 5 restaurants that accepts SmartCash in each town for stage 2.
  • We will create the SmartRestaurant Club, only for restaurants and establishments that accept SmartCash.


  • We will start doing SmartStudents meetups so they can know how to use SmartCash as payment in establishments.
  • In the first meetup we will ask for volunteers that can help us promote the next SmartStudents meetups, so in a future they will be the ones who will do the SmartStudents meetup.

University authorities:

  • We will start talking and presenting SmartCash to the university authorities.
  • First we will talk with the head coaches of the football teams, so they can introduce us with other university authorities.
  • We will talk with the universities cafeterias about SmartCash.

** 8 Meetups in 3 Cities.**

City Place Month day Meetups Attendees

Cancún, México CBTIS #111 March 19-23 4 140
México City Crisanta April 3 1 30
Puebla Karma Bagels April 5 1 30
Cancún, México Crypto Club April 21 1 30
Puebla Karma Bagels April 27 1 30
total 8 260

Budget and milestones

TOTAL Budget: $7,515.00 USD

link for Budget description 

Link por preproposal in forum

Link for project presentation 





Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
March 24, 2018 1,200.00 16,544.44 * Milestone 0: airplane tickets -
March 24, 2018 1,150.00 15,855.09 * Milestone 2: 4 Smartstudent meetups in Cancun, Mexico -
April 02, 2018 1,900.00 26,195.37 * Milestone 1: Promo Material -
April 07, 2018 1,655.00 22,817.55 * Milestone3: Smartstudent meetups in Mexico City and Cholulla -
April 22, 2018 750.00 10,340.28 * Milestone 4: Smartstudent meetups in Cancun -
April 28, 2018 860.00 11,856.85 * Milestone 5: Smartstudent meetup in Cholula, Puebla -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 7,515.00
  • Estimated SMART: 103,609.58
  • Estimated BTC: 1.21430433


  • Created Date: Friday, March 9, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, March 23, 2018 00:13:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Completed


