#210 Discover SmartCash in a fun and simple way

By marilunabella4


Hello, Smarties

I had already introduced myself, my name is Mariluna De la Concha, I'm a Venezuelan Systems Engineer and I live in Mexico, I entered the world of cryptocurrencies,
and since I knew that I liked Smartcash very much, the support of the community is great and generous, it is an attractive currency for everyone.

I love to travel, I am one of those people who like to live unique experiences, so I record every moment so that it not only remains in my memory, but also to share it with my friends. I am a lover of photography, and more if I appear in them: D!

I have made several videos telling my first experience in Smartcash and others that I did in the Talent Land event. Everyone can see on my social networks, YouTube and Steemit, where I appear as @ marilunabella4, I hope you can follow me and see what I do. I previously made some news videos, which you will also find on my channel. The world of Cryptos is my Fascination for the moment, I like to teach people to enter and make this a way of life, I already have several students and I always give online advice to those interested. I talk a lot about Smartcash, since it is a currency with a viable project and it is accessible to everyone, it has a generous community and it is very capable of continuing to emerge.


My proposal is to continue doing what I like, which is to travel, but now with the Smartcash company, I want more people to learn from the world of crypts in my Spanish language, since there is very little information in this language. I want to reach more people in a fun and simple way with small videos

**1. Descriptive videos and Smartcash tutorials**
**2. Attractive and funny story time**
**3. Interviews for Smartcash**
**4. Videos of trips, tours and tourism with advertising and Smartcash logos**
**and any other topic that may suggest or propose the theme of SmartCash.**

My experience in Talent Land was excellent and I would like to tell you on video, I already have an interview with the SmartCash Mexico community, it is on my social networks. I invite you to see them


I plan to record at least 3 videos per month, in Spanish, in order to reach a population in Latin America that is interested in knowing more about cryptos.
These videos require a better edition of what I am doing myself, for this reason I request the support of the community

The editing costs are
$ 150 for production and editing of each video ($ 450 for 3 videos)
x 3 months = $ 1350 usd

I would like to do it for 3 months, after that, I will happily receive criticism and advice from the community to improve and continue with the project to continue promoting Smartcash.

I hope your support with your vote




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 02, 2018 450.00 2,169.29 * The editing costs are $ 150 for production and editing of each video ($ 450 for 3 videos) Month of May -
June 06, 2018 450.00 2,169.29 * The editing costs are $ 150 for production and editing of each video ($ 450 for 3 videos) Month of jun -
July 04, 2018 450.00 2,169.29 * The editing costs are $ 150 for production and editing of each video ($ 450 for 3 videos) Month of Jul -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 1,350.00
  • Estimated SMART: 6,507.87
  • Estimated BTC: 0.15859690


  • Created Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Thursday, April 26, 2018 05:16:00 UTC ()
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Open to vote


