#166 New Vision Network | SmartCash B2B Integration

By silascjgoss


Integrate SmartCash into a real-world network of businesses while activating the New Vision Network model.


New Vision Network | SmartHive Proposal


$20,000 USD


Implementation timeline is 3 months.

Total Hours

240 over 3 months (approx 20 hrs a week)

Proposal Goal

Integrate SmartCash into a large real-world network while activating the New Vision Network model.


To create global communal health, linking startups and existing organizations with SmartCash and the New Vision Network model for business to business service networks, utilizing subscription donations to fund the process.


Silas CJ Goss (SCJG)
Creative Consultant in Denver, CO with 15 years experience in cultural art events, creative consulting, and media production. Now with an expansive network of minds, artists, and businesses… Silas seeks to unite them all into progressive collaboration and help evolve the world into more empowering social models.

Description Google Slide

New Vision Network
The New Vision Network is dedicated to pursuing equal and healthy human progression for all. We support individuals, companies, and governments in line with providing people the means to live a good life.


To create global communal health, linking startups and existing organizations with SmartCash and the New Vision Network model for business to business service networks, utilizing subscription donations to fund the services and process.


To unite is to progress. Division and competition have only proven to bubble and burst. NVN and SmartCash aim to generate a healthy community of business interaction based on unity that welcomes new startups to our network family while empowering the strength of our global business family.

Partners - Regions (Network Channels)

SCJG Creative Consultant - International (low to high-level network)
Colin Howard - National (low to high-level network)
Christian Simms Communications - International (mid to high-level network)
Happiness For All - International (all network levels)
Estival - Midwest Region (low to mid-level independent producer network)
Jeff Storey - International (entrepreneur, high-level network)
Guerrilla Signs - National going International (inventive signs, ultimately a tool for networking into leading minds)
Brenda King - Midwest/International (Holdings Company successes, currently starting a new HC, high-level network)
JB Consulting - Midwest/Northeast/International (high to mid-level network, serving mid to high-level startups)
Daniel Brummel - National (music educator, entertainer, entrepreneur, mid to high-level music network)
Bodlar - National (artist, entrepreneur, mid to high-level artist and business network)
Michael Knight - International (mid to high-level investor network)
Ross Silva - National (mid-level business consultant/network)
Johnny Colbert - National (mid-level business consultant/network)
Jay Skinner - National (entrepreneur, mid-level business consultant)

SmartCash will be claimed as a founding partner if interested in utilizing the NVN model.

Current and Actively Networking Channels

SCJG - Exponentially gaining network
CH - Actively cultivating network in Colorado
CSC - Reputation combined with existing strong network
Estival - Great way to find upcoming artists and fresh producer talent
Guerrilla Signs - Constantly using their inventive signage tool to get the attention of leading minds
JB Consulting - Constantly adding value to new potential network nodes, expanding rapidly
Michael Knight - Constantly adding investors to his network


The value is in the New Vision concept, existing network, & heart-based philosophy that SmartCash supports. An evolving synergy of businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs with a similar desire for the wellbeing of mankind will lend to an attitude of service & collaboration within the network. This culture of serving and helping others will integrate into onboarding partners while they utilize our services to empower their company’s Mission on Earth. This rapid expansion of the potential services available creates exponential value in the New Vision Network.

Culture Values: Why shouldn’t our companies also behave as Loving as we do with our friends and family? Our network will be an example of how business can follow this same degree of principle-centeredness and do so for the benefit of all those involved. A business entity should have an obligation to follow similar values and spread the same Truth. SmartCash already is based upon this virtue and will be an integral part of helping other businesses and organizations do the same.


H4A.ORG (501c3) will be the umbrella and face of the NVN model, funded by donated subscriptions through SmartCash, around 3 core foundations, and the businesses within the network. This will expand the network and will amplify the value of b2b network building. Core Funders donate a larger subscription fee, which is utilized to pay professionals or businesses for their services accessible now for free to all subscribed to the NVN network. This also helps in bringing new companies into the network fold while also funding H4A and SmartCash’s real-world endeavors. Core Funders have the perk of advising the network growth, securing strategic business partners through the NVN model directed by SCJG.


See Google Slide next to "Description" above for Visual

Startup “A” requests services from H4A. Through the already established network of SCJG & JB Consulting, H4A connects the proper company, or professional to the task(s). The company or professional is paid from the pool of funding provided by the donated subscription fees. Startup “A” signs the agreement accepting free services from H4A and allowing their professional service/trade to join the larger service network while activating their own SmartCash donation to subscribe to NVN.


$3k - 3 Months initial SmartCash Network Subscription (all services of NVN available to SmartCash)
$5k - Initial Network Service Fund
$6k - 3 Months Pay to SCJG for activating NVN and pitching to major Foundations
$2k - Funds for developing and supporting pitches to be most impactful.
$3k - Travel funds for 3 people including SCJG to pitch to national Foundations
$1k - Web Development & Misc Backup - Any funds not used will go into Network Service Fund

SmartCash Involvement

Silas is a new SmartCash activist slowly integrating the currency into his network and business dealings. Silas believes SmartCash aligns with the New Vision Network model, and his mission to unite business relations in a new, extremely valuable and impactful way. This will be a powerful vein for SmartCash to stretch through, be actively used, and influence real-world companies and startups.


