#86 Smartcash adoption conferences in Venezuela

By ARAtechnology


Smartcash and blockchain adoption campaign and conferences. We are going to carry out two conferences in Caracas each with a capacity of 120 attendants, the target of these conferences is the local entrepreneur’s community. Also, we want to promote Smartcash doing a contest with a prize 2000$ worth of Smarts for the best adoption idea. Overall, we seek to add value to the Smartcash community and give a new tool for Latin American entrepreneurs.


Timeline: 10 days Total Works hours expected for project to complete: 80 hours Who are we? We are ARAtechnology, a Startup founded and shaped by a group of young entrepreneurs, whom believe in the development of new technologies. Our focus is to spread knowledge and boost adoption of these breakthrough technologies across developing markets as Latin American. Proposal Goal: Our goal is to promote Smartcash & blockchain technology adoption around local entrepreneurs and startups showing them how they can benefit from it, we believe that these kind of people is what the Smartcash community needs to grow. Job description: We will arrange meetings and 2 conferences to promote Smartcash in Caracas, Venezuela. In which it will be discussed about blockchain and Smartcash (what are they? How can I use them? How can I access them? What are they for? What governs its worth? What are the benefits?) and we will also hand out small amounts of Smartcash to the attendants with the purpose that they create a wallet and familiarize with Smartcash network. We aim to give startups and entrepreneurs the tools to adopt and benefit from the blockchain technology and Smartcash community. We will also create a Spanish video tutorial about Smartcash (how to buy Smarts, create a Smartwallet and Smarthive funding system?) and going to host a challenge with a SMART prize equivalent to 2000$ to the best idea that achieves Smartcash integration to their everyday activities with the purpose of developing the idea, we also will give the winner legal and technical support. We intend to directly encourage the Venezuelan entrepreneurs’ community to develop projects that involve Smartcash. MILESTONES 1.- Event promotion by social networks -Community manager $100 The event advertisement will take place through startups and blockchain community most used social platforms, such as: ·Instagram ·Slack ·Twitter 2.- Meetings with the startups community in Venezuela -Smartcash Utility $50 -Food and Refreshments $50 We will schedule a meetings with the startups managers to instruct about Smartcash utilities for their business improvement 3.-Tutorial for Smartcash Adoption -Design and Editing $50 -Recording Equipment $100 We will create a video tutorial to show entrepreneurs how to adopt and use Smartcash on a daily basis 4.-Opening of a support center to answer questions about the project and Smartcash adoption -Design and Editing $150 -Workplace (ImpactHub) $30 -Equipment $300 Our person in charge of the support center will solve people doubts from his assigned workplace in our headquarters 5.- Final Preparation of Conference Content -Publicist (Design and Editor) $100 -Content Editor $50 Final editing of videos and slideshows to be used in conferences 6.- Testing for Smartcash Distribution and Smartcash Challenge We will have a final rehearsal of the Smartcash wallet transactions 7.- Media Coverage Confirmation for the Event (Videos and Photos) -Design and Editing $300 -Photographer $200 The conference will be covered by videos and photos to be shared via social media 8.- Confirmation of the Conference Location - Event Hall Service $40 Confirmation and payment of ImpactHub event hall 9.- Accomodations and PoP Material Purchase - Shirts and Caps $500 - Cards $100 - Conference Material (Pens and Office Supplies) $100 - Advertising Material (Flyers) $1000 We will place an order for the advertising material and office supplies 10.- Conference Logistic Preparation -Decoration $100 -Material Transportation $50 -Audiovisual Material $1700 -Conference Catering $100 We will take care of final logistic details as the creation of audiovisual material, installation and catering 11.- Conference Execution in Venezuela -Catering $100 -Improvement Challenge for Startup $2000 -250 Smarts per person=60000 Smarts ˜ $3120 The Smartcash and blockchain conference will take place in the ImpactHub Caracas headquarters, where we will demonstrate how to create and use Smartcash webwallet and the different types of wallets 12.- Progress Report Smartcash adoption results obtained in the conference will be uploaded and shared with the community 13.- Smartcash Adoption Tutorial Divulgation Smartcash tutorial video will be shared and advertised via social media Final Budget: $ 10390 approximately: 199807 SMARTS



Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 11,143.44
  • Estimated SMART: 3,778,153.21
  • Estimated BTC: 1.21052029


  • Created Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2017
  • Voting Deadline: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 15:56:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Not Funded


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