#212 Jamaican Marketing Campaign

By thelifestyler


# Summary

A one month mission to introduce Smart Cash to Jamaicans. This marketing campaign aims to target directly young adults and indirectly middle age adults through popular newsprints. The aim is to make at least 16,200 people or 3% of target audience adopt SmartCash as either an investment for capital gains or originally for gaining financial freedom. Either way the goal is to get them making a commitment one way or the other which leads to widespread adoption.


# Who Am I

I am a trained salesman, blogger, cryptocurrency ambassador, investor and trader. I was recently appointed ambassador for an Italian company. My duty will be to blog for them. Speaking of blog I started out in crypto through Steemit. I participated as a blogger on steemit in SmartCash's Ambassador Writing Contest. I am an early adopter of SmartCash who is passionate about offering my services.

# Proposal

See what I did there? I caught your attention! I did with that beautiful picture of that Jamaican! That is what marketing is supposed to do! Take a look at the following partial examples of ad marketing scripts/scene.

1/. A woman sticks her chest and her butt out as she walks in heels with the hip swing full of confidence. As she strolls down the boardroom in her grey suit she holds a binder delicately by her fingertips. Her lips are deliciously highlighted with red matte lipstick. She slowly comes to a halt, turns to the centre desk, whips her hair back ever so seductively and reaches for an ice cold coca cola.
*music plays and she smiles after she finishes the can

2/. It is a regular day for Josh. Josh is in his final year of university. He is a fat sloppy geek with no friends. His clothes are not stylish. He occasionally spills his lunch on himself, gets mocked, arrives late for lectures along with other bad stuff. As you probably guessed he does not have a girlfriend. Women freak out at the idea of him even accidentally saying hello. Josh gets enraged one day and rushes home, cries for days. A commercial comes on TV with a tenor pitched salesman:

Salesman: "Are you tires of being a loser?"

Josh: "Yes!"

Salesman: "Ignored?"

Josh: "Yes!"

Salesman: "Spilling your lunch all the time?"

Josh: "Yes yes!"

Salesman: "Can't attract beautiful women?"

Josh: "That's ME! YES ME!"

Salesman: "Well friend Tiege Hanley makes you 'The Boss'. Dial the number on your screen right now and get SAME DAY delivery.. "

Next day he's driving a McLaren, gold diggers flirting with him and cooler guys are hanging around. He is now 'The Boss'.
*a James Bond soundtrack plays right as he looks to the camera and says
"I wear Tiege Hanley", with a deep smooth voice.


I want to do a mini four-week campaign with ads in the Gleaner, Star and Observer newspapers for smart cash. I choose these three because they are the most popular read newspapers by Jamaicans here and abroad. The impact will not only reach a large fraction of my audience but also be cost-effective. Jamaicans sum up around 4-5.5 million people. Newsprint receives at least one million reads monthly.

Newsprints can bring large inflows of new adoption to SmartCash causing price to rocket off to new highs. This will be beneficial to the crypto sphere and long term vision for SmartCash. To consume as little time as possible I will hire a marketing agency who will create the advertisements. The greater advantage of a marketing agency will be effective use of emotional triggers to pull in the readers, hence converting them to investors.

The motive of this campaign is to increase awareness of SmartCash and simultaneously set the stage for part 2 of my proposal. PART 2 will include radio interviews. Reason being I will then begin to turn the public spotlight. It will be easier to identify with because some people would have already been familiar with it thus, enhancing reach and strengthen confidence of new investors.

Do you know what it is like to buy something, become passionate about it, then look like a big fat idiot when you get let down? I do! I want my investors to feel smart. I want people to start renaming social media profiles to include $smart. I want to have the early investors bragging about EVERYTHING! Making friends curious, zealous, jealous, on their smart devices researching this coin and dropping social media posts about it. Secondly I am able to get advertising discounts or bundle advertising from The Gleaner Company.
[The Gleaner Newspaper](http://jamaica-gleaner.com/)
[The Observer Newspaper](http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/)
[The Star Newspaper](http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/)




# Details of My Advertising

The advert will contain links to:
• Instruction on buying bitcoin
• [Smart Cash's website](smartcash.cc)
• A video explaining Smart Cash and how to get some (sample below)

*a screenshot of the quote from The Observer Advertising Agency is below*



# Why not social media which is cheaper?

If I were to suggest a seemingly cheaper solution let is take 'cheaper' into context.

