#138 SmartCash listing on Coinwatch Center

By CoinWatcH


List SmartCash on Coinwatch Center


Listing smartcash on https://coinwatch.center will give us the following possibilities:

- Fully automated Masternode Hosting

For non technical people, CW offers an easy way (easy as 1,2,3, copy-paste steps to follow) to start a MasterNode, and provides email notifications that helped a lot of thier customers already in keeping up to date with their masternode.

No technical knowledge required, no more fiddling with SSH and Putty, or being surprised that you forgot to upgrade one of your Masternodes when an upgrade was due!


- Fully automated Masternode Shares

A secure and automated masternode sharing platform to keep the scammers off! and invest in a node when you don't have enough coins for a full one!


- Merchant API

An easy API to integrate SmartCash into any website as a payment method


- Price Alerts

Members of CW are able to get push notifications on prices, your own rules!


- Cold-wallet monitoring

Receive a push notification and an email whenever any funds are moved from or into any address


- Escrow service

You can buy and sell more securely with an escrow service that supports SmartCash!


and more features to come very soon as the new company is still working on that!




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
January 14, 2018 12,000.00 4,068,568.95 * List SmartCash on CW -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 12,000.00
  • Estimated SMART: 4,068,568.95
  • Estimated BTC: 1.30356949


  • Created Date: Thursday, January 11, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Thursday, January 25, 2018 11:40:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (728,046.06)
No (1,235,204.02)
Abstain (55,509.87)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid


  • Solarminer 01/12/2018 08:57

    Be careful with any SmartNode sharing service. You are giving your funds to another party and expecting them to keep them secure and give them back in the future. SmartCash is not endorsing any sharing service. Use at your own risk. SmartNode hosting services allow you to keep control of your funds, which is much safer.

    CoinWatcH 01/12/2018 09:43

    https://coinwatch.center/page/mnfullhosting FYI . please know how masternode hosting works before commenting out of the blue

    CoinWatcH 01/12/2018 09:45

    Yes we provide both services, shares for those who trust us, and full mn hosting for those who don't (which is safe as you said) . also Merchant API and price monitoring

  • CoinWatcH 01/12/2018 09:42

    If you read the details on that page, it clearly says the funds remain in your wallet. it just a service that gives you a ready masternode-vps, give you the IP, the private key and port. and more than that it sends you email notifications whenever your masternode stauts changes. please do not comment with thing you don't know( source https://coinwatch.center/page/mnfullhosting )

  • Dasom_ 01/12/2018 13:01

    Then... why is this so expensive ? If smartnodes get listed, you will already get the maintenance fees from your customer. What is the initial setup fee for ? I did a smartnode myself yesterday, no prior knowledge, that was not that complicated...

    CoinWatcH 01/12/2018 13:08

    We have developers to pay. plus our hosting doesnt get revenue. it is just to get more clients and promote safe and reliable masternode hosting. why it is expensive is explained in the links i posted above :)