#160 SmartCash branded crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform

By Dahlhaus


This proposal describes the development of a SmartCash branded crowdfunding/sourcing platform based on Heroes & Friends API solution (https://www.heroesandfriends.com4). SmartCash SOCIAL Projects that received SmartHive grants, can use this solution to build a community around their movement, request for additional donations, and communicate how the SmartCash was spend.

Next to that will Heroes & Friends make SmartCash a standard payment method for all its customers (500+ to date) as well.


Description of Heroes & Friends
There are a lot of bottom up initiatives and movements globally that are taking up the challenge to create real sustainable change in all sorts of areas. A lot of these movements are struggling to survive due to the lack of resources.

Heroes & Friends is a new platform offering these social movements the tools to reach out to a large crowd and find the necessary cash and in kind resources to maximize impact.


Heroes & Friends does not charge any costs over cash donations. All donations are going directly to the project.

Why SmartCash on Heroes & Friends?
At Heroes & Friends we use Stripe and PayPal as payment providers. Currently we can only support projects that operate in regions serviced by these payment providers. We get requests from Africa and South America we cannot support now. We will add SmartCash QR codes as a payment option to enable these projects to collect funds. In the future, when SmartCash POS is ready, this can be implemented as well.

Decentralization is the principle that underpins the platform structure. Projects can be embedded in any 3rd party webpage (Example: https://www.missionlifeforce.org). We are developing a fully API based solution where larger organizations can display their projects in their own branded environment. The SmartCash branded platform will based on this API solution.

Our achievements in 2017:


Application features:
• Projects that have received SmartCash grants can gather an even larger community around their cause.
• Messages sent out in social media can get large reach thanks to the automatic sharing feature (online ambassadors). This can be used to market SmartCash to that audience at the same time (f.e. embedded in images)
• SmartCash community (and beyond) can follow the achievements of a project financed with a SmartCash grant.
• All social media traffic coming form these updates gets redirected back to the SmartCash crowdfunding site.
• The option to support in SmartCash will be available for all projects that use the Heroes & Friends platform, so also for non SmartCash projects, thus increasing trading and exposure.

Possible Future enhancements:
• Agile based sprint funding to enhance the current SmartCash governance model: Agile (sprint) based funding(separate proposal)
• Implementation SmartCash POS solution (separate proposal)
• Integration of other social media networks like Linkedin and Twitter (part of standard road map)
• Recurring payments (part of standard road map)




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
February 27, 2018 150.00 1,417.09 * Domain hosting 1 year In progress
March 30, 2018 10,000.00 94,472.42 * Design delivery + first version In progress
April 29, 2018 5,000.00 47,236.21 * SmartCash Payment option In progress
April 29, 2018 4,500.00 42,512.59 * Legal fees - setup terms & conditions In progress
May 14, 2018 5,000.00 47,236.21 * Finetuning platform + create landing / info pages In progress
May 30, 2018 5,000.00 47,236.21 * Launch - project coaching + ongoing dev new features In progress
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 29,650.00
  • Estimated SMART: 280,110.72
  • Estimated BTC: 3.59382056


  • Created Date: Sunday, February 4, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Sunday, February 18, 2018 17:05:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Funds Allocated (Not Started)