Facebook, Twitter and Google have banned cryptocurrency advertising. The form of ads they use is digital banners. I remember running an ad campaign last September for a crypto. It was fairly cheap and I could reach 220k people on just $250 with Facebook. Keep in mind cryptocurrency is not an easily caught on subject.

**Twitter** is where some of the excitement happens. The thing is most of the investors in my target audience do not use Twitter. Even if they did, the last place to go learn something as comes as cryptocurrency is there! Most Jamaicans rather follow our Dancehall Kings and Queens, watch Usain Bolt play football or keep up with local politics and business. Although most of us here are tech savvy and intelligent to the stars so much so we can plan the grandest of entrepreneurial ventures I will not choose Twitter. Simply put it too much noise.

**Google** is good tool for locating but not advertising. All cryptocurrency advertising is banned. Besides Google there is Duck Duck Go, Bing and Yahoo. Nevertheless I'll leave the web ads solely up to the SmartCash team.

So what will work then?

A little more research proves the following for digital ads:

According to page 11 in Friendz SRL white paper *"615 Million devices block irritating and useless info across the globe, more and more people are deploying ad blocking software on their phones. 50% Of clicks on mobile ads were made by mistake(source: GoldSpot Media); It is more likely to survive an airplane disaster than to click on a banner (source: Solve Media)."*
[Friendz SRL white paper](https://friendz.io/file/whitepaper_icofriendz.pdf)

What my fellow country men need is a more accented approach. The good old newspaper is way better than social media, and cheaper
in proportion to generating genuine prospects. Social media is simply lacking the benefits of interpersonal communication, controlled flow of interpretation and the feel of tradition which is more quintessential. Demonstrating how SmartCash will caters to my target audience is what should start pulling attention. Who says testimonials are our friend? You say right! Even newspaper ads can have these.

The newspaper has the ability to save on time while building interest and gossip about the new era of money. Even 3% of the population between ages 18 and 34 would be good traction, am I right? While I could decide to target all readers, millennials are flexible and avid.

*How accessible is the newspaper?*

- As accessible as a stick of gum. They're located in auto parts shops & stores, at appliance stores, by sidewalk vendors, the stadiums, wholesales, most bus terminals, taxi parks, gas & service stations, etc. These three newspaper brands: The Star, The Gleaner and The Observer are most times available. These companies dominate 88% of printed media advertising. 80% of Jamaican workplaces has at least one copy of each daily paper available for employees and at least 20% of employees read the paper when bored, eating lunch and having a break. According to a local poll *14% of people who use the newspaper daily make a purchase, access a service or are planning to do so. 54% of readers fall between 18-34. And 86% users who made a purchase of accesses a service did so thru an advertisement. As of 2018 over one million people read the paper in Jamaica only every month.* Approximately 540,000 are in my DIRECT target range. The newspaper is a great investment?

However when I think of all the managers, executives, diplomats, politicians and many other influential people reading the paper I shiver at the amount of potential converts who could be Smarties like you and I today. If just one influential person was to begin using Smart Cash the entire Caribbean would want to join in! What if my man Usain Bolt makes a tweet?

"Smart Cash is amazing. I sent $1mil with a $1000 fee. Everyone should use it".

By allowing me to put everything in place for smart cash, other Caribbean nations will begin to hear of the revolution and get jealous excited or whatever is in the sea of intrigue to feel. And since my country is the leader here in the Caribbean must we act quickly to capture and convert others before Bitcoin, Bread App, Zen Cash (who already hurt us badly and given us a bloody nose), Stellar Lumens (maybe), but most importantly Ripple (XRP) which is being tested by remittances here for mid-2019 release. Do you think if we pass up this window of opportunity that the bankers will care?

Do you think that Money Gram, Western Union, Lasco Cambio, Victoria Mutual and every other remittance will give a sh*t?!

As someone who understands human psychology I can tell you that most people here will be loyal to the first only one to take them as a convert. We need this territory conquered before some other cryptocurrency attempts cementing their presence.

