#679 Smartcash Theme Song (Professional Audio And Video)

By marshalllife


The usefulness of music can not be over emphasized, especially a theme music for a project such as - any kinds of product, companies, an organization and so on, music has the power to influence people, their thinking, ideas,lifestyle, character and so on, music also does things major means of communication can't achieve. so we are save to say music can be use as a means of communication, relaxation and above all sending information's. Create a professional theme song for the smartcash project and a professional smartcash video, allowing the smart community to promote it in their own ways, like in their respective countries, on the internet, blogs, tv/radio and so on by writing a proposal about the promotion they want to carry out and to be funded by the smartcash community funds after the successfulnes of the audio theme song. in order to create more awareness through music so much people believes touches the soul for maximum visibility, notify and easy adoption process.


Blockchain projects are sprouting out more and more on a daily, and different cryptocurrency project struggles out there to be a top spot on this space. 

The cryptocurrency world appreciates developers more than any skills in the crypto space - yeah,they ain't no doubt about that.As the dev are usually the ones that design this techs, build and conduct most successful upgrades etc, they do all the hard part in crypto projects before any other fields come in and i respect them for that but lets not forget that with the image smartcash is painting out there to the world they should be something that makes it much more unique than other crypto projects, 

And yes smartcash is unique, not only because of the smartHive, the community, and the oneness to vote for a proposal, smartcash is unique because smartcash brought all of us together, different regions and countries smart made us believe in one thing - To work as one, achieving same goals - The hive keeps growing and that's a good thing to show that the smart cash project is an ambitious project. 

SmartCash is unique with all the amazing tech features that almost all crypto project don't have and would invent more in no time - Lets keep distancing our self with this uniqueness, keep striving hard using different skills the community has to offer and get ready for a bigger adoption in no time. 

Even though smartCash is a project born out of the desire to create a viable, fast, merchant oriented, user friendly and community driven cryptocurrency with a decentralized governance system, we shouldn't ignore the part of the importance of entertainment initiated into projects -

Most projects/products/organizations has one or two dedicated theme song that does shows what the project is used for, talks about the produce etc,

This theme songs put more lights and narrate the whole projects in a musical form, as a means of information where the listeners knows even more before searching for such products and this happens either from a cable tv, advertising that song on the TV/ radio, internets etc. 

 We all know music is also a way of life and a medium to pass useful information's across in a rhythmic way, this affects hearers and listeners in a positive way. 

SmartCash is not just a cryptocurrency project but a unique one, a community, A Nation,a company and a company. 

I am a crypto enthusiast, that so much believe and love anything that got to do with the blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

I'm a smartcash fanatics using my little skills on what so ever way to show how I'm in love with the project smartcash.Marshallife on steemit,minds/gabs/whaleshares and so on.

I am a music producer/model/Rapper/singer/online strategist and showbiz promoter and so on. i have my first proposal funded to promote and trend smartcash with my team on twitter for two months. 

I got to know about smartcash same time when i joined steemit.

And since then,i have been active and showing my full support on any place my skills is needed, i help though my skills isn't much needed on a daily. 

I have already done two great songs for smartcash, gave out to the community to use on any smartcash related events, videos, etc and also one of the winners of the smartcash community contest, where i was chosen with a song i did. [below] 

You can listen and also download this smartcash music for free here

my first First ever smartcash song

This is the first ever song done for the smartcash community on steemit.

March 12 2018.

Tittled- Smartcash Team 

Smartcash team song by destiny marshall on steemit


Stream on sound cloud

My Second smartcash music 

second song for the smartcash community 

June 3 - 2018

Titled - Smartcash Dream 




YouTube smartcash Dream video


Then the third 

What is smartcash 

July 28 2018



This song are good songs but lacks professional production and also a video endorsement by the smartcash community and the team -


Aim of this proposal 

This proposal is to create a smartcash Theme song that every smartcash fans can use on their projects or work, sing to and also use in recognizing smartcash everywhere or any where you go-

A theme song we all can all be proud of, a song that inspires us about smartcash and keeps us reminded when we listen to it about the major plans and dream to **Decentralized everything**

This theme song will be accompanied with a professional video that gets promoted all over different countries by different smartcash users and this could lead in creating a mass and a door to awareness for the project smart project. 

The aim of this proposal is simple, create a professional theme song and video, give it to the community, let everyone promotes it by writing a proposal for promoting it with any medium they think works better. once this goes beyond and far, also out of our imaginations and people all over the world start listening to this theme song,and see the importance of the smartcash currency, they will definitely get drawn and understand the details of the song, cause i would have to make it as easy as possible and a full insight that a hearer would have known 70% of smartcash, that they tend to find out more about the meaning of the remaining 30 percent.

what needs to be done and its benefits 

This song would be planned and written carefully and would 100% all about smartcash products in fact the song should describe and define smartcash[Just like the third song -"what is smartcash" but this one should be unique] that listeners won't even look like a noob once they checked on the smartcash.cc site as the song already made them imaged smartcash project musically, through them listening to its content or through the musical video of the smartcash theme song.

How proposal should be

This theme song is a very difficult but a promising project and putting haste on it isn't a good idea and i have been planing it carefully for over 6 months now. 

So I Titled The fourth song "ALL OVER THE WORLD" . 

