#170 SmartCash for the BJJ

By Ricardo Kozak


Increase SmartCash Awareness by Sports Sponsorship



The athlete comes through this proposal to request sports sponsorship - In order to generate funds to fund expenditures in Jiu-Jitsu championships throughout Brazil. This is a good opportunity to SmartCash gain massive exposure to a crypto-friendly target demographic, during the championship fights and all media that revolves around the event (magazines, sports blogs, social media and etc...)

Exposure to SmartCash:

The athlete undertakes to use the sponsoring brand as an official brand, using his t-shirts, kimonos, patches, rashguards and other products in championships, photographic productions, social networks and other media channels. The athlete will be tweeting about SmartCash and possibly mentioning it during interviews.

The audience:

The demographic target of this type of event is ideal for SmartCash and is consistent with our user base. The championships attract a male demographic group from 18 to 49 years, which is the same demographic as the typical cryptographic enthusiast and initial adopter. Usually, the audience for the days of competition is about 5K, however, this year there will be several international championships in Brazil and, as a result, more than 20K spectators are expected for these larger events and if we take into account other media such as Streaming on Social media and Television, sports blogs among others, the exposure easily reaches 500K. With this sponsorship, SmartCash could be the first alternative cryptography that many of these viewers are aware of.

Some of the great events that will happen this year:




About me:

It is 7 years of training so far, in 2017 I participated in some important competitions and in all I had satisfactory results. I'm very excited about this opportunity, in 2018 I want to train more, compete more and earn more !! Many dream of the black belt, I just want to get to the top of the podium, regardless of the color of my track.

In this post I describe my Jiu-Jitsu journey:


Championships and notable accomplishments:

• Champion BH Open 2017
• 2nd Place on Brasilia Open IBJJF 2017
• Champion Bahia Open 2016
• 3rd Place in America Gold Cup

My involvement with SmartCash:

In August I met SmartCash through Steemit and was fascinated by the project (Thanks @hannahlicious and @msg768 for presenting me this amazing project), I got my first Smarts on some airdrops like: The Twitter Giveaway and The 200 SmartCash Forums Welcome Gift Giveaway, in September I made my first investment to be eligible for SmartRewards and certainly this was the best thing I've done since I entered the crypto world! I want to contribute to SmartCash success, so I am organizing this proposal. With my 4+ years involvement in the cryptocurrency world, I am well qualified to market SmartCash benefits over other cryptocurrencies to interested people, even on a technical level.

Amount requested:

$15,000 - Budget proposed to supply approximately 6 months and provides expenses such as training, driving, feeding, supplementation, lodgings and registrations for the most important events of the country.

You can also find me on:

• Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ricardokozak
• Twitter: twitter.com/ricardokozak
• Steemit: steemit.com/@kozak
• Instagram: instagram.com/ricardo.kozak
• E-mail: kozak@buildteam.io




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
February 27, 2018 5,000.00 47,250.05 * Initial Funding -
March 28, 2018 10,000.00 94,500.09 * Funding for the 6 month period -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 15,000.00
  • Estimated SMART: 141,750.14
  • Estimated BTC: 1.81865432


  • Created Date: Monday, February 12, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, February 26, 2018 20:23:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (2876.34791426174)
No (260989.311827467)
Abstain (0)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
30 SgAJ7k93enc2UgtLJH3geHu5GdYECcBQZa Σ 1699.85 NO True
29 STBFvXTrsxUXxyXNdt6VaWWwes43avoG6w Σ 2093.73 YES True
28 SbxGd7oFTVdDdBHJAZ7TbWDbekrZ3Gd5Yk Σ 7.97 NO True
27 SaaX9rWKfpajwbuMPZXm9PW7rz4sFqD37Y Σ 201.00 NO True
26 SW1MKfjnuEhcq3DtVU3baj8hVxRmLeQSes Σ 111.84 NO True
25 SYZD9apFXeMdVjfq6uo4T94wbZwurBCF5q Σ 11560.60 NO True
24 SPg1fYEGo6XTeUzkFi3kn5FmSDJYoV2DVY Σ 49.98 NO True
23 SdhRsj8LdTP55aMRdposGtnUEaXycVZKJk Σ 300.03 NO True
22 SeLdQeYdTgCjEk8m3F3dWooJtcX5optmpR Σ 5.00 NO True
21 SZERuQNfHUNktziLdcbJ3yUhVDweBuZHmx Σ 181.86 NO True
20 SQ5DerHv1PFjsq2H6GqBK5Muojcoy8NKZU Σ 1674.98 NO True
19 SSzhaoGxVotWN4FEpHsLSxSHZ69AR1wBwT Σ 10000.00 NO True
18 SWEgfNHQ3ZBAEDrXo6CvogC2DJX4gg8oqA Σ 44.26 NO True
17 SaKG7U9ERXGXwye9ubAW2D7RgxqzaNk3H8 Σ 463.25 YES True
16 SkSy4SZoTjZCbXDH9xctyeuu354nd21kzq Σ 11393.40 NO True
15 SjmsJtLRq321CgpK9eLYJ4NGzYGyRHxtw7 Σ 106270.00 NO True
14 SZsm7KEFNB7Y1XSz2fzjsDa2gBtLe94twd Σ 170.36 YES True
13 SakTfrGnk5DK7C3ELLsRyGfnxTRbHTByw7 Σ 0.01 YES True
12 SjVDKYJrpyNAtReokCLiQrpYhGgePaBT2A Σ 149.00 YES True
11 SZpG339CMaAX78Pfkr2ujbtj34rP5DuH2X Σ 10976.63 NO True
10 ShQrLqA45Q7ioWgmQWKFwTcYTqvJCqxMLK Σ 10000.00 NO True
9 ScRvBGmc5y2kQpdZ8gyhZmYiNWhJ5Apyg5 Σ 11154.30 NO True
8 SR96iGo768e3J3vXuGgT36HftvAUnyAx7t Σ 10691.00 NO True
7 SWzGjgAGcFXrYZqjAL6U5weceMCQx9tAcj Σ 10928.50 NO True
6 SZ9GoZ8vxHzm8gSqsLhht62rvTSYDQzUmr Σ 10233.50 NO True
5 SRvaZsNsFv6aiKrdN1FiUGfg9PwuuPhs9i Σ 10943.90 NO True
4 SN4P1qjqAnrsDdh7eto3S8wX6tKcAAGpdo Σ 10231.60 NO True
3 SgYc6EBhEiW3JNSNsk2zzWR5tgEidQavS2 Σ 10470.70 NO True
2 SYQU8opaEfYaY9ExMpWcafND7MBtA43PpB Σ 10922.30 NO True
1 SMfuwf2tu2Vxu1Ts6EJ5pcwGNiCHCM8PQD Σ 10936.10 NO True


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