Yes (424211.646311045)
No (379779.970274061)
Abstain (13153.629989624)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
65 SN4DRhY5p1C6xTbtm1fq2xrjEHrBNLr1xs Σ 1191.41 YES True
64 SWh7DLBEYcfhNarYrdsbJW9Fh8QH8QKBQh Σ 9127.47 YES True
63 SPYVGSuURD3Fo3wmmUhvE8mhGraaQnTuVM Σ 26048.99 YES True
62 SMdUeEhim5AFNuDLArBrfXLNwNGehZrhs1 Σ 10.00 YES True
61 SbeVCoqNRqY1QKXToM8DdYBv7htPf9kYv4 Σ 18199.47 YES True
60 SiVdRwiHHtTAnWdEkmV7sisP7ujo14HrLF Σ 6003.99 YES True
59 SPwnsPtSJggh9sDrciFXSVWVoSbByvHqxT Σ 1.04 YES True
58 Sc9mX6HBT3z4k7EcrosExXUyCCTqo36nov Σ 50172.00 NO True
57 SZJPNYpnuussS4UdYKADV9kPRshhjid2kz Σ 7108.97 YES True
56 SRVgnnJn1MGTNpTLVKmAxs3EhfFzupuTGW Σ 6128.78 NO True
55 SYDEAHR1vyaBdgYRHvRi6kBmsHMHfN39HK Σ 10685.80 NO True
54 SWBqd55ZJxCBiDWar7FLkWB24MWooPqnVV Σ 10467.00 NO True
53 SW9xK2sQhEtWDzrMCEeompiN67HtTNzmG8 Σ 10687.60 NO True
52 SSZHBxMkvwdvuGEBBGQXxphnJXV6YbpC7V Σ 10701.50 NO True
51 SZfxXpGPjXH3yfvqc1abct2V51gYMZbEGC Σ 10461.90 NO True
50 Sigaw99rStswQ88X1GcD3etwzgXKnX4NAF Σ 10704.50 NO True
49 SeijmSertczKFZu7SMWUvwrd8mHNnzxHW5 Σ 10932.00 NO True
48 SSpxYZjoQ1FPdT42dgrQCjKok7t75ycdB3 Σ 10683.50 YES True
47 SbEufGXWzVVnUX6yALDktB38iNLt4E6Kb8 Σ 376.19 YES True
46 SMfM6aphuKbeBe7MeE439FQ1Qw9ZRT28Dn Σ 549.94 YES True
45 SSn6JASEr1E7Qd3kqeQQNX1d6QeM4RJ3e7 Σ 0.07 NO True
44 SPE4yvGiio77NF2o3ovBq8nq2h6xMAkkz5 Σ 1007.48 NO True
43 SV3qHMxgmUvmsXg1j4FwXsmjeEYLkQ4GoE Σ 2521.57 NO True
42 SfvTmbRFpQ29V4qSmbTywCGmRjfL5cKNDs Σ 10686.10 NO True
41 SdGwLbFxTAL3GcM2zHA3wbBSD6xtm4UEix Σ 115080.00 YES True
40 SkSy4SZoTjZCbXDH9xctyeuu354nd21kzq Σ 11393.40 NO True
39 Shv3i8mEMvWUQMfMKmfVbxxmQUavzPrGVM Σ 11810.93 NO True
38 SbykvG9DYUjcLH7AeFzaPg3uzp9nbEKP1j Σ 10000.00 NO True
37 SX39f5jtG7PRSieuJ2jSTYi9koAEptodqs Σ 171.96 YES True
36 SdwPH4c3jUHzCNAnybAt7q5zUj235QVdEf Σ 9331.17 YES True
35 Se22kUCNiVdpvnCavFXb7FwymgXKNY91jz Σ 1059.45 NO True
34 SQ5DerHv1PFjsq2H6GqBK5Muojcoy8NKZU Σ 1025.29 YES True
33 SSScX3kWx4wKYkqrCgnEVrd21e2HpjphBa Σ 10467.60 YES True
32 Sf558pGCGaG4ukcvCyudzKit7oDRxa4Bvr Σ 10469.80 YES True
31 SbXLPxSpgPAWJfbJCtpjmjXowdCZsHL5KE Σ 6144.23 NO True
30 SiNbz69vXr2URMaj4SsEpMZvyNi4744UiF Σ 10000.00 NO True
29 SjmRW31U5VRStQ2AKeUU5VPjbV5JPwM9h3 Σ 75069.99 YES True
28 SbZ76czFdbA9vaVfmcdH7tucb1GLSihNW6 Σ 10781.06 YES True
27 Se4Uf2hxjvjA6VeNFTzG4siZNjuHz4xUt7 Σ 5.83 NO True
26 SjVDKYJrpyNAtReokCLiQrpYhGgePaBT2A Σ 149.00 NO True
25 SiXfHH7Y1S9C9hbNUmPBnE17kLTVLdDmGa Σ 11095.10 NO True
24 SkJWUwAhEVRHA2hwuoMPP2m8gk92PykUYt Σ 39.00 YES True
23 SakbNgLEZStA7WBukCkB4uNLn3PbsrTqA8 Σ 160.95 Abstain True
22 SaGQ5DepDRyJfhXf3eGmPqH4Mqne9ZRd8L Σ 2098.67 NO True
21 Sg5csZXqeJEL2MGgfbSA8LoznQGzSMioJK Σ 10462.10 NO True
20 SZ1cqWzJXzFkTBMSdTcy2nQQdgZXsrANWi Σ 10692.70 NO True
19 SbtovhvqgeTxFUyzShnFmh8GR4gNYPmkgW Σ 10703.40 NO True
18 SdVhmEqceM798XkVMmrCoJEGi2R2TWbpfL Σ 10228.10 NO True
17 SSdxy8WH62riGTJouSP9jtxPL5sr3WB7NS Σ 10703.70 NO True
16 Sakfex7Ddcc3aoTbm4EXUe2rZrNcFyt7H8 Σ 10466.60 YES True
15 SiCTijTXczMuVpWZ3uy5LvYSmkC3Ag4HFp Σ 3871.80 NO True
14 SfEnQppPmyHeYrdBDkh7W5r2oHmWW5KZug Σ 10235.30 NO True
13 SjVN5mVg4VZzQznVahbcyLDxXfQuHi7t1B Σ 10238.20 NO True
12 Shy7P6zLWUEePkcpizwJD6uf2CbvupZGUv Σ 10472.50 NO True
11 SaPjhej32gTZU8qKo3rR8yEsLNUFaDu9PB Σ 1946.24 NO True
10 SW2KTafNtdgAddWMRYoHjzoymtLpYgnzqY Σ 1196.36 Abstain True
9 ScuuLBTULyzKcVdeuE7jkWE5WcdcakQfWL Σ 2884.45 YES True
8 SZEHfQzjUUJtyALr93u7PAme1NrNdH2J8D Σ 10000.00 NO True
7 SXKvwvnfHpdQqf9pr1FpF2V4V2er7oHHiQ Σ 10000.00 NO True
6 SS2hZaY8Ns3MVAHB4v2d7XtfxKJ9XDqVtk Σ 10000.00 NO True
5 SaR6vsqQp9mVLbRWzzk6PX846pjojCHv6N Σ 11796.31 Abstain True
4 ShKDNa7HNaNTAgNdyx6EhufKX5K6MW2DAQ Σ 51313.00 NO True
3 SiWKfSHamD68yh6xanMB1FMzyahvwPPJRh Σ 225.77 YES True
2 SeuaXmp9dMcZQq5BxWVibXmxHG6ReyUdap Σ 43409.00 YES True
1 SWih9e48xcQrWr6RnWokb4KsNBSQqB5Phm Σ 55489.00 YES True


