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Educate the people and promote the use of Smartcash through courses and a kermes where you can buy with Smartcash.




We have observed that the meetups that are being happening in Cancun are not getting the result of a broad Criptocurrency adoption in Cancun, in part because that talks are a few hours about cryptocurrency, we are seeing that there is a lack of information about the evolution of digital economy, furthermore, the rising of false information because of the ponzi squemes are doing that more and more people distrust of cryptocurrencies.

This results in a challenge to the real digital economy because of the uncertainty In the criptocurrencies market, we propose to do this:
We require a close space to give a course in a serious manner and make it in the simplest way possible for a better comprehension of the digital market. The time for the course would be three hours in three days for a total of nine hours.

This is made with the objetive to give support to what was learned the day before, also with the chance to get products through criptocurrency.

The objective of the face-to-face course is promote the use of criptocurrencies with a practical base, that the community have the clarity of how Works the digital economy by knowing the blockchain, demostrate that there is transparency in the technology. Face the ignorance from knowledge of the criptocurrencies promoting interest.

Why do this? I’m a firm believer that the digital economy is here to stay and the future is the decentralized economy, I have seen some people sharing their proposals and execute them in a magnify way, however I would like to participate more actively in Smartcash supporting to the community to comprehend what really will be the future and that we can use it now for the Exchange of products, services in a more efficient and effective way.

We believe that because of the rising ammount of scams focused in criptocurrencies, it is important to make the conference face-to-face, to be able to inspire to the community to invest in the digital market like is Smartcash.

The idea

Make a meeting with people that have local business and common people with the interest to know about the beginnings of the digital economy, the difference between digital money and common money. In the meetings the subjects will be how start the Bitcoin, how Works the blockchain, and how have evolved the criptocurrencies, how economies from different countries have already adopt the digital economy as a massive payment method. A clear example would be Venezuela.

Like first proposal we’ll have the training of the community in a clear way to continue to the second proposal of a Kermes (a Little market), where the community will be invited to participate actively in the buy and sell of products through Smartcash, using in a real way the criptocurrency, encouraging the adoption of criptocurrencies.

Market Segment

People with interest in the digital market changing from fiat money to criptocurrency.
People between 18 and 50 years what wish to learn about blockchain technology and their ample range of applications.


Course of digital economy based on Smartcash (History and comprehension) face-to-face

Amount: $6, 600 us
Time: 1 month
Total hours to complete Project: 24 hours

Objective: Educate in a clear way through a face-to-face course to the community about digital economy, with course with 20 to 25 people, 3 days at week por month promoting the use, management and adoption of Smartcash, in a total of 4 courses face-to-face, where the assistants at being in a clearer context about smartcash, will make easier to viralize the information in a more effective way.

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Francisco Burgos Gongora, I am a technician in computer systems, I’m a entrepeneur, I have a pizza shop and a bakery called “Ki Nohoch Pizza”, it is in Colony “Valle verde” in the highway Cancun-Merida, I’m a fanatic of digital economy, I like to share my knowledge about criptocurrencies with family, Friends and people, I would like to participate more in the Smartcash community by making these courses where it can be learned in a easy and clear way how criptocurrency Works.
I have imparted courses face-to-face about finantial education in the área of diversified investments, and courses where I share the evolution about Digital Currency and how to use leverage from the digital currency like an investment option. I also participate in the Smartcash community from Cancun managed by oucan and eiky, I went to international events like Talent Land in April on the city of Guadalajara, Mexico where we provided information about Smartcash to almost 30 thousand assistants to the event during a week.


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Deliverables – Description of the Project:

Manual of introduction to the Digital economy, evolution, management of buy and sell of products on the course that allows to be bought with Smartcash to know the way to receive and send criptocurrencies in a practical manner, and at the same time see the time for a transaction to be made.

The strategy to arrive to the diverse sectors of the industries:

  • Through digital marketing, there will be a campaign for the kermes and courses to be known.
  • As entrepreneur, I have contacts with a lot employees, that is a huge área of opportunity to teach about digital money.
  • I’m an active member of a lot of work groups in branches of criptocurrencies, finantial education, goverment dependencies, and entrepeneur.

Possibles questions:

Why a 20 hours course focused in 20-25 people by week?
My experience tell me que a group of 20 is excellent to have a customized attention and obtain the expected results on the gained knowledge, making easier that the quality of the information arrives to the community that will do it in the practice.

Why 3 hours for day?
When I have done my courses, I have seen that after 3 hours, the attention span is lowered and the information is not received clearly, with 3 hours we can have the information fresh in the minds of the assistants.

Why only 3 days?
There are 3 days dividen in this way: First day is theory, second day is practice and in the third day we will take the application of the 100% of what they learned.


It is expected to reach a population of 80 to 100 people con la capacity to replicate the learned and viralize the information from a cemented knowledge.

Cost Structure

Gift of the criptocurrency Smartcash to promote the use $1000 
Advertising $277 us
Video, Photos $ 277us
Expositor 1 $833us
Expositor 2 $833us
Rent of salón $555us
Manuals $ 888 us
Deveploment of the Manual $1,111us
Gasoline $277 us
Unexpected expenses $549us

Total $6,600 us




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
November 19, 2018 2,200.00 746,955.31 * First payment would be for the advertising and the manuals. -
November 26, 2018 2,200.00 746,955.31 * Rent of the Salon, photo, videos, smartcash for gift and unexpexted expenses. -
December 02, 2018 2,200.00 746,955.31 * Expositors, Gasoline and any last unexpected expense. -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 6,600.00
  • Estimated SMART: 2,240,865.92
  • Estimated BTC: 0.71595666


  • Created Date: Friday, November 2, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, December 21, 2018 02:29:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (6,706,922.88)
No (26,540,948.14)
Abstain (1,921,134.95)

Voting Audit

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