Q: I don’t understand… can you explain this all simply?
A: I am offering a national network that will provide professional services to SmartCash, startups, Foundations, and individuals, all the while empowering the use of SmartCash for the services and securing a financial future for the family of companies. The subscription fees pay for all service requests within reason and are in line with SmartCash endeavors and the New Vision Network Mission.

Q: How much are you asking for a subscription to the network?
A: In order to cover the range of costs that may be necessary for higher-end services, $1k/USD (in the form of SmartCash) per month will be the subscription fee for SmartCash and 3 core/major foundations. If individuals or smaller companies wish to subscribe to the network services, the fee will be $50/per month with a max of 4 service requests per month.

Q: What exactly will the initially requested funds be used for?
A: The initial funds will be utilized to create powerful presentations for pitching to major foundations about SmartCash and the New Vision Network model, such as the Hershey’s and Ford Foundation which SCJG can easily get a meeting with. SCJG will lead these presentations and will execute them within the 3 month period proposed. Documentation of activity will be shared throughout the process! Funds will pay for time, resources, travel, and general accommodations to focus on establishing a SmartCash subscription with core Foundations and companies.

Q: What if there’s a lull in service requests? Where will the money go that’s not utilized?
A: A pool of service funds will always keep growing so that we can onboard higher and higher end services without needing to raise subscription fees to the network. Once the service fund reaches $5k, 15% of anything pooled over this amount will start to be set aside to re-invest into SmartCash, and for real-world endeavors requested by the core funders/foundations.

Q: Why is H4A the central hub everything’s filtered through?
A: Happiness For All is a non-profit that SCJG is working closely with. Using H4A as a face and entity to channel the subscription donations through will allow proper and trackable tax activity for SmartCash, and anyone subscribing to the network, reducing the risk of federal legalities.

Q: What makes your network so valuable?
A: My network can facilitate almost any need you can imagine for a professional service. Instead of paying thousands for a one-time specialized service, I am offering a subscription to a full-service network of high-level companies to utilize.

Q: What types of services are we talking here?
A: Multimedia services of all types including websites, graphic design, video, photo, and audio. 3d Printing. Business Consulting. Ad Placement. Signs, banners, and unique physical marketing. Investment. Event Production. Welding. Construction Services… As more companies are brought into the fold, the service list will keep expanding!


Initial Funding (relieving other obligations during 3 month implementation period) for SCJG to focus on NVN | $6k-usd
Establish Advisors, Establish Pitch Team, Set up meetings with foundations | Within 1 Month | $3k-usd
Create Pitch Presentation For Foundations | Within 2 months | $5k-usd
Develop Website w/ Subscription Payment Service w/ SmartCash & USD | Within 3 months | $2k-usd
Execute Pitches | Within 3 months | $2k-usd
Obtain subscription donations from current network | Within 3 months | $2k-usd


New Vision Network is a subscription model that enables real-world companies to implement SmartCash and promote it for use while activating a healthy new business to business model.

SmartCash will be offered and encouraged to be used as a payment method for all services within the NVN. Utilizing SmartCash will provide stability for all businesses against the failing fiat dollar, offering long-term business security. Subscription fees can be only accepted in SmartCash and reduced once a critical mass of subscribers is reached.

Once all major industrial services are offered through NVN, the value of the network will rise exponentially. SmartCash founders will be encouraged to advise the network model and help the currency become a staple in the world economy through real-world services. SCJG and a team of qualified advisors (including SmartCash) will be the directing node of this world-changing project.

Thank you for your time and consideration! Please reach out for a discussion on this or any project you need help with!

Peace & Love

Silas CJ Goss
Web: https://silascjgoss.com
Discord: SCJG#0902
Phone: 720-226-4091




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
February 22, 2018 6,000.00 2,034,284.47 * Initial Funding (relieving other obligations during 3 month implementation period) for SCJG to focus on NVN -
March 22, 2018 3,000.00 1,017,142.24 * Establish Advisors, Establish Pitch Team, Set up meetings with foundations -
April 22, 2018 5,000.00 1,695,237.06 * Create Pitch Presentation For Foundations | Within 2 months -
May 22, 2018 2,000.00 678,094.82 * Develop Website w/ Subscription Payment Service w/ SmartCash & USD | Within 3 months -
May 22, 2018 2,000.00 678,094.82 * Execute Foundation Pitches | Within 3 months -
May 22, 2018 2,000.00 678,094.82 * Obtain SmartCash subscription donations from current network -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 20,000.00
  • Estimated SMART: 6,780,948.25
  • Estimated BTC: 2.17465010


  • Created Date: Thursday, February 8, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Thursday, February 22, 2018 20:08:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (33,703.21)
No (194,246.59)
Abstain (14,236.68)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid


  • silascjgoss 02/08/2018 21:52

    One of my recent projects (6 month contract) I just exited late last year was Business Development for a cannabis software company. www.optileaf.com - They are a public company with the ticker OPLF, not sure if they've went live yet or not. They utilized my networking skill to penetrate the Colorado market while also seeking help with developing company processes. You can view a pdf document of the development plan I created with another consultant here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwkQZpgpDn5EM0F2c1E2d3BnZ2c/view?usp=sharing

  • silascjgoss 02/08/2018 21:52

    Another example of my network and capacity is I'm in the process of re-doing a website for one of my clients in LA, who is now the Dean of the California College of music. He's written a few songs for Weezer and toured as their 5th member a couple years ago. www.danielbrummel.com (I also created this site but he wants a more scholarly user interface for the redo)