#213 CryptoWorldZug sponsoring proposal

By felander


Sponsoring a conference in the crypto valley of Zug to generate more awareness about Smartcash in an important Cryptocurreny hub of the world.


Hello dear Smarties

We are the members of a newly formed association called: Crypto World Zug

On the 12th -13th of June we are organizing a small crypto related conference in the Crypto Valley of Zug in Switzerland.  The goal of the conference is not to raise money for some random ICO’s or to have people plug their product.

Our aim is to spread the word on Blockchain and crypto to a general audience.  The more the people are familiar with the concept the more they will lose their fear of the unknown.

Our goal is to bring the People (really, anyone) closer to this revolution that has already transformed the lives of so many individuals and is generating long-term opportunities for start-ups and established businesses.

Our website with more info on the conference and about us can be found on


We have been running a meetup group with over 160 members for a few months now and this initiative was born out of that.

Our proposal consist of two parts

1. having a speaker to explain the Smartcash Use case focusing on community governance:

This will serve the purpose of spreading the word on smartcash and this amazing community.  So we would need a budget for someone to speak at day 2.

2. having a use case for our guests

We would like to give all our attendees a part of their entrance ticket back in smartcash.
For the moment we are charging 250CHF per ticket for a 2 day conference including lunch.

Our aim would be to take the sponsoring and give back Smartcash in the form of paper wallets. We would like to aim at 30 CHF per person back (30*80=2400CHF)

This will also be helped by a booth specific for Smartcash where people can receive an in depth explanation if they wish.



The expenses for the moment are such:

650 chf per day for the room
150 chf per day for the projector
75 chf per day, per person for food, drinks etc. (my estimate)
ca 15’000 chf which includes a small buffer for eventualities

Smartcash sponsoring:

2400 devided among participants
2600 to cover part of the costs (+ costs for SmartCash Speaker)




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 01, 2018 5,000.00 61,665.74 * total sponsoring budget -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 5,000.00
  • Estimated SMART: 61,665.74
  • Estimated BTC: 0.68510637


  • Created Date: Friday, April 13, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2018 10:36:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Completed


