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With this Project we expect the adoption of around 600 entrepreneurs and 1000 of new people to the blockchain technology and Smartcash community. To make this possible we are going to carry out several conferences seeking to introduce and instruct Latin American entrepreneurs into the blockchain world and Smartcash, this way they will be able to benefit from this decentralized technology and develop a better project or startup. Overall, we seek to add value to the Smartcash community and give a new tool for Latin American entrepreneurs.


Timeline: 1 month Total Works hours expected for project to complete: 160 hours Who are we? We are ARAtechnology, a Startup founded and shaped by a group of young entrepreneurs, whom believe in the development of new technologies. Our focus is to spread knowledge and boost adoption of these breakthrough technologies across developing markets as Latin American. Proposal Goal: Our goal is to encourage a massive adoption of the blockchain technology, its diverse uses and markets. Also we want to specifically target entrepreneurs and startups as we believe that these kind of people is what the community needs to grow. Specific goals: • 2 conferences in Venezuela. • 2 conferences in Argentina. • 2 conferences in Brazil. • Offer support about cryptocurrencies and Smartcash during the project period via internet (Telegram, Slack and smartcash forums). These conferences will be: • Live tutorials about cryptocurrency adoption and Smartcash. • Advanced talks about blockchain technology. • Startup oriented talks about smarthive funding and how Smartcash can facilitate their money handling. Job description: To carry out the project several conferences will be offered in Latin America, initially in three key countries: Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. In which will be discussed about blockchain and cryptocurrencies (what are they? How can I use them? How can I access them? What are they for? What governs its worth? What are the benefits?). We aim to give startups and entrepreneurs the tools to adopt and benefit from the blockchain technology and Smartcash community. The tutorials will be about how cryptocurrencies work and how to create a smartwallet, in which we will hand out Smartcash to the attendants with the purpose to increase the Smartcash community while adding value to the coin. At the end of the conference, the startups will have not only raise their technological knowledge, but also, they will have a widened vision of the potential of emerging markets based on decentralized technologies. In addition, a public support through social network will be available for every member of the community to solve all doubts about to our project, Smartcash, blockchain adoption and anything related to it. Closing Statement: At AraTechnology we believe in the impact of these new technologies can have on modern society. Therefore, we are passionate about encouraging the development and growth of the blockchain tech in Latin America. We feel really confident that in partnership with Smartcash community we will achieve lots of adoption in Latin America of Smartcash, blockchain tech and emerging decentralized technologies.



Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 69,713.75
  • Estimated SMART: 23,583,254.12
  • Estimated BTC: 7.55843294


  • Created Date: Monday, October 23, 2017
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, November 6, 2017 03:02:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


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  • Somnium 10/25/2017 11:12

    Can you elaborate more on who you are and more transparency on your company please

    ARAtechnology 10/25/2017 21:07


    ARAtechnology 10/25/2017 21:10

    Hi thanks for your comment, in the link you will find a brief description of our startup. @ ara.technology (IG) @bitcoindata (IG and Steem) headmanager@aratgy.com

    ARAtechnology 10/25/2017 21:10

    Hi thanks for your comment, in the link you will find a brief description of our startup. @ ara.technology (IG) @bitcoindata (IG and Steem) headmanager@aratgy.com

  • ltannn 11/19/2017 17:42

    Hi, just my opinion here. Let's try and not do too much. You already have one proposal approved, do your best on that current project. That smart-cash funded project a chance you have to prove to the world about the talents and abilities of ARAtechnology. Please when you conclude that project, document everything about the project from end to finish, costs and results to show the smartcash community that you can take on more projects. That way when you submit more proposals you have proven results and a positive reputation that will make it easier to secure funding. Cheers, LT