#432 SmartNode Simply Explained: How to set one up.

By mjthestudentactuary


A YouTube video explaining the steps of how to set up a SmartNode. Please see description on why this is needed and why it's different to existing videos and tutorials.


Hi Everyone

So I'm busy setting up some SmartNodes and I've realized it isn't that straightforward for the average person. I have experience with programming and clouds and was still a little confused on the whole process. I'm using Hannah's video and the SmartCash guide docs. They are great and they do have all the steps, however, they don't explain why each step is important.

I'm proposing to make a YouTube video that simply explains the steps on how to set up a SmartNode. I'm quite good at explaining difficult things:

Here is some proof of me simply explaining Mean-Variance Portfolio Theory  https://youtu.be/6do_11UZNu4

The video will help non-tech people understand SmartNodes and how to set one up. It will cover the following:

1) What are SmartNodes

2) Why are SmartNodes important

3) An overview of the setup process

4) The steps to set one up and why each one is necessary

5) The benefits of having a SmartNode

I'll also include some tips, for example how to get free $25 credits for your Vultr VPS. (Check this link out https://www.vultr.com/promo25b?service=promo25b)

My channel has 12000 subscribers, most of them are interested in finance, crypto and investing. My previous SmartCash videos have brought in collectively 45 000 views. So my audience is already aware of SmartCash, this next step is to get them to invest and set up SmartNodes.

The more SmartNodes, the stronger the network. So this will help all of us.

Budget: Total $750

Creating Content: $500

Advertising Video: $250

As always, I'm open to questions, so please don't hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.





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