By Momako


Hello community, my name is Mohammed Mashud Kofi, known in the Smartcash community as Momako. Women and ladies are an integral component of our communities. They are indispensable in nation building and economic growth. No nation can thrive devoid of women. Women have a lot of influence and as such I am proposing SMART CASH FOR LADIES. This project focuses on unearthing innovative and doable ideas from female Ghanaians in our contemporary society. The aim is to organize conferences in three (3) prime regions of Ghana. That is the Greater Accra Region, the Western Region and the Central Region. These training programs is solely for ladies and it’s anticipated at training 200 ladies and young women in each of the three (3) regions. The conference and training programs shall be opened to all Ladies from various facets of the Ghanaian economy; Female Directors, Female Politicians, Female CEO’s, Female Bankers, Female Teachers, and Female Tertiary Students. Etc. The project will see one meetup and a booth camp, a 15 minutes TV discussion and a 20 minutes radio discussion. The media discussions will be heard by not less than 50,000 people. This is because the selected media houses in each region are the most prime, popular and most listened to media houses in the various regions. These media houses have also been ranked best on several platforms. The media houses are; TV 3’s (New Day Show) (www.tv3network.com), Joy FM (www.myjoyonline.com) in the Greater Accra Region, Eastern FM (www.easternfm.com) in the Eastern Region of Ghana and Twin City Radio(https://twincityradio.com) in the Western Region of Ghana. Even though the target group of the training programs is ladies, the media discussions will be heard by both males and females. Listeners would be allowed to ask questions through phone in after presentations, Smartcash tokens will be given to listeners who phone in to answer questions during the radio and TV discussions. The reason behind this project is to use this powerful tool of women to promote Smartcash for massive adoption and usage in Ghana.



Sub Saharan Africa where Ghana forms part is the poorest in the world. Poverty in this part of the world keeps increasing at a scaring rate. This has formed part of many international developmental debates. The question that usually arises during these debates is why is sub Saharan Africa the poorest? Many of these debates have raised issues trying to address the situation, the key reason identified by many researchers on poverty in this part of the world is inequality. In Ghana, inequality still remains a major challenge and a troubling issue. Where women are marginalized and denied certain rights and opportunities, despite the international community’s efforts to end this, the phenomenon still prevails. This trend has taken toe in every sphere of our economic and social lives, it can be manifested even in our leadership. There are 275 parliamentarians in the country, out of this 35 are women representing 13% of the legislature (https://www.parliament.gh/). There are 110 ministers of state in the country with only 29 of them being women (presidency.gov.gh/index.php/governance). This phenomenon has reflected in virtually every other aspect of our economy. This has greatly affected everything we do as a country. Women have been relegated to the backdrop.

This project would demystify and break the chain of inequality in Ghana and empower women. Women will be selected from diverse fields, trained and empowered to take up leadership positions and roles. They will be taught investment and wealth creation, and they would be showed avenues in which they can leverage Smartcash as a source of income generation through speculative decisions and the use of smartRewards.

Most of these women are traders, they buy their goods online and physically in many parts of world using fiat money. The risk involved in using this fiat money is enormous and therefore the need to adopt and use cryptocurrency and Smartcash in particular to transact. The training will be held in 3 regions of Ghana.

Having successfully organize meetups in Ghana and having helped @Cryptowall in the current Smartcash Roadshow in Ghana, I have a strong conviction that this project is possible and necessary. Please click https://mmashud61.wixsite.com/website or on facebook by searching MOHAMMED MASHUD KOFI to check.

Action Plan

All participants would be trained on how to set up Smartcash wallets and how they can promote it. Also ideas that can promote the currency will be brought up through our discussions. 20 participants from each region who demonstrate an excellent understanding of the block chain technology and Smartcash technology would be selected to serve as ambassadors for smartcash.


Event plan

  • 15 minutes TV discussion on TV3’s new day in Accra.
  • 20 minutes Radio presentation on Smartcash in all 3 regions.
  • 3 hours vigorous boothcamp on Smartcash for two days in a chosen venue in each region.

The breakdown of the Media interaction is as follows;

  • 5 minutes training on the blockchain technology.
  • 5 minutes training on cryptocurrencies.
  • 5 minutes presentation on smartcash.

The breakdown of Boothcamp training is as follows;

  • Presentation on Blockchain technology.
  • Presentation on Cryptocurrency with focus on Smartcash.
  • Presentation on how to invest and trade using Smartcash.
  • The need for women financial freedom and women leadership.

The above breakdown will entail;

  • How to download and activate smartcash wallets.
  • Key features of Smartcash i.e. smart forums, smart rewards, smart voting, smart nodes etc.
  • How to purchase/buy Smartcash from local and international exchanges via CoinExchange, HitBTC etc.
  • Advantages of using Smartcash for daily transactions like buying goods online, paying for services, receiving remittances and many more.

$5 worth of SMART will be given to the first 50 participants in each region and the participants will be allowed to demonstrate a practical understanding of the training by making them send the tokens to each other. This will make them feel the speed and convenience with Smartcash and also give them experience in using Smartcash immediately. Participants will therefore will encouraged to purchase Smartcash to accumulate capital and wealth using Smartcash and Smart Rewards as store of value in the long term to realize their businesses and future entrepreneurial goals, etc.


  • Greater Accra Region (Accra) 2 Days’ workshop (1st Month)
  • Western Region (Takoradi) 2 Days’ workshop (2nd Month)
  • Eastern Region (Koforidua) 2 Day’s workshop (3rd Month)


  • Transportation cost to and within the 3 regions for 3 months - $3,000.
  • Total accommodation and feeding for 3 regions - $2,000.
  • Hiring of venue for all 3 conferences - $1,500.
  • Feeding cost of participants - $600.
  • Tokens for participants - $ 700.
  • Printing of smart cash T shirts, Stickers, Flyers etc. for participants across the 3 regions - $2000.
  • Media engagements with 3 radio stations and 1 TV station $ 1500.
  • Banners, Website publications - $ 300.
  • Communication and data calls for organizing the conference - $200.
  • Camera men for videos of workshop - $400.
  • Contingency - $350.

Total =$12,550


  • Videos, pictures and reports of this project will be sent to the Smartcash community and circulated on social media platforms.
  • Each region will establish a club and submit and execute an action plans for their respective duties.
  • Team members are self-motivated and selected on merit bases.
  • The regions are selected with regards to their female populations, location and influence on the Ghanaian economy (http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/ghana-population/)

Thank you.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
May 05, 2018 5,050.00 1,523,328.72 * Two meetups, TV Interview and presentation, Two Radio Presentation, Training of selected ladies as agents in the Greater Accra Region. -
June 05, 2018 3,750.00 1,131,184.70 * Two meetups, TV Interview and presentation, Two Radio Presentation, Training of selected ladies as agents in the Western Region. -
July 05, 2018 3,750.00 1,131,184.70 * Two meetups, TV Interview and presentation, Two Radio Presentation, Training of selected ladies as agents in the Eastern Region. -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 12,550.00
  • Estimated SMART: 3,785,698.12
  • Estimated BTC: 1.21142340


  • Created Date: Monday, March 26, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, April 9, 2018 16:17:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


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