  • Dahlhaus 02/08/2018 19:02

    I invite all of you voters and non voters (so the whole community actually) to leave a comment, why you like or dislike this proposal. The feedback provides us, but maybe more important, other community members the necessary learnings for future proposals. It is something that benefits everyone. “Sometimes it's not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don't mean.” ? Bob Dylan. Thank you.

  • Dahlhaus 02/16/2018 16:24

    Integration of Heroes & Friends with "smartcash.cc for social projects", provides the SmartCash community up to $168.000 in free marketing value and brings SmartCash funded projects in the eye of potentially millions of social media users. Main gain of this proposal for the SmartCash community is to drive traffic to the SmartCash branded site and create visibility in social media through our platform. Our strongest feature is the possibility for projects to share content in Facebook, through simultaneous sharing of posts just like Thunderclap does (https://www.thunderclap.it/). We redirect all clicks (page views) from Facebook back the SmartCash branded site. -Facts from our platform- Average clicks (page views) from Facebook message to a project page with 12 ambassadors (average 338 friends) is 600 clicks (page views). Average number of messages per project per year is 35. We provide a solution for 40 concurrent projects. Cost-per-click (resulting in a page view) for a Facebook ad is +/- $ 0,20. (600 clicks (page views) X $ 0,20 x 35 messages x 40 projects) = total potential free marketing value of the proposed platform. If only 17% of this potential value is achieved, there would be a full ROI. This is even excludes any additional donations the projects will receive. We will help the projects to reach these views with our technology, but also with personal advice.