I have been into marketing of various community level events locally and online. I know how to make an impact. I helped organize severally camps, publicity campaigns and sales pitches for professionals. I will make smart cash great in Jamaica. I normally have a 70% success rate in sales and sligtly higher on my marketing projects. It will be fun working to make something such as a new currency the next widely accepted norm overtime.

Everything will be colourful, easy to follow, emotionally attractive and leaving a call to action for the prospective reader to follow-up with. SmartCash.cc needs a push notification service set up [Update: Based on my recommendation a push notification service with Opt-in was set up in Discord].

**How will people see a newspaper and choose us?**

I understand there are hundreds of other ads against us. Attention spans is not our friend. That is why I'll deploy some of the most powerful to the sneakiest psychological marketing techniques to ensure we capture the readers and convert them into active adopters. With that said time for the budget.


*Size of the ad, class and page of the advertisements have been calculated to decide total combined costs.*

Combined costs of newspaper ads - $15,837.50

Hire Marketing agency - $2,680

Personal Expenses - $1100

**Total - $19,617.50 / 392,350 SMART**

**Personal Expenses** covers the following:

• Cost of transport

• Research and planning I will do to make the advertising successful in accomplishing everything

•Additional research and preparation for a follow up campaign

• My skill set utilized by Smart Cash.

This budget should cover all the expenses of the one month campaign. After the advertisements are published in the newspapers, I will seek competent people to plan for a larger public campaign TBA.

# After Proposal Funding

If the proposal is successfully passed (no reason it shouldn't), I will set things to flow into Part 2 of this campaign. Radio shows will be a part of the second proposal.

Discord will be the main channel of communication during the campaign. Statistics with be visible on [Google Trends](https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=SmartCash) for everyone to monitor the increase in Jamaican interest.

The ads will be available 24/7 on the respective websites/e-news of the media companies 24hrs after they are created.

# Anti-Dumping Measures

I am an experienced stock market trader and cryptocurrencies trader as stated earlier. I know the very few exchanges supporting us now are not that great. My experience tells me when the market can handle how much selling. It is in my interest to not dump on the market or create thick sell walls. I'll make it hard for negative price action by creating wide enough spreads. No need for the hesitation of wanting to vote 'Yes' but fear that it is just 'one more big dump after it passes'. Vote!

## Thanks for your support in advance ??


[See Some Statistics About Jamaican History](http://www.pressreference.com/Gu-Ku/Jamaica.html)

# This is Smart Cash in the land of wood, water and speed.

*Special thanks to @Rudemudcrab for the SmartCash Jamaica logo*




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
April 27, 2018 15,837.50 195,326.23 * Combined costs of newspaper ads In progress
April 27, 2018 2,680.00 33,052.84 * Hire Marketing agency In progress
May 04, 2018 1,100.00 13,566.46 * Personal Expenses In progress
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 19,617.50
  • Estimated SMART: 241,945.53
  • Estimated BTC: 2.68801483


  • Created Date: Friday, April 13, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2018 05:04:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Funds Allocated (Not Started)


