#501 Proposal #1: SmartCash Powered Patreon, Subscriptions, Paywalls, And More!

By IzzyCJR


Cryptocurrencies are disrupting nearly every industry but there are huge barriers of entry preventing average users from using crypto in their daily lives. I would like to develop open sourced SmartCash services to ease the sending, receiving, depositing, and withdrawal of SmartCash for any users with an internet connection.



SmartCash already provides the backend infrustructure required to compete with paypal, stripe, and many other payment processors. I would like to develop and open source SmartCash powered services to compete with paypal, stripe, patreon, and plenty of other services listed in the PDF.



Over the past week I have been refining my proposal to include my resume, links, research, examples, mockups, and proper formatting. The proposal editor removes a lot of these details making the proposal harder to follow. I am hosting the PDF through Google Docs to provide full access to all of the information I have included. 




The dates provided for each milestone are estimates, and each feature listed within the PDF has been split into a design/frontend development sprint then backend sprint.

During development I will be requesting feedback from the SmartCash community through the forum and Discord. I will also provide a "progress report" page listing the features I am working on at that time, as well as the time remaining to complete said features.

A week into the proposal if it is trending toward being successful I plan to complete the development of the first milestone before the voting deadline, this is why it is listed shortly after the voting deadline.



If you disagree with a milestone, or the proposal as a whole please voice your concerns within the proposal comments before voting against or abstaining. I am developing these services to address the problems I see within the ecosystem and I am open to suggestions if you have a better idea to solve xyz milestone/problem.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
August 13, 2018 1,000.00 342,292.39 * Wallet Base Frontend -
August 20, 2018 2,000.00 684,584.78 * Wallet Base Backend -
August 27, 2018 1,000.00 342,292.39 * SmartRewards As "Interest" -
September 03, 2018 2,000.00 684,584.78 * Pay Portion Of A Bill/Invoice ( Split Bill ) -
September 10, 2018 2,000.00 684,584.78 * Memo's/Custom Transaction Details -
September 17, 2018 2,000.00 684,584.78 * Send SMART Using ID or Social Media Accounts -
September 24, 2018 1,000.00 342,292.39 * Wallet Compatible Business Directory -
October 01, 2018 1,000.00 342,292.39 * User Bounty System -
October 08, 2018 3,000.00 1,026,877.18 * Dispute/Support/Ticket Service -
October 15, 2018 3,000.00 1,026,877.18 * Web Hooks -
October 22, 2018 3,000.00 1,026,877.18 * Patreon Like Donation Service -
October 29, 2018 3,000.00 1,026,877.18 * Full Transaction Details Stored Within QR Codes -
November 05, 2018 3,000.00 1,026,877.18 * Paywall Removal Through Tipping -
November 12, 2018 3,000.00 1,026,877.18 * Monthly Subscriptions/Recurring Bills -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 30,000.00
  • Estimated SMART: 10,268,771.75
  • Estimated BTC: 3.69675783


  • Created Date: Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, August 13, 2018 04:20:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Deactivated


Yes (15,514,057.20)
No (2,565,280.52)
Abstain (71,123.54)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2018-07-29 22:54:00 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2018-07-30 04:19:40 Open voting. Deadline up to 2018-08-13 04:19:39. (Solarminer) -
2018-08-12 04:29:39 Last 24 hours of the vote. Σ 15306632.19126 Σ 2565280.52071
2018-08-13 04:23:49 Voting closed. Status: Funds Allocated. -
2019-03-01 06:00:16 Proposal deactivated. Reason: no communication - proposal was abandoned.. (slpin1) -


  • Tho Bo 07/30/2018 06:46

    is the development of a web wallet really required and has this been aligned with the SmartCash development team? Seems unnecessary duplicated efforts. In general good to see proposals for further developing the smartcash related functionalities, however all milestones shall be clearly discussed with the dev team and then come back as a revised proposal. Maybe this alignment already took place, but it is not clear from the description, therefore I assume there is no alignment yet.

    IzzyCJR 07/30/2018 07:37

    I have been in talks with Solarminer. If you visit the SmartCash discord and open the smarthive_proposals channel he left this message http://prntscr.com/kcn0th. Solar shared some concerns regarding a few milestones that overlap. For example the business directory is an existing service, so instead of redeveloping/fragmenting the data I will be integrating the existing business directory data into this web app through an API so businesses can be shared with users across all services. We have talked about the web wallet as well, and I covered this within the pdf. The current web wallet requires some crypto experience and requires the user to interact with the wallet in SMART. The user must aalso understand how to deposit money from an exchange or changely. ( PDF also includes an example discussing groceries ) The wallet I am creating will be designed and developed in a way that will require no cryptocurrency experience or knowledge but is still powered by SMART. This isn't a gimmick. it is a necessary tool for the adoption of crypto. Search for any mobile apps relating to crypto and you will find they are primarily made for traders ( exchanges, portfolios, news, etc. ). Then search for apps like coinbase or wirex they are in most cases much larger than the other crypto apps by a large margin. Coinbase/Wirex were developed with adoption in mind. Each app provides a UI that anyone can understand and use. Don't understand what bitcoin is? No problem coinbase has a simple form to enter your credit card details and you can buy $100 worth of bitcoin. On the current web wallet you have to have to be familiar with exchanges or comfortable with changely in order to deposit/withdraw SMART. Revisit coinbase, open the mobile app and open the window to send crypto from any account ( btc, ltc, etc. ) you are not met with a string of numbers or any other piece of data that could overwhelm the user, you are met with a screen that provides a QR code and a link that says copy address ( mobile version ) Put another way, if SmartCash is always dependent on exchanges/changely who will buy SMART? Traders and tech savvy individuals will. If you want your neighbors to begin using SMART they don't need to know what it is or how it works they just need to know they can buy $100 worth and send it to someone for a MUCH cheaper $0.00x fee. ( Transaction fee comparison is provided in the PDF ) This is just step 1 of my plans for SmartCash ( this is why I named it Proposal #1 ) I will continue to discuss each milestone with Solarmine and the SmartCash development team as I progress through this milestone list ( if the proposal is accepted ). When a milestone is deemed useless I plan to skip it and move on. If you view the last page of the PDF you will see the next proposal/goal will be to add the ability to purchase SMART directly from the web app. There are legal issues I have to look into but I believe I have a solution for a few, and once I am done your neighbor will not have to know what SMART is or how it works, but they will still be able to enter their debit card buy $100 worth and begin using it without touching an exchange.

    IzzyCJR 07/30/2018 07:40

    Formatting was removed... Here is a screenshot with proper spacing http://prntscr.com/kcnn35

  • Mancomb_Seepgood 07/30/2018 15:32

    What is the reason behind the Patreon like donation page? What is this used for, I am a little confused if this is somehow attached to the design of the service or something you are setting up for yourself to get more money.

    IzzyCJR 07/30/2018 20:24

    Using screenshots since formatting is removed in messages http://prntscr.com/kcyb32 and to further clarify I am not integrating patreon into the wallet I am completely redeveloping the patreon features into the wallet using SmartCash. This will save youtubers 10% of their donations and only cost $0.00x in transaction fees.