#205 SmartCash Adventures in Riviera Maya

By tete9050


Smartcash has the potential to become the main cryptocurrency in the world, but in order to achieve mass adoption, people and business must start using it at the same time.

We’ll run this integral and bilingual proposal for 3 months, oriented to engaged business and consumers with Smartcash. I’ll give talks to business owners, I'll make videos of his business living an adventure(I'll use that kind of format), I'll write blog posts, I'll print flyers , I'll do staking promotion, and I'll conduct other actions to achieve the mass adoption of Smartcash.

After 3 months and everything documented at SmartcashAdventures.com we’ll evaluate the 2nd stage so we can add more value to the community.


Smartcash Adventures in Riviera Maya

Smartcash has the potential to become the main cryptocurrency in the world, but in order to achieve mass adoption, people and business must start using it at the same time.

So I will visit 2 hot touristic spots in the Riviera Maya every week, so I’ll visit 24 places in 3 months, it could be a restaurant in Cancun, an Eco Chic Hotel in Tulum or a Cenote(water well with caves) in Playa del Carmen and I’ll make a documentary video of the visit, showing and reviewing the interesting places we have in this region.

At the beginning of the video we’ll mention Smartcash and at the end we’ll mention that the Video is sponsored by Smartcash, we'll highlight Smartcash as much as possible during the video, and at the end, I’ll suggest to visit my introductory video and post where I'll explain everything about Smartcash.

Yes, I’ll make a first introductory video explaining what Smartcash is, and its main features.

I already bought SmartCashAdventures.com so I can Blog and document everything there. Also there will be a section with the directory of the sponsors and the business accepting smartcash.

I’ll speak Spanish in the video but I’ll add subtitles in English. I’ll write a post in English and another one in Spanish describing the experience, every pictures I'll post, will have the Smartcash Logo and I'll write an explanation about Smartcash at the end of every post.

I’ll give a talk to the business owners or managers explaining the benefits of using Smartcash, so they can consider its adoption. Also I’ll explain them the benefits of staking Smartcash and also the benefits of owning a Smart Node.

I’ll exhort the restaurant, park, hotel or any other business I’m visiting, to offer a discount for users that pay with Smart Cash.

My commitment is to visit only places that are open to discuss the adoption of Smartcash.

We’ll wear hats and T shirts with the Smartcash logo and give away some of them to people involved in the video, managers, owners of other people appearing in the video.

We’ll make a nice flyer that summarizes Smartcash as well, we’ll have a digital and printed version.

We’ll print some “Smartcash Accepted Here” labels and put a digital version to download it in SmartCashAdventures.com

I think this proposal will have a great impact
The Riviera Maya is the most visited place in all Mexico and Latinamerica, Cancun’s airport is the busiest airport in Mexico. We want to impact people from different countries and Cancun and the Riviera Maya is the best place to do it.

This is a very integral proposal, and I’ll work full time on it, to achieve my goals.

-WebSite: SmartCashAdventures.com
-2 Blog Posts explaining everything about SmartCash, 1 in English and 1 in Spanish
-1 Video Explaining everything about SmartCash, voiceover and narration in Spanish and subtitles in English.(A Canadian friend gave me this idea, she said literally: "We are dirty Canadians, we'll enjoy listening in Spanish and reading in English)
-24 Videos, with the Adventures of SmartCash in 24 places in the Riviera Maya, again, voiceover and narration in Spanish and subtitles in English.
-48 Blog Posts describing the adventure, 24 will be written in Spanish and 24 will be written in English.
-A Directory of attractions in the Riviera Maya where people can pay using Smartcash.
-Digital and Printed Flyer about Smartcash
-And we hope, several business owners that understand Smartcash, use it, see its potential and invest and stake SmartCash.
-And we expect several new Smarties that work hard for a world where we have social equality, human differentiation and full freedom.

Who am I?
Well, I’m a millennial, but wait, don’t get me wrong, please keep reading, I’m not that kind of millennial, I really know the meaning of hard work. LOL.

I was born in 1996, yes exactly when the web was popping up. So I grew up connected to the Internet(sometimes I think my parents ordered me online), older people used to tell me how it was in the ancient times when they only had radio, aerial tv, wired phones and offline computers(oh my gosh, I can’t imagine an offline computer, diskettes??? What the heck is that??).

My parents got divorced, so I had to work at the age of 14, one of my first jobs was in a tortilleria, yes that tiny and hot as hell store with a big machine to make tortillas, so the owner had one of those old “multimedia computers”, so I bought a modem, put it online, and make an Excel workbook to register the sales and a webcam so he can monitor his business, he fired me, true story.

So, I love technology and its impact in the society. I’m currently 22 years old and I deeply fell in love with the blockchain technology. I see many futuristic scenarios about how the blockchain will transform our world and our society. And you know what? Last year when I knew Smartcash I knew true love. I know that Smartcash has the potential to change the world entirely. The Smarthive concept is a piece of smart art. And I’m really engaged with the roadmap.