Yes (971827.108289755)
No (407061.73584143)
Abstain (0)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
74 Sfo5JAyaW7XNdCPvqcWeCKhuvKWr9wSV9E Σ 10656.20000 YES Valid
73 SbciMNC26o5b5naEfcHyXDN3EkveFALNBk Σ 11364.70000 YES Valid
72 Sj82Qbgh7RqRZwVJEiD3JuyiuuLw2QSvct Σ 1093.00000 NO Valid
71 SkN5RDeZaZgWANCZsfskVsWnAsfJvc2oeY Σ 12258.00000 NO Valid
70 SSvnrycB83J7bYnXH6LtLvfdjy6QB1wWGP Σ 12164.40000 NO Valid
69 SQZTGRb3eCKRXCbTVrQJSoatGYpaoXHZU8 Σ 12242.40000 NO Valid
68 SUoyanMfPy4nQjDbcDMinkSxREWmJpiHbv Σ 5586.82617 YES Valid
67 Sev41UbPXWEfTsfUQccBy7zse4cAuQT9M6 Σ 1453.93994 YES Valid
66 SVTRnH5ZnAdJHfSJNAVyZ1tV35dqjCxSuD Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
65 SdwPH4c3jUHzCNAnybAt7q5zUj235QVdEf Σ 10408.17285 YES Valid
64 SVoLNh2MGfVVJshsiq2Dx9YPJtFKhrkHt9 Σ 22446.70508 NO Valid
63 SinCj5bfX6EPMPQft2mh9f4Swwv7WXEg83 Σ 10031.98000 YES Valid
62 ScWnALHVX9Mhf5R3SUuWNfaCuba9GGTtTD Σ 3.98800 NO Valid
61 SXwARrsMuzEiMitzyLa7TCNcnjNWDP9vuR Σ 12660.70000 YES Valid
60 SgNiaeCKtXMqn5ATFhhsrKYVDrJ5pGsJ41 Σ 10894.20000 YES Valid
59 SUroByHn1S7BY46StZy8pubsGg157vJ8hg Σ 0.29954 YES Valid
58 ShQrLqA45Q7ioWgmQWKFwTcYTqvJCqxMLK Σ 12277.60000 YES Valid
57 SgYc6EBhEiW3JNSNsk2zzWR5tgEidQavS2 Σ 12624.00000 YES Valid
56 ScRvBGmc5y2kQpdZ8gyhZmYiNWhJ5Apyg5 Σ 12398.10000 YES Valid
55 SZ9GoZ8vxHzm8gSqsLhht62rvTSYDQzUmr Σ 11719.80000 YES Valid
54 SYQU8opaEfYaY9ExMpWcafND7MBtA43PpB Σ 12101.50000 YES Valid
53 SWzbNFXEfm7mGjDMF1ePP7DQU7Th88GZhx Σ 0.09300 YES Valid
52 SWzGjgAGcFXrYZqjAL6U5weceMCQx9tAcj Σ 12347.70000 YES Valid
51 SRvaZsNsFv6aiKrdN1FiUGfg9PwuuPhs9i Σ 11335.40000 YES Valid
50 SR96iGo768e3J3vXuGgT36HftvAUnyAx7t Σ 12048.60000 YES Valid
49 SN4P1qjqAnrsDdh7eto3S8wX6tKcAAGpdo Σ 11557.30000 YES Valid
48 SMfuwf2tu2Vxu1Ts6EJ5pcwGNiCHCM8PQD Σ 13023.89900 YES Valid
47 ScPxciaaS1rRyqK99GVW1eoJEhv8pLyRZD Σ 18.72471 YES Valid
46 SiCTijTXczMuVpWZ3uy5LvYSmkC3Ag4HFp Σ 4160.79946 NO Valid
45 SfEnQppPmyHeYrdBDkh7W5r2oHmWW5KZug Σ 12474.40000 NO Valid
44 SP5MGv3C2gRxgq6SonwA92jyEkW5fSnCf3 Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
43 SSNJyRsbHvH3sUYHNvuoBnEoWte3eRvvUd Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
42 SV7kmKxjWdYXwRg4xAuCLk8MAWTg5ARdVD Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
41 SPkUSW3iLfAhx46WySrWtxNepV3D3Y8hEc Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
40 SfwzEyyk9hv9TUi3p5k5JSkmkUAwcAHJmK Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
39 SXCWQaykp9tQZJqQKsaLYXwVzfYwDcrHLz Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
38 ShmqEcKqoNUYJJcgZhZdEzi6oabcWofrmb Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
