#149 Reaching Mainstream Markets with News Networks and Social Media

By Blockchain Relations


Cryptocurrencies haven’t been directly reaching out to the mainstream media or self-directed retail investors. Instead, their efforts go into competing with other cryptocurrencies for the same small audience and maintaining engagement with existing followers. The comprehensive marketing and public relations initiative presented in this proposal primarily uses news networks in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America to educate the general public of the advantages SmartCash offers the worldwide community. It also includes reaching out to journalists that have covered digital currencies in the past, retargeting the individuals who discover SmartCash through our efforts, and boosting third-party coverage through social media channels to those who have expressed interest in the space. Please note that because our focus is on news channels and promoting editorial-style content, this proposal is not meant to replace traditional marketing initiatives suggested by others and in fact harmonizes with other forms of marketing very well.


As all professionals in IR, PR and marketing know, the best campaigns involve creating a plan that uses the right blend of complementary solutions together for a synergistic approach. We’ve found the most effective strategies involve laying a strong foundation, proper delivery of news, guaranteed follow-up editorials with mass distribution, third-party voices via social media network and a prominently displayed profile, reaching out to writers/journalists as buzz grows, ongoing engagement with retargeting and multiple methods of communication, and steady promotion to new audiences with shared interests.

Interactive presentation of our detailed plan (IMPORTANT TO VIEW): http://www.blockchainrelations.io/presentations/smartcash

Pre-Release of our SmartCash profile featured on “Crypto Spotlight”:

Goals of this project:

  • Dramatically increase the number of people familiar with SmartCash
  • Generate excitement for SmartCash innovations among writers/journalists
  • Increase the size of the global SmartCash community
  • Stay in front of business leaders who are candidates for accepting cryptocurrencies
  • Continually brand individuals introduced to SmartCash with retargeting service and ongoing updates
  • Start bridging the enormous gap between mainstream audiences and the cryptocurrency market
  • Broadcast new developments and philanthropic initiatives to the masses

Why start now:

The most successful public relations campaigns are started before major news is announced. In addition to getting “more eyeballs” on the project, you also create history and familiarity with target markets which make them far more open to engage when news arrives later. Also, keep in mind we do not intend for this engagement to only last 90 days. The only reason a 3-month term was set was to ensure community members would feel comfortable moving forward since there is only a short commitment. We will be eager to cover all the big announcements made throughout 2018 and beyond as well.

What we bring to the table:

This comprehensive plan was put together utilizing the specialized knowledge gained through assisting more than 200 small, publicly traded companies over the past 12 years. Blockchain Relations, a registered tradename of The Global Precision Group (est. March 2010), was specifically formed to leverage the first-hand cryptocurrency knowledge and mass news distribution experience of Jonathan Keim (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathankeim/) and his team to bring mainstream media and the cryptocurrency markets together. The infrastructure and relationships we already have in place to serve publicly traded companies touches hundreds of millions of people around the globe; a sizable percentage of which now hold bitcoin and are eager to be further involved in next-generation blockchain technology. To date, we have worked with Neblio with measurable success and are actively looking to help more projects benefit from larger audiences and better visibility.

Why we love SmartCash and already “hodl” it:

SmartCash has been on our radar since around $0.15. Our favorite features are self-governance and self-funding, which of course ensures long-term stability and growth. Steady price appreciation, SmartRewards, multiple languages, a community fund with considerable resources, and a friendly community with great support are other qualities that make this a top cryptocurrency. We believe regularly broadcasting these features to those who may only know of Bitcoin and Ethereum will significantly grow SmartCash’s number of fans and users.

As mentioned in the linked flipbook-style proposal, partners involved in this proposal will hold 55% of the funds received for a minimum of six months and will continue to hold the majority of this percentage for as long as we service the community through 90-day renewals.

A notable change made since “pre-proposal discussion” on forum and Discord:

We are adding $1,005 for each of the global press releases so an extra 100 words can be added. Added costs are split equally between the three milestone payments. The additional flexibility will allow for us to explain how to acquire SMART on exchanges since many of those who hold Bitcoin need help understanding how to access the alt coin exchange market. The 400 words included at base price wouldn’t be enough to do this as well as make a proper announcement. In fact, to give an example of what 100 words amounts to, this paragraph totals exactly 100 words.