Yes (1130278.37971295)
No (22530.326159668)
Abstain (0)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
69 SSmnsJjqD558hyEJ42MhherbcLFeCWMwBA Σ 35.00 YES True
68 SPcfrXt6N1xbhBXJMrL5QRWroFSP8Hca7P Σ 1491.12 YES True
67 SPSi3BbLzp59QL4nzPofP7rRGE7989ujno Σ 1751.22 YES True
66 Sg2tRvBjtqo5Xw6GihycGqULpw4fAC2VT9 Σ 30.00 YES True
65 SYSnkr2o4r3CWhdYq9qcZEzg1mRzZ6Nw9X Σ 1000.00 YES True
64 SWpqixPVbow73TqE8HcPQuQJQCAGFxGjvN Σ 3132.00 YES True
63 SeC213C81WsBBFwHSmGstqbE127SkwYLYg Σ 441.19 YES True
62 SdwPH4c3jUHzCNAnybAt7q5zUj235QVdEf Σ 9769.17 YES True
61 ShjGW4R4DYvAb6eD3HCoWbztMXscL5NTDi Σ 375.45 YES True
60 SeyamvYzajaKqN2y4MkzaR4z8AkF4nddqv Σ 11981.20 NO True
59 SX8rV51FeZQpqB7jRmSyxk97RZZ1soZQaX Σ 141.71 YES True
58 SVLF7eTi29yhBxkiYZhBVtRcvDfcficd6g Σ 12.90 YES True
57 SUZR1iY9DqWHukpoLVcra3RaTDwoWQN79k Σ 1503.99 YES True
56 ScaWhDc3MvgDSG46adt4gNQNdkcriWwJao Σ 237101.06 YES True
55 SUXJULRYwz3pT3jhh6T2nCaV6Uz5YGdjoF Σ 5017.48 YES True
54 SMk8XKy82osqWPxrnTdm7e2J9hqmJGFjzr Σ 1816.02 YES True
53 SN6NGRXAAmXx8CLzNx5ebSTqG3yJSUDizF Σ 10470.00 YES True
52 Sh1wTqfLemSfxedqfnJBABtJZRWd8M8hb4 Σ 10879.10 YES True
51 SMsgHvgmvYs53bobdge96Y4UugYAHMHQxM Σ 554037.00 YES True
50 SYK4h4K2GwDzpx1c4qsUT8vp5jURaqdGBM Σ 11415.99 YES True
48 SjozFBEkeYYFRL1zimPiK8xMk6iVc5frNC Σ 1299.60 YES True
47 SiqoDUumDociTQixD9aZos4xtppnYdv6U7 Σ 10.00 YES True
46 Sj5mGbRErcBp64byUSeUUhFFbu3V6hFcho Σ 10000.00 YES True
45 SXpun1t4qCJut1sp9mPfrMYtN48cN94Mx2 Σ 10660.50 YES True
44 SV1WWyUca3avs4mGCYSUFm3o7V2E7r6bMY Σ 6898.80 YES True
43 SYDESerxCw92umSmA3G1EnpYyWTTUxrcK5 Σ 20.13 YES True
42 SNzDPBW1ZKYc9An2bRT6o63wavFNoLnp76 Σ 5890.44 YES True
41 SPr7H6sbYvSEwe376KhqzQPZeQ4DibiLL2 Σ 3357.32 YES True
40 SNFF5Ca2SuFCaU2jCcQDJkSuSr99Uqr6A6 Σ 20.00 NO True
39 ScuuLBTULyzKcVdeuE7jkWE5WcdcakQfWL Σ 3029.45 YES True
38 SNLtyMQzpY3kUS5gHgH5SpkCf6XcN9V2ji Σ 3.00 YES True
37 Sgf12hWZMrzxcYpQLKSNVs7ruabMrDNRvk Σ 1189.27 YES True
36 SSzhaoGxVotWN4FEpHsLSxSHZ69AR1wBwT Σ 10000.00 NO True
35 ScZk5gWiTB5m1TmNLTodxyRNWVSDGdvEsv Σ 1.78 YES True
34 SZ3tYALYFgvR9A6YNRx8WmkgcXXcDZuChC Σ 10411.60 YES True
33 SfgohGVkmARsG7UCdmdCTMVj1ePZVxqEof Σ 1507.13 YES True
32 SXq149o4sRNcxfF1NvrrFwL5L8oNkpVraL Σ 10207.70 YES True
31 SN4DRhY5p1C6xTbtm1fq2xrjEHrBNLr1xs Σ 1191.41 YES True
30 SPpc2aavYJ6nw49D1bxYSN1chF4WWN7ioL Σ 1360.11 YES True
29 SPUbDZUkxA39un4aYD5cf5k8nDLQteArJJ Σ 12713.00 YES True
28 Sdiv2AtM4xbxYiJffQbBWZ9cqMvZfpL65T Σ 10202.90 YES True
27 SbXLPxSpgPAWJfbJCtpjmjXowdCZsHL5KE Σ 529.13 NO True
26 SWEgfNHQ3ZBAEDrXo6CvogC2DJX4gg8oqA Σ 80.38 YES True
25 ST5erQ39pLwrNvTqnaaNy41Ubrwg7Kv3Xw Σ 11665.99 YES True
24 SUaU6EDZUEU9Q9HGFBUyxDNbmhotDdjg1a Σ 65.89 YES True
23 SgNiaeCKtXMqn5ATFhhsrKYVDrJ5pGsJ41 Σ 10200.40 YES True
22 SXwARrsMuzEiMitzyLa7TCNcnjNWDP9vuR Σ 10828.90 YES True
21 ShQrLqA45Q7ioWgmQWKFwTcYTqvJCqxMLK Σ 10835.50 YES True
20 ScRvBGmc5y2kQpdZ8gyhZmYiNWhJ5Apyg5 Σ 10419.90 YES True
19 SR96iGo768e3J3vXuGgT36HftvAUnyAx7t Σ 10422.50 YES True
18 SWzGjgAGcFXrYZqjAL6U5weceMCQx9tAcj Σ 10858.10 YES True
17 SZ9GoZ8vxHzm8gSqsLhht62rvTSYDQzUmr Σ 10616.60 YES True
16 SRvaZsNsFv6aiKrdN1FiUGfg9PwuuPhs9i Σ 10416.20 YES True
15 SN4P1qjqAnrsDdh7eto3S8wX6tKcAAGpdo Σ 10626.40 YES True
14 SgYc6EBhEiW3JNSNsk2zzWR5tgEidQavS2 Σ 10835.70 YES True
13 SYQU8opaEfYaY9ExMpWcafND7MBtA43PpB Σ 10626.40 YES True
12 SMfuwf2tu2Vxu1Ts6EJ5pcwGNiCHCM8PQD Σ 11615.60 YES True
11 SZe3AE4dGoFShoQGbrcNCJUB7GcXwpCvce Σ 47.00 YES True
10 Sgxt6nPKSbtfz7Qtx9t2GSbPkQAMY7XdDc Σ 1451.55 YES True
9 SgAJ7k93enc2UgtLJH3geHu5GdYECcBQZa Σ 1812.70 YES True
8 SjTFjfsthzaahrDdzxfDbYpTSGVzDPEWNW Σ 2702.59 YES True
7 SSPN4g2Bi1kuDidXKwWvATM8dPAar9Cr6Y Σ 3279.00 YES True
6 SY7fFFR8c91DFpAYo9ZuEkkUJougKyboFg Σ 2777.48 YES True
5 SPn3MQtpvtHBkeTL7kR28z9j9mEjUwu8BQ Σ 2377.59 YES True
4 ShCUPmZ7ZKQz2Fz3qNMmjgiGQ5ASWkXE9s Σ 2394.44 YES True
3 SXAG4Ps2TZd6Z6D4154YM8N874r3iQ3cGg Σ 8659.92 YES True
2 SZJZcvtP8Y15NCbKkCkJopwi8LwgKGCmdj Σ 10233.90 YES True
1 SfLdKXb1A2XqSTZr2MpeRDciy3RU2vgEJR Σ 13356.40 YES True


  • fl0at1ng_p01nt 03/18/2018 19:53

    Dear Coach! I am very happy to see the kind of work you keep doing for the younger generations. Hope there are more passionate people like you within this community.