Its simple and goes like this

- Create a smartcash professional audio

- Then follow suit, shoot the professional video

- the smartcash community promotes it on every medium (either social medias or the TV stations) by writing a proposal and gets funded by everyone who accepts their method of creating awareness for the song. 


Making sure i Dish out a quality taste with three or more proposals

The aim of this project is to create a

- universal smartcash theme song (accepted by everyone) 

- create a professional video

 - and **"lets"** all promote it to the world


Those songs you listened to earlier, [my first second and third smartcash songs] are good but lacks professional production and video production. -


Since the project is a tough one and hasn't be done in the crypto space before or it is rare. 

I will break each Road maps into three proposals. 

  1. This is the first proposal that you are reading which is to create a Smartcash professional theme song, after this proposal passed and i have successfully completed all milestone and delivered a unique Theme song to the community, I will be putting out another proposal for the video promotion with the same proposal title "Smartcash Theme Song (Professional Audio And Video)  " and submit the audio file of this proposal after completing, so here, all smartcash voters (communities) can listen to the audio mp3 and decides if its worth to get  the video done for community. 
  2. if the first proposal which is the audio proposal passed, the audio will be out for everyone to listen to, and the first ever smartcash crypto song, funded by the smartcash community gets accomplished and the necessary video details and all what is needed to make the video a success will be on the second proposal, and if passed too and the video proposal completed successfully.
  3. Once the video is done,the smartcash core team announced it, Me or any member of the smartcash community, can always create a proposal to promote the smartcash theme song in their own country and local tvs/radio stations,internet also, dtube, YouTube etc) 

Meaning anyone can create a proposal to promote the Smartcash theme song on any medium of their choice they think they are capable of handling, if this promotional proposal for this theme song is carried out successfully for each countries and regions by everyone that created that proposal - Creating a smart awareness becomes alot more easier than our imaginations - Imagine if smartcash Theme song becomes everyone's favorite song to sing all over the world?

-Imagine if crypto users fancy that songs and took to use it on a daily, we call that a stress free promotion as it has been accepted by everyone involved not only in the smart community but lovers of crypto projects all around, maybe because of its musical contents and presentations, What if an award is given to the song as the best ever cryptocurrency song trending world wide, what do you imagine the impacts will be, since anyone can create a proposal to promote this theme song in their own way. 

- we never may know - this might make smartcash more unique than other projects and gives it a much more better value.

**Time to make smartcash greater like always** ??



I have done few tunes for crypto projects, like Eos blockchain steemit,steemgigs, whaleshares.io etc and have been used severally by bloggers and vloggers. 

whaleshares.io is sharing platform fork out of steemit. 

A song i did for this crypto project is shown to every new members after successful registrations to play, as an official song and this tends to gives them a warm welcome to the platform.this shows music has a major role to play in crypto projects very soon,lets don't get left out. 

A link to their welcome page


My choon blockchain page 

[More blockchain songs will be uploaded too] 



I won't be the one composing the lyrics of the songs, "ALL OVER THE WORLD" cause i will have to take it to other musical gurus to take a look and for lyrics corrections if needs be, things might be added by them or subtracted just to make it unique. 


I will be working with multiple producers in order to perfect this song.from voice couch to beat producers,voice recorders,Mixing and so on

- Musical contents/couches - 620 usd

- professional Beat - 200 to 250 usd

- production wise - 300

- mix and mastering- 400



1,ain't you a producer? why cant you produce the song and keep the funds all for your self. 


Ans- yes I am a producer, and have my own field of production and I take it you've listened to all songs i did on my own , they are good songs but my mini studio lacks some major items and musical instruments that makes songs looks to the taste of professionalism we need as a world wide song. 



2, So smartcash community will be funding you for your contents too, how are you helping the dream and the community? 

Ans: i did songs for smartcash that most of you might not have heard. i did it willingly for the love of the community like most of you who know me do know how passionate i am to the project. 

the contents of this song "All over the world" will be mine 90 percent lyrics but technically a good song isn't done by one person, they will be a lot of reviews by many producers, most would want me to pay for their time,and i have to cause i know what i want. at the end of it all, i might not have any USD left for my self as the content creator. How would you believe this?

by the productivity of the song and the lyrics with efforts of gurus outside the scene, you definitely see the unique works done by me and any producers that work with me. 


3} Too much cooks spoils the broth.

ans- In music that's not true, the more creative and talented people involved in that musical project,the more creativeness,awesome the record looks.




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
September 18, 2018 620.00 210,283.54 * musical contents/producers/couches -
September 23, 2018 250.00 84,791.75 * Making a beat for the contents created -
September 29, 2018 300.00 101,750.10 * Production wise -
October 03, 2018 400.00 135,666.80 * Mix and mastering of the smartcash audio files -
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 1,570.00
  • Estimated SMART: 532,492.20
  • Estimated BTC: 0.17055725


  • Created Date: Sunday, September 2, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, September 17, 2018 23:44:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


Yes (8,389,401.88)
No (41,535,910.31)
Abstain (128,618.22)

Voting Audit

Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid

Proposal Audit

Date Description Yes No
2018-09-02 15:38:47 Proposal created. Waiting for approval. -
2018-09-03 23:44:07 Open voting. Deadline up to 2018-09-17 23:44:07. (slpin1) -
2018-09-16 23:49:40 Last 24 hours of the vote. Σ 7438276.97917 Σ 40276652.59896
2018-09-17 23:44:21 Voting closed. Status: Not Funded. -


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