#395 Massive adoption program for merchants and businesses, increase usage and expanding outreach

By Issah Shitu


Hello SmartCash Community! I am https://twitter.com/ShituIssah5 and @shitu on discord. After successfully executing our first proposal on introducing SmartCash to 5 universities in Ghana https://vote.smartcash.cc/Proposal/Details/Introducing-SmartCash-to-5-Ghanaian-Universities-for-Massive-Adoption-and-Usage , My team and I are now focused on addressing key observations and remarks that has emerged during our events. By proactively seeking to promote SmartCash during a pivotal time for cryptocurrency adoption both nationally and globally, we are confident that we can help SmartCash to become the dominant cryptocurrency in Ghana, West Africa and Africa at large if we bridge the merchant-user ratio and more businesses accepting SmartCash. It is applauding to see more outreach programs and projects in Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries from SmartCash enthusiasts, nonetheless more work still needs to be done in Africa to close the gap between the increasing acceptance, demand and usage of Cryptocurrencies and SmartCash in particular by the general public, merchants, businesses and government in Africa.



  1. We will help SmartCash achieve its main goal. That is, massive adoption and usability.
  2. Adding 1000plus well informed members to the SmartCash Network through our outreach programs. Great people that will form great teams and contribute towards SmartCash massive adoption.
  3. 1000 SmartCash wallets will be created & more than 20 merchants and businesses accepting SmartCash payments and listed on SmartCash merchant directory, making it as a “cryptocurrency with utility” rather than a “speculative asset”.
  4. Increase the transaction volume of SmartCash in Ghana through our exchanges. If the users know SmartCash, get their first SMART through our giveaways, buy SmartCash through our local exchange platform ebitcoinics.com, start to use it and businesses progressively start to accept it. We will manage an ecosystem of which allows a constant flow of capital which will benefit the quotation of SmartCash.
  5. Expand our outreach programs to other parts of the country and beyond, our target is to reach out to all universities in Ghana and also collect invaluable data on how young people adapt to SmartCash and spread information about SmartCash. We have observed that people show a lot interest in crypto but don’t know which best option to start with. SmartCash provides a better option for everyone.

Utility: In Ghana, there have been significant efforts from successful initiatives to promote the SmartCash adoption making more than 2000 new users download their wallets and get tokens. However, we look with concern that the number of users has an exponential growth, while the number of merchants or businesses where they can spend to obtain goods and services grows very slowly, being unbalanced the user-merchants ratio. With most Cryptocurrencies seen primarily as a “speculative asset” and a store of value, SmartCash is well positioned to establish itself as a medium of exchange considering the fees and fast transaction speed compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Awareness and Adoption: Notwithstanding our best efforts to get SmartCash to everyone in Ghana, the majority of Ghanaians are still unaware of SmartCash and the cryptocurrency revolution that is taking speed throughout Africa. People of Africa need everything decentralized. Blockchain has the potential to give the public greater control over their data- and to help them earn money whenever their information is used. Many will therefore demand SmartCash for their transactions as it solves numerous problems with their national currency, including portability, security, and inflation.

We did a market research which shows that almost 90% of merchants would be willing to accept SmartCash only if they have enough information about how to use it and the legal aspect. Also, about 60% to 90% of the Ghanaian population has still not heard of Bitcoin and SmartCash respectively. We will teach them about these issues, and also train them massively as merchant and Outreach Ambassadors across the country.

Getting merchants and businesses to accept SmartCash is an arduous process in countries, however, providing them with the appropriate information through a professional and nearby institution that can provide them with support. They need the technical, financial, legal, accounting and tax advice to accept SmartCash as a payment method in their businesses. With merchants ready to seek alternative payment solutions we believe we can convince a significant number of merchants and businesses to accept SmartCash. This will generate massive press coverage about ways in which SmartCash is being used as a utility rather than a “speculative asset”, further accelerating its adoption, and empowering them to gain financial freedom against excessive government control.

To achieve our goal of seeing SmartCash accepted as a utility by businesses, merchants, etc. there should be massive cryptocurrency advocacy to cover as many people as possible. This means encouraging more wallets downloads and installations of SmartCash functionality apps. Like most African nations, Ghana has a huge interest in cryptocurrency, with Google search data showing the country, along with other African nations, regularly topping the list for Bitcoin enquiries. The more SmartCash users there are and the better informed they are, the more pressure there will be on merchants to start accepting SmartCash as a means of payment.