37 SMM5smLbxH6x4qE6VnkkAXMnNDFXGrDdX4 Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
36 SkDkAirnuM5qHUEBcUY6kKqTDWBDvRQpCi Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
35 SU7GKA2E5ivhBkMWDmi3z2yuQuqNx1rc6g Σ 2000.09595 YES Valid
34 SVcUfsSJ6rhZyRD3TQeidfzCmiZ6s5eYCD Σ 1199.10205 YES Valid
33 SgNwvJQwJuJn6HKwmBgH1ayRFHm2BtwtpL Σ 391015.95538 YES Valid
32 Sfd4Jng6gdc4GQebAhrw31FcvjdskNU6eN Σ 326532.05172 YES Valid
31 SeHGBfufUjt8d2FBbyecX9AJJTAY7JE37Z Σ 20.00000 NO Valid
30 SfLHK3y5L2kQGFz4qJHwfoi6AVWiErQhRT Σ 1202.06670 YES Valid
29 Sg53TqG2BukmRebbjz5ay64ro1pF8EXUwG Σ 4040.41425 YES Valid
28 SkVGjqbPpxZe9rQPWi9tnG4qCqxdLdHjQe Σ 12508.50000 YES Valid
27 Si68DEFaWmEiTrG7CqxWjvKeopPvZWcnKP Σ 12647.80000 YES Valid
26 Sa4uvdzp1LbfwtoNh9sTv5b1BqZDL2Tr9h Σ 14181.90000 YES Valid
25 Se3yyZJTeqraquseXsPf1tSRTu8KmVmcFe Σ 0.08516 NO Valid
24 SSyrhTr6aYCwPkJykRsKDm3HsR27sahu8h Σ 11828.00000 NO Valid
23 SSsz7MxkMM9Qub9UTfvBEaUhDjjvdizh3P Σ 11464.70000 NO Valid
22 SSBhdQfqh98VzHwKTC6DMMeSqSQ34J9Nw9 Σ 1036.00000 NO Valid
21 Sdzn1F4SVBqqTXeCEjmCMM1xpXtD3ToTtq Σ 11466.60000 NO Valid
20 SNLDMroyo8qNeNSqXhqEmmHMkY8zugEdxv Σ 1036.00000 NO Valid
19 SSrCXCSfvbupsDDpnQNnjQaLetRD71gp2r Σ 12275.20000 NO Valid
18 SaK14SSQYC3LaRH7N8vxR9d7cpPQWFmNeX Σ 1916.00000 NO Valid
17 SX5VtFd1jS3ndi6ksjqq9uBKrenZ1DXXcj Σ 11521.70000 NO Valid
16 SkJ7RfxEM1RWVhEQ6vr6v2dGaiSSeLWLNS Σ 11453.70000 NO Valid
15 Sb45yNvWAyZoRLo5xALotDptx8PBg18mYh Σ 1685.39534 NO Valid
14 SP8eraF7jRcdrYhnxXroPRnPEDAjFjvUa7 Σ 11121.90000 NO Valid
13 SbwPcq61SFuhNosuh3JgpY933584dbzoSH Σ 11491.20000 NO Valid
12 SR86bSeQFvMZwDPBpMGYDzgkNogwuRKu6X Σ 1036.00000 NO Valid
11 SapTC2dpQQc3nRTknNGsYgZcENtvtJBiKQ Σ 1036.00000 NO Valid
10 SedoqWAymbuzm5AQrCVy5gKnpfGJvYdndM Σ 11280.60000 NO Valid
9 SNWW2k3BMGsxUK5ukXK3HP6gpi2qfgPEdf Σ 10911.00000 NO Valid
8 SbdQ1isc9Yp4EF79ZQTUCAPGpk481CePFr Σ 10912.20000 NO Valid
7 ShhfUb4DTNE47UFveCjUg5drfuRf4o1bZL Σ 11109.90000 NO Valid
6 SNUb8ZmUH3bgoxhbeX91LTgwKkJPrKYw4Q Σ 36.52706 YES Valid
5 SQKDJYNFgmdUPEgDNen3mxcXYNFVNFbUuc Σ 40123.40072 NO Valid
4 SZDiDhyU3WVCvmUk5D7XSgC7upb9yivrxt Σ 11952.95996 YES Valid
3 SctxbAVcT4TdZaG5EB4hKEfCPL8HVgEFyr Σ 44399.99609 NO Valid
2 SiqoDUumDociTQixD9aZos4xtppnYdv6U7 Σ 167.00200 NO Valid
1 ShM4DgYRTa6EaN2i251p4anEL75cTsawem Σ 925.46399 NO Valid


  • thelifestyler 04/13/2018 06:04

    Hi smarties! Before you judge (probably already have) please have a look at the proposal discussion. The proposal looks a bit untidy because I was expecting Markdown formatting to be accepted, unfortunately it isn't. There are lots of pictures and eye candy on the proposal forum. Go check out how awesome it looks then continue. Thanks