#204 Student adoption plan in France - part 2

By Antonio-Clark


This 1-month proposal is the Part 2 of the French part of the student adoption plan: reinforce the implementation of Smartcash in the EDHEC Business School and beyond.
It's a full communication campaign done in April during the biggest student event in Europe: the CCE.


Click the link below if you prefer watching the 10-minute video presentation instead of reading:



Big picture:
As all smarties our final long-term goal is to achieve global adoption. We already highlighted the importance of student adoption in this process. They are naturally opened to new technologies and will be tomorrow's leaders.

With this proposal I’m following my work on the student adoption in my Business School: the EDHEC Business School. 

Right now, we're focusing on building rock solid foundations in this Business School because it's a Top 5 French Business School with a lot of network. From there we'll expend to other major schools in France, and finally connect with others around the world.


What has been accomplished so far ?


Together we made a crypto-currency - Smartcash - sponsor 2 students association in France, for the first time ever: Smartcash is officially sponsoring the Ecothink and oikos assocations. Now, Ecothink is the headquarter of Smartcash in the Business School, pursuing the goal of achieving massive adoption. 


The Ecothink asso just created the design above. It will be printed on the back of the association jackets and we'll have them at the CCE to represent the asso in front of other students associations.


I also did a conference in my Business School explaining why Smartcash was a sustainable crypto-currency: the community fund makes massive adoption very beneficial to all.



With this proposal, we're going one step further,

I set up a 3 action short-term plan that will take place simultaneously to create a synergy:

  1. Reach influencers
  2. Go viral on social medias
  3. Create the event on the CCE boat race


Action 1:

Reinforce Smartcash presence in EDHEC by targeting influencers: contact the 60 presidents of the 60 student associations of EDHEC and offer them 1000 Smart each. This will directly make them Smartcash adopters, and because they are leaders of their asso, they will then spread the word around them.

Plus I’ll do 3 SmartTalks where I will talk about Smartcash with students in small groups. I’d offer mugs and T-shirts to attendees.



Action 2:

Go viral on social media thanks to a giveway to build more awareness in the EDHEC student network and beyond. I’d like to offer 5 times 500€ in Smartcash to pay for the Summer Holidays of 5 lucky students.

To be eligible for the 500€ giveway, the person would have to put his Smartcash receiving address on the comment section + share the giveway post on FB.


To make it easy to understand for non-crypto people, I’ll make a video tutorial and add some text to the post linking to Smartcash's website. Something like: "Create a Smartcash wallet FOR FREE at https://smartcash.cc/wallets/ and SHARE THIS POST to be eligible for the 500€ giveway."

For choosing the winners I’ll just pick 5. Like printing all names on a paper, cut it in small pieces and pick 5 blindly. I may do it live, record it and bring some people with me for this, so they see it’s fair. This thing should go viral as a ton of student should want to be part of it to win the money. 

I’ll submit the giveway post once a week to:

  • “Promo EDHEC” channel with 2770 students
  • my own FB with around 600 FB friends
  • the Ecothink association FB page with each post reaching about 500 people

I expect 100% of people seeing it and 30% of people creating a Smartcash address and sharing the post so it’d be about 1000 students.

Make students understand that Smartcash is truly part of the student life by exposing some big Smartcash logos on our boat at the biggest student event in Europe: the CCE. It’s a famous boat race in France gathering about 3500 students from various graduate schools.
We’d expose 3 big Smartcash logos on our boat and the Ecothink association members and myself will distribute about 2000 flyers to the students at the event to tell them to go on FB to be part of the giveway.

I expect to get 100% awareness during the event + get good pictures for media coverage.


Breakdown of costs:

  1. Smarts for asso presidents + goodies:
    60 x 1 000 smarts = 60 000 Smarts at current price of 0,068$ it is:
    60 x 68$ = 4080$
    Goodies for SmartTalks attendees:
    30 mugs + 36 T-shirts = 668 € or 822$

  2. Giveway prize: 5 x 500 € = 2500 € or 3078$

  3. Logo on the boat: 800 € or 985$
    Flyers to be distributed during the race: 2 000 flyers = 62 € or 76$

  4. 5% more budget just in case: 450$

  5. My fees for this 1-month work: 1 500€ or 1848$

TOTAL: 11339$


In one word, we'll make Smartcash the sponsor of this huge sport event and deliver a full marketing campaign. We'll use this rare occasion to build massive awareness and multiply the impact of the giveway and the influencers.

Thanks for reading.