In this project we shall be working around the clock to expand our outreach to more Universities/Colleges as well as businesses to provide to them reasons to accept SmartCash as means of payment. We want to create a simple and easy platform for hundreds of businesses in Ghana which will bring together operators of restaurants, hotels ,gas stations, estate agencies, travels and tours ,supermarkets, car rentals ,online shops to start accepting SmartCash as a method of payment for goods and services. Also an intensive education on SmartCash, how to set up SmartCash wallets, how to accept SmartCash as payment using designed printed SmartCash POS in a form of printed SmartCash QR codes or using SmartCard in future, and how SmartCash can be of great benefit to their businesses. We shall undertake the following activities:

  1. Organize Monthly Regional Conference/Workshop in each region (Eastern Region, Volta region and Greater Accra Region) to inform, educate and increase mass adoption campaign for SmartCash in that jurisdiction through their educational institutions (Universities and Colleges). Our target is to reach out to 6 universities/Colleges, 2 from each region.

  2. Organize Merchant/Business Adoption workshops in every region that would help recruit more Merchant, and get more businesses involved to accept SmartCash as means of payment in their outlets using the designed printed SmartCash POS in a form of printed SmartCash QR codes or using the SmartCard in future.

  3. Training of SmartCash Business Ambassadors to reach out to many businesses as possible.

  4. Radio discussion about SmartCash Cryptocurrency that would spread to people in the locality from principal media houses in the region. The radio program will be heard by about 45,000 people.

  5. We will also ask merchants/businesses to accomplish some requirements. If they complete the following list, we will give them a “training tip” of 10$ in SmartCash:

  • Put the “SmartCash Accepted here” sticker in their business.
  • Post on their social media that they are accepting SmartCash.
  • List their business in the SmartCash merchant directory.
  1. Referral Strategy:
  • Every merchant will win 10 points for each merchants they refer to us.
  • When they get 50 points (5 referred merchants) they will win $15 worth SmartCash.
  • In this way we will reach more merchants with less effort.
  1. Plan B; For bigger shops like Melcom Gh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melcom , Accra Mall https://www.shoprite.com.gh/ , Marina Mall http://marinamallghana.com/ Kumasi City Mall http://kumasicitymall.com/ etc. who may still not be ready to accept SmartCash as payment, we will create a merchant point in front of these shops where people can quickly exchange their SmartCash to Fiat to purchase goods and services at these shops.

All these will create a platform for SmartCash users to spend their SmartCash at the nearest coffee shop, restaurant, hotel etc. The reason being that until a greater number of businesses begin to accept SmartCash as a means of payment, people won’t start using their SmartCash and SmartCash owners will always see it as an investment. Several lessons and observations have been made from our first project and there is the need to factor in merchants and business adoption to our mass educational campaign.


MAY 2018: The first region to start with is Eastern Region, this region offers the best opportunity for foreign nationals and Ghanaians to adopt SMARTCASH as minerals and natural resources like Gold, Bauxite and Diamond are highly concentrated here for trade. The Conference would be held in the regional capital KOFORIDUA (https://www.modernghana.com/ghanahome/regions/eastern.asp?menu_id2=14).
GOAL: It is expected to introduce SmartCash to 300 participants and Crypto lovers both Foreigners and National as this region has 6 Tertiary institutions and Companies where Mining and other activities takes place. Ambassadors will be recruited to reach out to more businesses.

JUNE 2018: Volta region shares border in with Lome. We are hopeful that this outreach will attract people from Togo and sub region.

GOAL: Reach out to 2 universities/Colleges, hold workshops with businesses and practically train merchants for SmartCash usage. Expectation is about 300 participants at the monthly conference and workshops.


JULY 2018: The first phase of this project ends in Greater Accra Region and also the capital and largest city of Ghana is Accra, which has an urban population of 2.27 million. The Accra Metropolitan Area (AMA) has about 4 million inhabitants, which makes it the 11th largest metro area in Africa. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Accra_Region
GOAL: These conferences are expected to record about 500 residents through 2 selected Universities in the region .Thus reaching out to both the Youth and working class including Businesses and merchant adoption workshops. Ambassadors will also be recruited to get more businesses on board.