Yes (128892.91681838)
No (891587.311555717)
Abstain (0)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
46 Se3yyZJTeqraquseXsPf1tSRTu8KmVmcFe Σ 0.09 NO True
45 SSyrhTr6aYCwPkJykRsKDm3HsR27sahu8h Σ 11828.00 NO True
44 SSsz7MxkMM9Qub9UTfvBEaUhDjjvdizh3P Σ 11464.70 NO True
43 SSBhdQfqh98VzHwKTC6DMMeSqSQ34J9Nw9 Σ 1036.00 NO True
42 Sdzn1F4SVBqqTXeCEjmCMM1xpXtD3ToTtq Σ 11466.60 NO True
41 SNLDMroyo8qNeNSqXhqEmmHMkY8zugEdxv Σ 1036.00 NO True
40 SSrCXCSfvbupsDDpnQNnjQaLetRD71gp2r Σ 12275.20 NO True
39 SaK14SSQYC3LaRH7N8vxR9d7cpPQWFmNeX Σ 1916.00 NO True
38 SX5VtFd1jS3ndi6ksjqq9uBKrenZ1DXXcj Σ 11521.70 NO True
37 SkJ7RfxEM1RWVhEQ6vr6v2dGaiSSeLWLNS Σ 11453.70 NO True
36 Sb45yNvWAyZoRLo5xALotDptx8PBg18mYh Σ 1685.40 NO True
35 SP8eraF7jRcdrYhnxXroPRnPEDAjFjvUa7 Σ 11121.90 NO True
34 SbwPcq61SFuhNosuh3JgpY933584dbzoSH Σ 11491.20 NO True
33 SR86bSeQFvMZwDPBpMGYDzgkNogwuRKu6X Σ 1036.00 NO True
32 SapTC2dpQQc3nRTknNGsYgZcENtvtJBiKQ Σ 1036.00 NO True
31 SNK2MVM86rPVwfatc91RuXEaUWaSiY2FgX Σ 35.00 YES True
30 SZHXvC1q9iRzArXRC1ZAtbXoUsJnvKpEzo Σ 10000.86 YES True
29 SYF4fgXmBaMcH9dejt5uh8PKEBTt7uKBZg Σ 10000.78 YES True
28 Schp7sw8cu7bd2bPb4Rr8sRs1dtSNPSDcx Σ 10001.00 YES True
27 SPYDNqPnVa66KFRz2d5nQVNprrhWbVU1yX Σ 48.00 YES True
26 SNzDPBW1ZKYc9An2bRT6o63wavFNoLnp76 Σ 6461.42 YES True
25 SUoyanMfPy4nQjDbcDMinkSxREWmJpiHbv Σ 4235.20 YES True
24 ST5erQ39pLwrNvTqnaaNy41Ubrwg7Kv3Xw Σ 22776.98 YES True
23 SUDUEXMgDkVqfq76E5VBVkZkFCT7CTaTWk Σ 705039.00 NO True
22 SkKaMmEtBMrfqqHYQ5s1LJu6BqZaJq1QGb Σ 5900.00 NO True
21 SiAmM4kCWwc68s7F1syoXAkdZqXLpTrEtf Σ 10000.00 YES True
20 ScHoy4xHUvxEQiMJyXu3DJ275HQCZ5XkLB Σ 10000.00 YES True
19 SgJYyKZJaqx7d2LNWPvx1iENdvmGvhGygk Σ 3149.84 YES True
18 SSyyWQ9skxBFvcF4S8aQcPE6Z1fBKSeccA Σ 1195.00 YES True
17 ScP17egjo7ojyiRunYGphNDYb6KKXqYnEq Σ 807.74 YES True
16 SNbikLSDVLyN3X7Ui2XjDqm8qjHqrq2cwW Σ 100.91 YES True
15 SMnyGdd3GvyPDJGYmtL6aQXZupbHB757Sr Σ 3960.26 YES True
14 SNPyqacrn8rDGFK9zdnfgsYz5fzWXFzitP Σ 1.55 YES True
13 Sdvit4fw5HoJEKoRnkDzcUtDTa7z9AaBZB Σ 1148.00 YES True
12 SiqoDUumDociTQixD9aZos4xtppnYdv6U7 Σ 167.00 YES True
11 SUx6cyJ6teyEjZRcL3ptFZCxz91BUbojgi Σ 10000.00 YES True
10 ShM4DgYRTa6EaN2i251p4anEL75cTsawem Σ 925.46 YES True
9 ST6Y24d4GYvaMkQnX2ZH1GNVgTZyXvqnYQ Σ 32.00 YES True
8 SUZR1iY9DqWHukpoLVcra3RaTDwoWQN79k Σ 1547.99 YES True
7 Scb3xwdNnA1Xh33bE77WuWfwE7UakhNABG Σ 55.00 YES True
6 SU23n4WJfmucttXa3Wx512vb5fyEzwFpwB Σ 2002.03 YES True
5 SkDGj44G35jbog5guwXwmwUsDpn76ojAXy Σ 1635.79 YES True
4 SRMbZcecbSYbnPy9MEnyKStFTcQxDjEYt1 Σ 80279.83 NO True
3 SU4PFoCq7tvRJCJsqQJXF2ViqBxfLA6sbq Σ 35.00 YES True
2 SfLdKXb1A2XqSTZr2MpeRDciy3RU2vgEJR Σ 14567.50 YES True
1 SXS5ch9gwb8Aud3kNFsLKgPbjiKb9h9Xpz Σ 4002.61 YES True


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