#168 List SmartCash on Binance

By kushari


Admin Edit:
This proposal is in the process of being voided.
Fees related to exchange listing would not come from community treasury and are part of hive responsibility.
There had been discussion with between the Hive and Binance in the past, and further evaluation will take place when the time comes.


In order to increase adoption and familiarity with SmartCash, listing on top tier exchanges like Binance

Listing on a top teir exchange like Binance will increase the amount of people that know about this project, and will be interested in it. As of now it's just on a few obscure exchanges, some decentralized, which less tech savy people don't know how to use. Making SmartCash available to the masses would be very beneficial to the community, early SmartCash adopters, and of course the exchange. Furthermore, Binance has the most professional team when it comes to exchanges, which in the past has been an issue after the exploit that locked many exchanges for weeks and artifically increased the price of smart, which is not good. When the amount is raised, I will start discussing with the Devs to submit to Binance, as it's better to have founders or devs apply than just part of the community.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
February 28, 2018 10,000.00 94,500.09 * Acquire funds for Binance Fee -
April 30, 2018 0.01 0.09 * Have Devs apply for Binance listing -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 10,000.01
  • Estimated SMART: 94,500.19
  • Estimated BTC: 1.21243742


  • Created Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Sunday, February 25, 2018 18:04:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Deactivated


Yes (288627.534978343)
No (473347.09946045)
Abstain (160.954818725586)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
39 SZT9SXcR43jiWeNEidp712JcGGN14V1sDR Σ 459240.00 NO True
38 SRNhfq9VaeW6V3ckvCznpA7PkNh98oZQwq Σ 10000.00 YES True
37 SVLz7VNJRqHaAkRamZVLzSEaX5iRqE6MR9 Σ 894.60 YES True
36 SNXcM6fJkrLzEP2XiSKbMxfQW7joXeAG7W Σ 10463.30 YES True
35 Scheh1RrXRHs5cn8xTW5qG8BBnhx8zs3aS Σ 10234.60 YES True
34 SVEGVhTXeZ2jTShryZdd1ru8yv8wReajD6 Σ 10233.80 YES True
33 SffKbZsjUCaTHdarJE4DWh4KyqaizB7xmT Σ 10232.20 YES True
32 SX6xyWjXdqB2PBZvc3vkRCsWp61eTbFsGy Σ 10697.50 YES True
31 SPe4KDgtvkz6htAhmJARsrCfEHmYku7Pgy Σ 10680.00 YES True
30 ScYE6CXmuffcbjWFPAzWpLL83WizXtXBwA Σ 10000.00 YES True
29 SZpG339CMaAX78Pfkr2ujbtj34rP5DuH2X Σ 10976.63 YES True
28 SPr7H6sbYvSEwe376KhqzQPZeQ4DibiLL2 Σ 3357.32 YES True
27 SfBd4mD17WYY2naCh44qNJNh7HfDAWtnbu Σ 11635.70 YES True
26 Sc1shUNGngoLnNBDESivvzwaykkZC6L6ET Σ 10232.70 YES True
25 SYheMZJgf7qtYaYBMnMRsaJzkDR9gEDhbS Σ 10909.40 YES True
24 SR36EvTDpshpdbozL2vjrHSSADKQj9Rg5X Σ 10701.80 YES True
23 SNCfBVTkneBorpBkQ97AdKE7URyVykcWJP Σ 10463.70 YES True
22 SjeXmWECGuVLbm7byuJoaAr676EWXhVeH9 Σ 10703.10 YES True
21 Sb9hQczrN725QthPRwSxq4G7F8kH8SgXKw Σ 563.82 YES True
20 SZ1go226fFt44anuD88j4BUYyAMfhxUeD2 Σ 1078.38 YES True
19 STwaHmY4VPsahHP6tiwqWQWMMUb3puc3gY Σ 10000.00 YES True
18 SYei2NLGBTvssoqQRYQZefG49PwZC6wJjo Σ 3.00 YES True
17 SSKNaqTV8d8BKJdKhesUwAG6Fd6Spk83E5 Σ 1062.98 YES True
16 SfAu76ZgZpR6yeN99oFZPCAMR9EbbBJwzY Σ 10234.90 YES True
15 Sjo1UP8FPpK8vyGA1B16rKFwaLNmaz3ReT Σ 10234.70 YES True
14 SkJWUwAhEVRHA2hwuoMPP2m8gk92PykUYt Σ 39.00 YES True
13 SSyrhTr6aYCwPkJykRsKDm3HsR27sahu8h Σ 10456.60 YES True
12 Sj43DwVXyfXB77f5Ry7fyNcNCTuFj85N81 Σ 10000.00 YES True
11 SiwPDBqxEUJpJTX3TevPK3C7a64ETZTwY9 Σ 10000.00 YES True
10 SUK7bgq1pbZyXmnN5ub2hPjNTKAyAdAM8a Σ 0.81 YES True
9 SNRiusRNdFxW6j3XZMGHzbtLdV7X6QU6iS Σ 10466.20 YES True
8 SaTe56rxeMzo6zqzg4BYmgSYAQH7V4TJqh Σ 10234.90 YES True
7 ShFCFnuYwfq6fN6hqPtVGgVc52q44xp3Mb Σ 10233.70 YES True
6 SeWqqzk1t4EebHNvCzvb3Kcag41NZWN4pr Σ 10459.20 YES True
5 SQWrhZ771HQ4AibdVunobkThcSi6hFUZQ6 Σ 10680.00 YES True
4 SiCTijTXczMuVpWZ3uy5LvYSmkC3Ag4HFp Σ 3871.80 NO True
3 SfEnQppPmyHeYrdBDkh7W5r2oHmWW5KZug Σ 10235.30 NO True
2 SYZyS3iFps3M4UKQd6RrjiHA83usfa5yBg Σ 10463.00 YES True
1 SakbNgLEZStA7WBukCkB4uNLn3PbsrTqA8 Σ 160.95 Abstain True


  • steemitguide 02/12/2018 21:48

    A lot of people are voting yes. No offence by the user proposing this, seems new based on Smartcash.cc Activity. I love the idea that someone will be put in charged but not sure if the user ''kushari'' is incredible enough. Maybe you could clear some doubts.. Especially if your an official Developer of Smartcash. Sorry, because I've checked your Activity on Smartcash.cc forum and seems like your a new user here. I could be wrong but I do definitely want to see SmartCash on Binance and major Crypto Exchange. Developers should be charged of this to be honest