We also expanded our focus to assist SmartCash with all of its social media accounts.

Potential concerns:

We haven’t been given concrete confirmation a “News Section” will be added to the SmartCash website, although we’ve attempted to secure this ahead of time. If this section isn’t added for us, we will provide a different service of equivalent value instead of providing the content for this new section. Also, if retargeting code isn’t added to the SmartCash website as requested, we will use our own website pages about SmartCash to collect the targeted audience in order to fulfill our obligations in this proposal. If anyone has direct communication with the SmartCash web development team, please help connect us with them (or vice versa). Additionally, we need contact with the social media manager(s) to assist with official SmartCash accounts or will instead make equivalent efforts with our own channels as a substitute. We’re moving forward with the belief that the right people will present themselves as part of serving the community desires.

The three phases and future renewals:

This 90-day proposal is split in three 30-day periods. The impact of our efforts will be felt towards the end of this term; not the beginning. Fifteen days before the end of this 90-day proposal, we plan to submit a new proposal to carry on and make enhancements to the initiatives presented in this proposal. Please note that as with all forms of branding and marketing, consistency is key. Our approach has always been to steadily build audiences and increase engagement methodically over time through continual branding. We view this 90-day proposal as only the first step in a long-term journey to build momentum by maintaining top visibility.

First phase: Lay groundwork and make initial introduction to mainstream audiences
Second phase: Keep new audiences engaged and build momentum by expanding outreach
Third phase: Analyze data accumulated, refine communication strategies and continue engagement

Project needs:

Total for all three phases: US$ 73,015.00 in SmartCash equivalent

Itemized by cost, this budget covers three press releases with global distribution via GlobeNewsWire ($12,060), additional 100 words for each press release ($3,015), annual subscription to our preferred text alert service ($179.40), editorial syndication to NetworkNewsWire’s 5,000 news outlets 7 times ($3,500 estimated), PRWeb distribution of third-party announcing editorial coverage of SmartCash 7 times ($1,743), retargeting budget ($2,500), social media advertising boosting third-party content ($15,000), and two ticker-tagged, multi-day release campaigns to tier-one financial websites and blogs ($19,995). The remainder covers (a) writing the introductory profile, 3 press releases, SmartCash.cc news section content, assistance with SmartCash social media, ad content, 7 editorials, 7 editorial announcements, creative texts for alert service, communication on Discord and the forums, and content for major ticker-tagged PR campaign; (b) ongoing research; (c) setting up text alert service, news alerts and social media strategy; (c) administrating the submission of press releases, editorial syndication, retargeting campaign, social media advertising and management, text alerts, interview, ticker-tagged PR campaign coordination, gathering of community feedback and overall strategy; (d) reaching out to a minimum of 100 journalists; (e) detailed analysis of the data collected to increase the effectiveness of this campaign and better design future ones; (f) and, of course, covering operational costs of our business. On this first-time engagement, we will be providing coverage of SmartCash progress and link to editorials via all 7 brands of the Brand Relations Brand Network (http://www.brbn.io) at no additional cost as well as placing SmartCash in the Crypto Spotlight section of the Blockchain Relations website.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
February 12, 2018 13,505.00 4,570,513.84 * Commencement of first 30-day phase specified in linked proposal -
March 14, 2018 39,755.00 13,454,333.78 * Commencement of second phase specified in linked proposal (includes payment for 2nd ticker-tagged, multi-day release campaign for 3rd phase to receive discounted rate from NetworkNewsWire) -
April 13, 2018 19,755.00 6,685,709.06 * Commencement of third phase specified in linked proposal -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 73,015.00
  • Estimated SMART: 24,710,556.69
  • Estimated BTC: 7.91726236


  • Created Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Saturday, February 10, 2018 20:46:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (1,043,556.56)
No (2,504,755.00)
Abstain (13,908.90)

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