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Requesting for funding to quickly introduce Smartcash to the Ashanti community targeting the youth in tertiary institutions, mobile money merchants, business owners and industries. The project seeks to educate the major population in Kumasi metropolis, Obuasi and Sekyere Efigyasi. The reason is to create awareness on the specific benefit that exist and why businesses should accept Smartcash. The project will however educate the mass on the benefits of Merchants and the ways that Cryptocurrency can positively affect small businesses to eliminate chargeback fraud, higher transaction cost and to gain experience in Blockchain Technology and Smartcash.


Why Ashanti Region

The Ashanti Region is an administrative Region centrally located in the middle belt of Ghana. however, it is the most populated region in the country. The Region is known for its major Gold bar and Cocoa production. The Region is made up of graduates, administrators, bankers, industrialists, Business owners etc. unfortunately most of the people have less or no knowledge on Cryptocurrency but the good news is that about 80% of the population are into businesses and savings. This therefore provide sufficient room to promote Smartcash through the youth in the universities, the major banks, business owners and the industries.

Why these communities

Kumasi is the capital city of Ashanti Region, in southern Ghana. it is the commercial, industrial, cultural and the central business district of the region. Economic activities in Kumasi include financial and commercial sectors, poetry, clothing and a textile. The city is made up of a huge timber processing community which serves the needs of the people of Ghana.

Obuasi on the other hand is a mining community with a lot of big industries. Obuasi gold mine, Ashanti gold fields corporation, AngloGold Ashanti etc. which provide employment for so many Ghanaians.

Efigyase is also a community in Ashanti Region. The community is known for its major cocoa production in the country.



Our goal is to encourage mass adoption of Smartcash and the need for using Smartcash to realize entrepreneurial goals through SmartRewards and the many uses.

The plan

The team intend to:

Quickly spread Smartcash through meetups and workshops across various institutions and companies in the Region. Kumasi Technical University(Kumasi), Akrokerri College of Education, Nursing and Midwifery Training College (Mampong), Mobile Money Merchants, Toyota Ghana limited(Kumasi), Armajaro Cocoa Trading Limited, Insurance companies, Anglo gold Ashanti (Obuasi) etc. Also seminars will be conducted in the various communities for the youth.

Create marketing strategies for organizing meetups about Smartcash for both business owners and customers so they can learn the basics of Smartcash cryptocurrency. We will also perform follow-ups constantly to receive feedback on their experience.

Host radio lectures across the region. These lectures will be done in the local dialect of the region (TWI) to help reach the grassroots.

Encourage Mobile Money Transfer merchants to accept Smartcash in the Region.

Not leaving any stone unturned, the team shall have a database to list the number of wallets created since the start of the project. Also Mobile Money Transfer merchants, hotels, supermarkets, industries and companies shall be visited regularly to track the improvement in the volume of SMART traded with.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
April 28, 2018 707.00 8,719.54 * Kumasi Technical University (kumasi) 2 days’ workshop In progress
May 05, 2018 620.00 7,646.55 * Akrokerri College of Education 2 days’ workshop In progress
May 12, 2018 650.00 8,016.55 * Nursing and Midwifery Training College (Mampong) 2 days’ workshop In progress
May 19, 2018 1,400.00 17,266.41 * Introducing Smartcash to the 20 mobile money merchants in the region (2 WEEKS) In progress
May 21, 2018 1,200.00 14,799.78 * Meetup with managers and the workers of Anglo gold Ashanti (Obuasi), a radio lecture and a seminar for the youth in the community for 5 days In progress
May 28, 2018 1,000.00 12,333.15 * Meetup with Toyota Ghana limited(Kumasi) and its customers for 5 days In progress
May 31, 2018 1,200.00 14,799.78 * Seminar for Armajaro Trading ltd. and major cocoa companies in Efigyase for 7 days In progress
June 09, 2018 1,150.00 14,183.12 * Community Seminar for the youth and the Farmers of Efigyase and a radio lecture for 4 days In progress
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 7,927.00
  • Estimated SMART: 97,764.86
  • Estimated BTC: 1.08616763


  • Created Date: Friday, April 6, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018 23:23:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Funds Allocated (Not Started)