Currently I live in Cancun, in an ocenfront apartment and I administer 3 Airbnb properties, and you guessed, I have everything automated, well, almost everything, I haven’t found my Rosie, the robot maid.

I love to make videos, and I own several microphones, 3 gopro cameras, 1 360 camera, and several other kind of cameras, lights, a green screen, one drone and other gadgets. Sometimes I make **inspirational** videos or **documentary** videos like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soG5f-YBfmg&t=110s or this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJJIeWvCYEw&t=29s

I enjoy travelling, I’m passionate about sailing(I have a Hobie Getaway Sailboat), I’m a gourmand and I want to help the blockchain technology change our world.

You can find a **Detailed Budget** here: Google Docs, Detailed Budget

And a General Budget:

Qty Concept Amount

1 SmartCashAdventures.com Domain $0.0
1 Web and Graphic Design $900.00
125 Smartcash Tshirts $10.00
4 Smartcash Hat $18.00
12 Transportation Expenses per week $120.00
1 Printed Material(Flyers and Stickers) $750.00
24 Entrances to the Venues(Parks, Restaurants for the host and camera man) $125.00
25 Video and Blog Post Production and Edition $135.00
3 Montly Administration Camera Man $600.00
3 Montly Administration Video Host $600.00

TOTAL USD$14, 387.00





Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
April 22, 2018 900.00 4,425.45 * Web and Graphic Design -
April 22, 2018 1,250.00 6,146.46 * Smartcash Tshirts -
April 22, 2018 72.00 354.04 * Smartcash hats -
April 22, 2018 750.00 3,687.88 * Printed Material -
April 22, 2018 480.00 2,360.24 * Month 1, Transportation Expenses -
April 22, 2018 1,000.00 4,917.17 * Month 1, Venue Tickets Cost -
April 22, 2018 1,215.00 5,974.36 * Month 1, Video Production and Edition -
April 22, 2018 1,200.00 5,900.60 * Month 1, Crew Administration Costs -
May 20, 2018 480.00 2,360.24 * Month 2, Transportation Expenses -
May 20, 2018 1,000.00 4,917.17 * Month 2, Venue Tickets Cost -
May 20, 2018 1,080.00 5,310.54 * Month 2, Video Production and Edition -
May 20, 2018 1,200.00 5,900.60 * Month 2, Crew Administration Costs -
June 24, 2018 480.00 2,360.24 * Month 3, Transportation Expenses -
June 24, 2018 1,000.00 4,917.17 * Month 3, Venue Tickets Costs -
June 24, 2018 1,200.00 5,900.60 * Month 3, Crew Administration Costs -
June 24, 2018 1,080.00 5,310.54 * Month 3, Video Production and Edition -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 14,387.00
  • Estimated SMART: 70,743.33
  • Estimated BTC: 1.69076555


  • Created Date: Friday, April 6, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018 23:21:00 UTC ()
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Open to vote


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39 SPzataf1kZ6vokYzhEyTtM9ZXu2eR4vig4 Σ 45.86 NO True
38 STUqKpasUG64oaQzhAhGE7cF9WjavY1syD Σ 10058.68 NO True
37 SNzDPBW1ZKYc9An2bRT6o63wavFNoLnp76 Σ 6461.42 YES True
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35 SMnyGdd3GvyPDJGYmtL6aQXZupbHB757Sr Σ 3960.26 YES True
34 SNbikLSDVLyN3X7Ui2XjDqm8qjHqrq2cwW Σ 100.91 YES True
33 Sdvit4fw5HoJEKoRnkDzcUtDTa7z9AaBZB Σ 1148.00 NO True
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26 STowvdM3gPifu78d6HCvpxpLeAckHxrpXD Σ 36999.20 NO True
25 SXtvRRNExU8yRiLzAGGLq3D4W4KLBGQfvy Σ 1100.00 NO True
24 SVoLNh2MGfVVJshsiq2Dx9YPJtFKhrkHt9 Σ 15446.28 NO True
23 SN4DRhY5p1C6xTbtm1fq2xrjEHrBNLr1xs Σ 1233.41 NO True
22 SiwCA6osjvJ2NUgXcVpvaHqfYYC4XAkGc3 Σ 2470.34 NO True
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18 Sem1JfsvmEc3c9ZfZ16AZw7ahgBnjbDPDu Σ 0.00 NO True
17 Sd8BD3QqocHdBMcV99w3jvG9jNPrK46wz3 Σ 11302.80 NO True
16 SfkwKvPQYiR8XHLhubgn8MJ2AxNtn1hBfk Σ 736.08 NO True
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3 SgH4J7AkoPWhMwUYJyENxaMXDLvhbJYVa7 Σ 170.43 YES True
2 ShM4DgYRTa6EaN2i251p4anEL75cTsawem Σ 925.46 YES True
1 SctxbAVcT4TdZaG5EB4hKEfCPL8HVgEFyr Σ 60450.00 NO True


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