Yes (768045.76095654)
No (40123.40072)
Abstain (0)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
67 SeiFC3s1Ya4TfipFF6y4pv9rezzNeY44xL Σ 14442.80000 YES Valid
66 SgVGL7hoJmwRS1Kd61px3WrB3cDrWN5PuV Σ 13847.20000 YES Valid
65 STaDgvGrU2Vo1nPdEyzPzmoDJhNtDT1rQj Σ 12013.00000 YES Valid
64 STrAcdsazyShHnq9Pgjs42VNEwRk5AohVx Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
63 SVzrXDcGxwDZLXcsDC127ryyy3z1QzPkbe Σ 11972.60000 YES Valid
62 ShpycczXmB8amDRFZfPFTD7gJsBjJv2GVx Σ 0.16441 YES Valid
61 SVEikrNo8VvFuzjkYVVXuAxbyDhTaK7Adq Σ 11249.00000 YES Valid
60 ScRyvMMTW947cFk5csjn9p3EFash9AELw1 Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
59 SSjJcJMf2wpvvmLJM4YUL84pcjHmb8tRiA Σ 14641.30000 YES Valid
58 SffWp3xSaRujQyz5sg5YQgWgNNVXKMfz3T Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
57 SNz6a5V5NWKPLvEZFUnnfxTanptyKyRPST Σ 16294.80000 YES Valid
56 ShyDR6zCt2516Z42jZF5TPA93TKTtdZZAX Σ 10338.70000 YES Valid
55 SMQdVn5Szux4rWNXEt5bm53x4kWy3FLxpX Σ 11792.00000 YES Valid
54 SjhSco2xm7VP3MsgehUB4rjZCcUdm4gw9N Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
53 SNbbDMCnaLssyk91WSctv7CbPLsjJfAd4r Σ 29.08152 YES Valid
52 Sd6wfsxHABXiPup6wCUUD3Si99SRoRj11R Σ 14590.70000 YES Valid
51 ScWYHJDU2JFDxTfDN8wyJEnUaQTKF3zfKg Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
50 Si3bTiKHGmb5MLHqt38rY5AMEiUeUh5UV3 Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
49 SUoyanMfPy4nQjDbcDMinkSxREWmJpiHbv Σ 5586.82617 YES Valid
48 SVTRnH5ZnAdJHfSJNAVyZ1tV35dqjCxSuD Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
47 Se3yyZJTeqraquseXsPf1tSRTu8KmVmcFe Σ 0.08516 YES Valid
46 SSyrhTr6aYCwPkJykRsKDm3HsR27sahu8h Σ 12156.00000 YES Valid
45 SSsz7MxkMM9Qub9UTfvBEaUhDjjvdizh3P Σ 11792.70000 YES Valid
44 SSBhdQfqh98VzHwKTC6DMMeSqSQ34J9Nw9 Σ 1067.00000 YES Valid
43 Sdzn1F4SVBqqTXeCEjmCMM1xpXtD3ToTtq Σ 11794.60000 YES Valid
42 SNLDMroyo8qNeNSqXhqEmmHMkY8zugEdxv Σ 1067.00000 YES Valid
41 SSrCXCSfvbupsDDpnQNnjQaLetRD71gp2r Σ 12628.20000 YES Valid
40 SaK14SSQYC3LaRH7N8vxR9d7cpPQWFmNeX Σ 1974.00000 YES Valid
39 SX5VtFd1jS3ndi6ksjqq9uBKrenZ1DXXcj Σ 12030.40000 YES Valid
38 SkJ7RfxEM1RWVhEQ6vr6v2dGaiSSeLWLNS Σ 11781.70000 YES Valid
37 Sb45yNvWAyZoRLo5xALotDptx8PBg18mYh Σ 1738.39534 YES Valid
36 SP8eraF7jRcdrYhnxXroPRnPEDAjFjvUa7 Σ 11449.90000 YES Valid
35 SbwPcq61SFuhNosuh3JgpY933584dbzoSH Σ 11992.20000 YES Valid
34 SR86bSeQFvMZwDPBpMGYDzgkNogwuRKu6X Σ 1067.00000 YES Valid
33 SapTC2dpQQc3nRTknNGsYgZcENtvtJBiKQ Σ 1067.00000 YES Valid
32 SfzUaEoVSvCXXdsnSHNvsdj2B8Tqz4xx1m Σ 70000.00781 YES Valid
31 SXwARrsMuzEiMitzyLa7TCNcnjNWDP9vuR Σ 12660.70000 YES Valid
30 SgNiaeCKtXMqn5ATFhhsrKYVDrJ5pGsJ41 Σ 10894.20000 YES Valid
29 SUroByHn1S7BY46StZy8pubsGg157vJ8hg Σ 0.29954 YES Valid
28 ShQrLqA45Q7ioWgmQWKFwTcYTqvJCqxMLK Σ 12277.60000 YES Valid
27 SgYc6EBhEiW3JNSNsk2zzWR5tgEidQavS2 Σ 12624.00000 YES Valid
26 ScRvBGmc5y2kQpdZ8gyhZmYiNWhJ5Apyg5 Σ 12398.10000 YES Valid
25 SZ9GoZ8vxHzm8gSqsLhht62rvTSYDQzUmr Σ 11719.80000 YES Valid
24 SYQU8opaEfYaY9ExMpWcafND7MBtA43PpB Σ 12101.50000 YES Valid
23 SWzbNFXEfm7mGjDMF1ePP7DQU7Th88GZhx Σ 0.09300 YES Valid
22 SWzGjgAGcFXrYZqjAL6U5weceMCQx9tAcj Σ 12347.70000 YES Valid
21 SRvaZsNsFv6aiKrdN1FiUGfg9PwuuPhs9i Σ 11335.40000 YES Valid
20 SR96iGo768e3J3vXuGgT36HftvAUnyAx7t Σ 12048.60000 YES Valid
19 SN4P1qjqAnrsDdh7eto3S8wX6tKcAAGpdo Σ 11557.30000 YES Valid
18 SMfuwf2tu2Vxu1Ts6EJ5pcwGNiCHCM8PQD Σ 13023.89900 YES Valid
17 SeHGBfufUjt8d2FBbyecX9AJJTAY7JE37Z Σ 20.00000 YES Valid
16 SYP2Q9BaAUw5hRojaUY3s3XPy1YDSfnFFt Σ 98.79400 YES Valid
15 SX1bCH7wBPogV4ngaVNpxDVu66N9sKrcRC Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
14 SehVotYJVgBFEkxCGbRfgYx99TYhFHGDym Σ 10170.90000 YES Valid
13 SWJSrnw41n3uHnxoPJoviRsQds6arQSBu8 Σ 3319.38330 YES Valid
12 SeNmqKA2EWddhiuMRZ7kyryCkfh3ktuEDD Σ 12808.28704 YES Valid
11 Sh2p4RwT8xBr2QKsoAdhynPF4JCNWJJZa1 Σ 1024.88965 YES Valid
10 SQKDJYNFgmdUPEgDNen3mxcXYNFVNFbUuc Σ 40123.40072 NO Valid
9 SdtwgALH9DrBQuFohX4HMAjGa6qvkPjkak Σ 3087.29907 YES Valid
8 SfhvZrR9bkNxQPqVXm3apSWkVqdovANfLD Σ 247.77650 YES Valid
7 SWgBGUo19tZykmpBoE9kyf1H7kUcHy5WwH Σ 79310.00000 YES Valid
6 SZXPM4HoBs4jmM5KSS92R6wWqGZwCzBpix Σ 30410.25000 YES Valid
5 SXB2dbE7JPKa2aZUZHoMhd2gWyvfePnj8M Σ 2220.95386 YES Valid
4 SPg1fYEGo6XTeUzkFi3kn5FmSDJYoV2DVY Σ 79311.03906 YES Valid
3 SbTo6cQi5Bb2WC2dR96h5ovGb4fZyMwWpW Σ 0.03449 YES Valid
2 SkJbUr35DMN7iLLkRDdAHPc7HKui4qw5Sn Σ 10552.62402 YES Valid
1 SMh21vSh9Uw37gK6LK1c77e1jjsqnBojjT Σ 69.97800 YES Valid


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