Yes (863654.378940992)
No (424213.876710713)
Abstain (0)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
72 SaAEqbzQ6BMySnKGr9kjoP6uBkXFXQ6k6H Σ 121729.97656 YES Valid
71 ScaWhDc3MvgDSG46adt4gNQNdkcriWwJao Σ 245154.06250 YES Valid
70 SeSHizJS5Ji29QMvBJ8uPbFcj6GVH33AbD Σ 2354.19067 NO Valid
69 SiLV1C667Ao9TKPZ9idNXmEcQjeyiKE38A Σ 9865.48000 YES Valid
68 SYHwyX8LeD7jNKJ2cFPZH58RjGaT8LEVLb Σ 1070.38000 YES Valid
67 SU7GKA2E5ivhBkMWDmi3z2yuQuqNx1rc6g Σ 1699.59998 YES Valid
66 SfKqVCm7GL9ndraxBrd5p4EGFpHy4JtMuT Σ 1070.40198 YES Valid
65 SdmFjYhgXk4hnFyNSyzVYMDRShjoAn9fyF Σ 1070.41003 YES Valid
64 Sf51pr4P2dCNTJTGKoi2iDrzgn5pikivfU Σ 8674.17090 YES Valid
63 SgfzmS17nQAM7G3FKHG881AEx56wuGYSfk Σ 21.98516 YES Valid
62 SeNmqKA2EWddhiuMRZ7kyryCkfh3ktuEDD Σ 12808.28704 YES Valid
61 ScuuLBTULyzKcVdeuE7jkWE5WcdcakQfWL Σ 3131.44995 YES Valid
60 Sh2p4RwT8xBr2QKsoAdhynPF4JCNWJJZa1 Σ 1024.88965 YES Valid
59 SPNf4UCmNmz6bwGajSxDoJ4e5QCPL5tuYc Σ 11510.00000 NO Valid
58 ScBXWak3Z6kFW1HxUSaW33DxZLjk4NhzT6 Σ 10175.10000 NO Valid
57 SRjrqhpAFiWpiDVv3Gff6QXaGDoVutwhux Σ 11482.70000 NO Valid
56 SVYFvy9R5iQNqG6TYtr7MCDxHCXwyaZFL5 Σ 12123.40000 NO Valid
55 SYYaVw5EHr9CKnLR6W5y8uNkahsgtmNfv3 Σ 12269.00000 NO Valid
54 Sc5gpk2i7ZqpYK7VrCDqWXt6xux6orCHVb Σ 11488.10000 NO Valid
53 Sg2tRvBjtqo5Xw6GihycGqULpw4fAC2VT9 Σ 14.99600 YES Valid
52 SZ3tYALYFgvR9A6YNRx8WmkgcXXcDZuChC Σ 10538.40000 YES Valid
51 SZDiDhyU3WVCvmUk5D7XSgC7upb9yivrxt Σ 11952.95996 YES Valid
50 SjmMpnexMRT3sXBTUEiEHjTA5uYXJxuZQZ Σ 1070.40796 YES Valid
49 ScfmGDfsCxmnq2sDMULUfqqJkbxJJHHCBV Σ 1070.41003 YES Valid
48 SaBTp7gSuh3H9Js3KxPq3nuAh43dpJEwSK Σ 170.67813 YES Valid
47 SNgoYgGXW3kwYFXKstEzzw85v7a9aBDqcM Σ 170.42999 YES Valid
46 SQZTGRb3eCKRXCbTVrQJSoatGYpaoXHZU8 Σ 11723.90000 NO Valid
45 SiSAct3fRNVxAAzAfm1xmDaVM8r6crM9i3 Σ 1036.00000 NO Valid
44 SSvnrycB83J7bYnXH6LtLvfdjy6QB1wWGP Σ 11666.30000 NO Valid
43 SkN5RDeZaZgWANCZsfskVsWnAsfJvc2oeY Σ 11739.10000 NO Valid
42 SPzqHrfZcgriRUU7fvzdSw8Yz6mHQWZoUa Σ 11293.80000 NO Valid
41 SjYLPx8VZZmRK1G8dmJ4sXw3QFAi3RD9HS Σ 11892.40000 NO Valid
40 SdV9KRot33BRyGTxm5eTLA2XuKDp78r26r Σ 11686.60000 NO Valid
39 Sb6n3L8NRwqoPQbLBdWPCLHvKcbCUhpDf1 Σ 11692.10000 NO Valid
38 ShbAHNYeKXbrVttaqw7GRYG6sGTbJYD8C7 Σ 11523.40000 NO Valid
37 SfcHt3BsS5u4DRwnaxaf3ARA55Ur7qDds1 Σ 11481.30000 NO Valid