Over the last 5 weeks, my team and I have embarked on several SmartCash outreach programs where a lot of Ghanaian University students including CEOs of businesses, investors, the media and the general public at large were practically introduced to Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and SmartCash in particular.
So far, we have helped;
• Reached out to about 250,000 people through our radio discussions.
500 plus SmartCash wallets created for participants.
• Giveaways worth $600 in SmartCash as tokens for participants.
• SmartCash Ambassadors for promoting SmartCash in their Campuses.
• Introduce participants to our local trading platform ebitcoinics.com and other international exchange platforms like Coinexchange.io, CryptoBridge, HITBTC were a lot of them now buy SmartCash either for SmartRewards or to keep for the future.
• Advertise SmartCash through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. by posting pictures and videos of our events on these platforms.
• Adding more than 50 well informed members to the SmartCash Network on discord, community forum, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Great people that will form great teams and contribute towards SmartCash massive adoption.

See below links to all our achievements;
Our facebook wall showing pictures and videos of our programs
Pictures of our University outreach events
Personal Twitter account handle
Personal Facebook wall
Videos of our programs


SmartCash outreach to 2 Ghanaian Universities within a month
Transport in University Campuses $666.66
Accommodation and for a month $333.22
Hiring Conference centers $500
Radio talk show $400
Feeding Cost of Participants $200
Tokens to participant $240
SmartCash Clubs Fund $1000
Cameraman to record our activities $200
TOTAL $3,539.8

SmartCash Merchants/businesses adoption workshops in a month
Transport in each region $1000
Incentive for businesses that accept SmartCash $700
Conferences for Merchants/Businesses adoption $800
Promotion kits for businesses accepting SmartCash $533.3
TOTAL $3,033.3

Training SmartCash Merchants/business Ambassadors in a region
Travels within a region $500
Accommodation, feeding and Logistics for 2facilitators $1000
3 Day Ambassadors Training Event $800
SmartCash branded materials $150
Giveaways by new ambassadors $250
Logistics 316.67
TOTAL $3,016,67

SmartCash T-shirts $1,866.67
Banners $166.67
Sticker and fliers $333.33
Wristbands $266.67
TOTAL $2,633.34

SUB-TOTAL = $12,223.33
Contingency 5% = $611.16

TOTAL PROPOSAL BUDGET FOR 3 MONTHS = $12,834.50 * 3 = $38,503.50
We are therefore, requesting a proposal in the amount of $12,834.50 each month and no more than$38,503.50 in order to cover all 3 regions within 3 consecutive months.
A more detailed budget can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m51dB3v4_tkMLoXPR6CbJrP8XRO__FsF 

a) Videos, pictures and reports of this project will be sent to the SmartCash community
b) Team members are self-motivated and selected by merit.
c) All universities will be selected on merit with regards to their population (30,000 plus) respectively and their influence on the Ghana society.
d) 3days from each month will be used to check the previous month’s activities





Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 18, 2018 12,834.50 4,375,061.44 * SmartCash outreach to 2 Ghanaian Universities within Eastern region, SmartCash Merchants/businesses adoption workshops in eastern Region within a month, Training SmartCash Merchants/business Ambassadors in Eastern Region with a month, Prints. -
June 18, 2018 12,834.50 4,375,061.44 * SmartCash outreach to 2 Ghanaian Universities within Volta region, SmartCash Merchants/businesses adoption workshops in Volta Region within a month, Training SmartCash Merchants/business Ambassadors in Volta Region within a month, Prints. -
July 18, 2018 12,834.50 4,375,061.44 * SmartCash outreach to 2 Ghanaian Universities within Greater Accra region, SmartCash Merchants/businesses adoption workshops in Greater Accra Region within a month, Training SmartCash Merchants/business Ambassadors in Greater Accra Region within a month, Prints. -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 38,503.50
  • Estimated SMART: 13,125,184.33
  • Estimated BTC: 4.85631820


  • Created Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 10:19:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


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No (1,011,979.62)
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  • votenpy 05/15/2018 18:37

    I think this is a well written and worthwhile proposal

    nitego 05/16/2018 02:59

    My thoughts exactly. Many have copied the original proposal for various areas.It would be a shame to see the initial idea not supported because of copy-cats. Well thought out and presented.