#409 Lets Evolve the CryptoKart into the SmartKart

By mjthestudentactuary


Sponsor 4 professional level karting events in Cape Town, South Africa.


First off take a look at my kart here: https://imgur.com/9OMeIgs

I designed the wrapping back in January before I knew about Smartcash.

I have done 4 races this year and unfortunately, I've been in few crashes.

I need to re-wrap my kart and looking to see if the community wants to help me design the new look.

So far I've come up with this first draft design: https://imgur.com/1fHLtbP

Essentially I want to make SmartCash the main focus of the design.


Around the pits my kart is known as the CryptoKart and its encouraged some of the other drivers to invest in coins like Ethereum and Litecoin. Sponsoring my kart is mainly just a fun thing to do, I will post a video about my racing career on my YouTube channel that has over 10000 subscribers. So it will bring some attention to SmartCash but mainly this is for fun. SmartCash already has a great reputation of sponsoring boxers, bikers and e-sport players. It would be great to continue this trend and add a karter to that list.

Karting is a bit expensive and here is the budget.

Entry fee is $100 per race.

Fuel is around $20 per race.

Wrapping the kart is around $300 (once-off)

Tyres are around $200 per race.

Repairs and parts are around $150 per race.

Promotional banners/merch with SmartCash logos are around $200 (once-off)

All in all its $500 once-off and $470 per race.

For 4 races it is a total of $2380

Lets turn the CryptoKart into the SmartKart




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
June 02, 2018 500.00 4,723.62 * Wrapping and Promotional stuff -
July 28, 2018 470.00 4,440.20 * Race 1 -
August 18, 2018 470.00 4,440.20 * Race 2 -
September 15, 2018 470.00 4,440.20 * Race 3 -
October 13, 2018 470.00 4,440.20 * Race 4 -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 2,380.00
  • Estimated SMART: 22,484.44
  • Estimated BTC: 0.28847531


  • Created Date: Monday, May 14, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, May 28, 2018 13:27:00 UTC ()
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Open to vote


Yes (219019.815982483)
No (80978.8573195077)
Abstain (3589.25830078125)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
30 SiYtgtLLxVryTZEc8N6f9TenUE55BfNcAG Σ 1215.88 NO True
29 SZpG339CMaAX78Pfkr2ujbtj34rP5DuH2X Σ 13567.73 NO True
28 SameLdDwnh8cj3nnEkJiyAeZvEfHDUj1Lk Σ 99.60 YES True
27 Si3bTiKHGmb5MLHqt38rY5AMEiUeUh5UV3 Σ 10154.30 YES True
26 SgVGL7hoJmwRS1Kd61px3WrB3cDrWN5PuV Σ 14167.90 YES True
25 SNz6a5V5NWKPLvEZFUnnfxTanptyKyRPST Σ 16770.20 YES True
24 STrAcdsazyShHnq9Pgjs42VNEwRk5AohVx Σ 10154.30 YES True
23 SVzrXDcGxwDZLXcsDC127ryyy3z1QzPkbe Σ 12290.60 YES True
22 ScRyvMMTW947cFk5csjn9p3EFash9AELw1 Σ 10155.30 YES True
21 SVEikrNo8VvFuzjkYVVXuAxbyDhTaK7Adq Σ 11732.70 YES True
20 ScWYHJDU2JFDxTfDN8wyJEnUaQTKF3zfKg Σ 10308.60 YES True
19 SSjJcJMf2wpvvmLJM4YUL84pcjHmb8tRiA Σ 15118.60 YES True
18 SffWp3xSaRujQyz5sg5YQgWgNNVXKMfz3T Σ 10154.00 YES True
17 STaDgvGrU2Vo1nPdEyzPzmoDJhNtDT1rQj Σ 12492.70 YES True
16 ShyDR6zCt2516Z42jZF5TPA93TKTtdZZAX Σ 10818.20 YES True
15 SMQdVn5Szux4rWNXEt5bm53x4kWy3FLxpX Σ 12109.50 YES True
14 SjhSco2xm7VP3MsgehUB4rjZCcUdm4gw9N Σ 10154.70 YES True
13 SeiFC3s1Ya4TfipFF6y4pv9rezzNeY44xL Σ 14922.70 YES True
12 SexsMZFrb8cyFKEQUYLRQGrCHX1psBzsdY Σ 10.00 YES True
11 Sd6wfsxHABXiPup6wCUUD3Si99SRoRj11R Σ 15238.50 YES True
10 SPZufxG4m3kVzFMv2ayGmfptC3a7t7WqDc Σ 41265.06 NO True
9 STQYmBPQqjNANxKh7E2LHXfUQ8opjKYJf5 Σ 3425.03 YES True
8 SgNRdVWqPa8umstZVkMEpshnRWzAkUpaw2 Σ 3589.26 Abstain True
7 SUvSmxa5uY9GkQnNrGEU3MS7mWjiFozNSi Σ 10000.00 YES True
6 ShJUURqaiLDSs1Do7EHSd7VwybBFcLEbS4 Σ 10970.10 NO True
5 SMgwFwWzeJ35H9ddd7bbMBoTeUVehkWCVd Σ 10492.00 NO True
4 SVu4CZ8ufyv8zovqZe418mWUcjefJzpzVi Σ 3468.03 NO True
3 SRoRaCSAAqjjScB3YFVKqsEWK9KNuE7obu Σ 1002.40 YES True
2 SXmWZKE1ckw7KDhk8WJR9J7iehB9if21PP Σ 0.06 NO True
1 ShgEhKZa4e2YGqacgXLuajV4NCUbva4NvS Σ 7739.99 YES True


  • seanbrodie 05/14/2018 15:00

    Design looks pretty good. Perhaps you should've outlined more of your direct promotional ideas – it's cool that people will see the brand, but maybe organizing some media coverage (articles) about your karting and the sponsorship will reach more people.

    mjthestudentactuary 05/14/2018 16:03

    Yes that is a good idea. When we enter a race we do have a slot to write who our sponsor is. Events normally bring in around 200 spectators and some races get filmed for national TV. I'll reach out to some motor racing journalists and see if they are keen to write an article on the SmartKart and the cryptocurrency that is backing it. (My dad is quite well-known in the motor racing circles so I can use his connections).

  • hardcorecrypto 05/18/2018 02:19

    This is a great project. Cant wait to see the video. Please share the video in Smartcash Discord. Most would enjoy it. You got my vote.

    mjthestudentactuary 05/18/2018 04:53

    Thanks so much! I'm getting a proper film crew to take some of the shots while I'm on track, here is a sample of the work they do: https://youtu.be/54QAFGm0vHY

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