#167 Smart Gaming Community

By myTDNtv


Introduction and implementation into the gaming community using already established communities by offering SMARTCASH as reward.


The goal of this is to introduce SmartCash into the mainstream gaming and live streaming community.  The goal is to gain traction of the coin through use of items such as tournament hosting and SMARTCASH prize awards for top 3 players.  This will also she light into the gaming scene giving a door for game developers to step in and integrate SmartCash either as a earnable prize to be used to purchase in game premium content or by incorporating it into micro transactions as a way to stimulate the growth of the coin in the community and adoption to a new platform of use.  My goal as a Partnered streamer is to find as many avenues over the  next quarter to try and integrate SMARTCASH into.  This would include gaming overlays for streamers allowing SmartCash to be used as a tipping method in parallel to fiat and paypal.  We would host weekly live feed vods on multiple platforms with Q&A about upcoming events and would offer coins in small amounts to be awarded at random to viewers.  This would create a buzz within the gaming community and would trigger a growth effect if done correctly that would rocket the value of SMARTCASH as the volume in circulation would grow smaller and smaller with more people purchasing and learning about passive income through staking and smartnodes.  I feel this would add a whole new avenue to the idea behind the hive mentality of SMARTCASH allowing them seemless integration in all aspects of the world one branch at a time as we continue to push forward for growth.  During this 3 month period there would be 3 phazes weekley and or bi-weekly gaming tournament that would require advanced sign up.  This would be hosted for Mobile, PC, and Console tournaments chosen at random.  1 Tournament per period with a max of 40 participants and would be broadcast LIVE and have commentary of the Smart Community through Discord Chat.  Phaze 2 would be the promotion of and push for integration into streamer overlays for tipping as an alternative to fiat currency.  Phaze 3 would be continued push for integration into gaming content by developers to allow smartcash to be used as in game currency for premium items and micro transactions.

Tournaments would be set up using challonge.com tournament brackets

Winnings will be disbursed as closely as feasible possible as follows 1st place 75.00, 2nd place 50.00, 3rd place 25.00 all paid in smartcash to the winners of each tournament.

Broadcasts would be live on:




http://mobcrush.com/TDNtv (when mobile games)

http://gaming.youtube.com/mytdntv (subject to change)

There will be a stipened of 5,000.00 usd to cover time and moderation/management of events.  This will allow me to bring in additional members of community to help with ensuring that there is no cheating happening during the tournament and that it is kept fair play for that weeks tournament rules.  They will also help moderate the chats to ensure that there is no trolling, scamming, or spamming to ensure everyone can have an enjoyable time.

There will be a stipened of 5,000.00 usd to cover business proposal negotiation with gaming companies and overlay content providers.  These funds will be used as incentive gifts to the company for incorporating SmartCash into their programs as a way to further develope the community and usage of the coin.

I would personally only request a small stipened of 1,000.00 in Smart for my personal time spent arranging events and coordinating tournaments and meetings with developers.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
February 25, 2018 1,000.00 342,292.39 * Personal Expense Stipen -
February 25, 2018 5,000.00 1,711,461.96 * Moderation and Management Stipen -
February 25, 2018 5,000.00 1,711,461.96 * Contract Incentive Stipen for developers and Streamer Support -
March 03, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Gaming Tournament with Prize in SMARTCASH -
March 10, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
March 17, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
March 24, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
March 31, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
April 07, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
April 14, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
April 21, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
April 28, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
May 05, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
May 12, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
May 19, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
May 26, 2018 150.00 51,343.86 * Tournament Play with SmartCash Rewards -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 12,950.00
  • Estimated SMART: 4,432,686.47
  • Estimated BTC: 1.59576713


  • Created Date: Friday, February 9, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, February 23, 2018 00:04:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Deactivated


Yes (635,115.40)
No (561,861.15)
Abstain (2,000.95)

Voting Audit

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  • Points 02/11/2018 15:57

    This proposal covers nothing about what games that will be played, which would be very important regarding how one should perceive this gaming community growth proposal. (I am assuming they'll play clash of clans which is their top played game at 8 days of stream time). The streamer in question says that they are Partnered. but they are not. They have also gotten a peak viewership of seven views in the past 90 days whilst averaging 2 views: https://sullygnome.com/channel/mytdntv/90 The actual streamer handling this has less then a thousand followers on twitch. They want 85% of the requested amount of SmartCash upfront. 38% of all cash should go to "Moderation and Management" of the average viewcount of 2 viewers. 38% goes to "Contract Incentive Stipen for developers and Streamer Support" I assume it means paying your friend 5000 Smart to Support the streaming or you paying yourself to setup the stream. 7% For you managing it. They currently have 4 crypto relating referral links in their bio on twitch, first one is Bitconnect... Then there is 3 crypto adresses not one of them being SmartCash, a streamlabs donation link and another donation link for "Pizza challenge". Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/OaoJGgS.png How is this persons outreach worth 13000~ USD / 40000~Smarts ?

    myTDNtv 02/13/2018 11:04

    I have no intention of using people from my community to moderate actually the proposal was to use smartcash communities member who wish to participate as moderators. Also I'm just the person handling the setup I am friends and business partners with large streaming communities that can reach upwards of 100k+ viewers easily. These are all small details when there is a bigger picture and if you are concerned of the games so you can participate then what game would you suggest as I have access to almost all current games out with the exception of pubg which is a blatant ripoff of h1z1 the ceo stated that himself. I also stated the tournaments would consist of mobile, console, and pc making rounded and fair for all walks of gamer.

    honeybooboo 02/22/2018 14:32

    The devil is in the details, and these are no small details. Any proof of your connections to large streaming communities, and their reach?

  • mastin 02/18/2018 20:17

    Only 15% goes as actual prizes? Weird.

  • mastin 02/18/2018 20:20

    5,000.00 usd to cover time and moderation/management of events. Not only it looks overly expensive, this is more than 2 times more than prizes. Insane.

    myTDNtv 02/18/2018 20:41

    There is a cost to have the events put together from banner promotions to paid posts and moderation costs on legitimate platforms to ensure tournament brackets are satisfied and Fairplay is achieved. The cost to produce these type of events are not cheap and must be handled with the utmost professionalism to ensure that the vision and reputation of the Smart CASH community is upheld.

  • honeybooboo 02/22/2018 14:35

    Can you give a breakdown on the moderation/management of events? How many paid posts are you planning on making? On which platforms? What are the costs for each? Where will the banner promotion be done and what are the costs? The very fact that you put a nice round $5000 tells me that you just pulled it out of a hat without actually doing the work to figure out how much it would actually cost. Seems pretty sloppy to me.

    myTDNtv 02/22/2018 14:45

    Majority of the promotion will come from live streams on twitch and mixer along with posts in large gaming discords and twitter. The management portion which entails moderation of events will happen as a volunteer basis from SmartCash community members who will be stipend smarts for assisting in each event. I have large ties with streamers like Galadon Gaming, Molt Gaming, Power Bang, and a hand full of others who play variety of platform games. I am also working with a game developement team to provide keys for their PC game TUEBOR to utilize as part of the tourney play along with using free battle royal style games as to level the playing field so everyone can participate.