36 SUjrcodJVJZmF8g1zTnv33NQ16JrxG7eCs Σ 10545.20000 NO Valid
35 STWD8uvjT5p9qYvi6bom5t4rKwCtgwgMuf Σ 10361.80000 NO Valid
34 SMgnpjjGUGo6NmmfnMy44TR7LP4N6CqyPr Σ 10352.20000 NO Valid
33 SbNV9mKDRaqK4mmWLDJfphLjZ732akwfYS Σ 2165.90991 YES Valid
32 Sgtr31bHKybiTXcpoRTr16ZKrm86Cq593N Σ 23597.28906 YES Valid
31 SQX8ebqAdVNjEB9vmYzPv76wN294mSsy6y Σ 150.00000 NO Valid
30 STowvdM3gPifu78d6HCvpxpLeAckHxrpXD Σ 36999.19922 NO Valid
29 SaDV4zAK89AHvnGdmh4jRtbTVSD5jA1Sw3 Σ 11118.40000 YES Valid
28 SjrHT84MSk4RCECbxcmH9otvjw3XMGP2Lv Σ 11295.90000 YES Valid
27 Sfd4Jng6gdc4GQebAhrw31FcvjdskNU6eN Σ 326532.05172 YES Valid
26 ShXSw2a9KDcb6SoJQdhy8N6o9MnvA7ZSt3 Σ 10.00000 YES Valid
25 SbV5MxDNBDJuU3MbzW1fsYKJjTnfcR3W32 Σ 29.47637 YES Valid
24 SNUK3N7ZALTwC3S4KByrDD4yvtMqYfXqWd Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
23 SdXYNLMs7EJDfFsjzzNVwMoNcHs8RvBxR1 Σ 11142.50000 YES Valid
22 SN5DDjJL4rM4toehgidy6TvGf5Eq1oiDGx Σ 13929.50000 YES Valid
21 SN4DRhY5p1C6xTbtm1fq2xrjEHrBNLr1xs Σ 1233.41003 NO Valid
20 SNmQEtRCbY2dmSEGU5o3rBLeRLFnxR492Z Σ 10178.30000 YES Valid
19 Sh1h89Vkd3DCtBqqKk9uHfsF9AY9jP4chH Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
18 SNsP7oqciP8vKFe7vbVWstBwp6xL6kh87E Σ 11307.40000 NO Valid
17 SkSaY6JHMjJWf5jh7LdpV6neqCP76q9ekZ Σ 13466.90000 NO Valid
16 Sem1JfsvmEc3c9ZfZ16AZw7ahgBnjbDPDu Σ 0.00037 NO Valid
15 Sd8BD3QqocHdBMcV99w3jvG9jNPrK46wz3 Σ 11302.80000 NO Valid
14 SfkwKvPQYiR8XHLhubgn8MJ2AxNtn1hBfk Σ 736.08388 NO Valid
13 Sc9EJFb5rjdZT4agnWmAoZbZvr2ymjKkej Σ 1359.98000 NO Valid
12 SUTKKg7AjpfmhS8qtq6BjSABvuE6ChUGTW Σ 1342.49263 NO Valid
11 SY7SjKXs3nvoGJTjznD8SBcCYnSnwEdcz3 Σ 13421.40000 NO Valid
10 SUN38JEJq6m7JEB8Hq4QGw4F1CbvEDAWub Σ 3272.39392 NO Valid
9 SMoDC24Hi5fjt6SbYjcCdUvjJUgLAz2dSK Σ 14812.40000 NO Valid
8 SVu4CZ8ufyv8zovqZe418mWUcjefJzpzVi Σ 1789.87481 NO Valid
7 ShJUURqaiLDSs1Do7EHSd7VwybBFcLEbS4 Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
6 SMgwFwWzeJ35H9ddd7bbMBoTeUVehkWCVd Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
5 SgH4J7AkoPWhMwUYJyENxaMXDLvhbJYVa7 Σ 170.43491 YES Valid
4 SZPJGFZZZWe5ZNX9REH1tLrbNDRABmtdPC Σ 249.77715 YES Valid
3 ShM4DgYRTa6EaN2i251p4anEL75cTsawem Σ 925.46399 YES Valid
2 SctxbAVcT4TdZaG5EB4hKEfCPL8HVgEFyr Σ 60450.00000 NO Valid
1 SeNvWuJBmXEkSqf4iovANEn3xUwKAog3Yw Σ 24172.95117 NO Valid


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