Additional links

Link to the pre-proposal page of this proposal

Link to a detailed version of the previous proposal: Part 1 of this plan

Link to the official EDHEC Business School website

Link to the Ecothink student association website

Link to the Oikos International association website

Link to the Communication Task Force Page




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
April 05, 2018 3,078.00 37,926.02 * Giveway payment In progress
April 15, 2018 8,261.00 101,789.10 * Main payment In progress
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 11,339.00
  • Estimated SMART: 139,715.12
  • Estimated BTC: 1.55363217


  • Created Date: Monday, April 2, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, April 16, 2018 23:53:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Funds Allocated (Not Started)


Yes (4149143.78607319)
No (1482266.39700448)
Abstain (36999.19921875)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
82 SedoqWAymbuzm5AQrCVy5gKnpfGJvYdndM Σ 11280.60000 YES Valid
81 SbdQ1isc9Yp4EF79ZQTUCAPGpk481CePFr Σ 10912.20000 YES Valid
80 ShhfUb4DTNE47UFveCjUg5drfuRf4o1bZL Σ 11109.90000 YES Valid
79 SkDkAirnuM5qHUEBcUY6kKqTDWBDvRQpCi Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
78 SMM5smLbxH6x4qE6VnkkAXMnNDFXGrDdX4 Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
77 ShmqEcKqoNUYJJcgZhZdEzi6oabcWofrmb Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
76 SXCWQaykp9tQZJqQKsaLYXwVzfYwDcrHLz Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
75 SfwzEyyk9hv9TUi3p5k5JSkmkUAwcAHJmK Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
74 SQKDJYNFgmdUPEgDNen3mxcXYNFVNFbUuc Σ 40123.40072 NO Valid
73 Sk1pGsxizzpza6xbnGvKDr3LcrDm4oCx8b Σ 18.96100 YES Valid
72 SWs9frJsjZc2nLJ3vTyRxwo4xWTbeXDLaZ Σ 1500.00000 YES Valid
71 ScRSEiAvKSWw6jU44bEe7qG5EU6iBtjFjy Σ 46609.00000 NO Valid
70 Sccr5LotGivWFqxvpL9pFW49ivzpYveyxv Σ 24857.00000 NO Valid
69 Sb3Mekj9UZhAf1CTMdDmvz8QJmFdFYrgfT Σ 9589.54980 NO Valid
68 SPzataf1kZ6vokYzhEyTtM9ZXu2eR4vig4 Σ 45.86361 NO Valid
67 SUDmKrdRFXMyoZe5XNbSXaN6SatvBr1pCV Σ 10552.70000 YES Valid
66 SYtGfJR8XWrke4UcddKTTHV9RxqQ2wGAmN Σ 10717.20000 YES Valid
65 SisP2RaeH9JH3HSssP2AnSjDJekamhoMVm Σ 10736.40000 YES Valid
64 SPCFz1gnHbBWpxZTq89WmuyZSeV2MAJ3Ah Σ 11453.20000 YES Valid
63 SR1wEFaMcyMF7jEKJCj4Lk8vBUbwMPFwqr Σ 6185.88232 YES Valid
62 SWapGLTwjF4mboL3y1a1P4uvyqsfKCgReT Σ 47903.71351 YES Valid
61 SY5RZp5W47qoZbv5d8WvanicFHZtU3zYXT Σ 2.32885 YES Valid
60 SNUb8ZmUH3bgoxhbeX91LTgwKkJPrKYw4Q Σ 36.52706 YES Valid
59 SgAX7iUpUEcBaK6xeeMuF3zUo1e52TBs6n Σ 98.31353 YES Valid
58 SNSasvhmKiNS7rs8FgryRG1BJAL7BScn1J Σ 1649.09802 YES Valid
57 SVe8KzL4XhQ3bQ9FHDcjtwWa8AzMwbphWw Σ 1449.00476 YES Valid
56 ShG3mCwcc2dwdWHfncES9o5bTYKsQnX4ie Σ 49.56896 NO Valid
55 SRAaPjecV4NX75t7mCsuFGEPakKKLWX6xY Σ 564031.00000 NO Valid
54 SUDUEXMgDkVqfq76E5VBVkZkFCT7CTaTWk Σ 705039.00000 NO Valid
53 SU23x9nxibD1PQrGQvkevXj55xnW9ZVUiz Σ 4.99000 YES Valid
52 SPg1fYEGo6XTeUzkFi3kn5FmSDJYoV2DVY Σ 9380.03809 YES Valid
51 STowvdM3gPifu78d6HCvpxpLeAckHxrpXD Σ 36999.19922 Abstain Valid
50 SMiQ9GJ7PBm7YQx7ZERd7TmwBovEHzVWkZ Σ 1802.74780 NO Valid
49 SXtvRRNExU8yRiLzAGGLq3D4W4KLBGQfvy Σ 1100.00000 YES Valid
48 SjrHT84MSk4RCECbxcmH9otvjw3XMGP2Lv Σ 11295.90000 YES Valid
47 SaDV4zAK89AHvnGdmh4jRtbTVSD5jA1Sw3 Σ 11118.40000 YES Valid
46 SiLV1C667Ao9TKPZ9idNXmEcQjeyiKE38A Σ 9865.48000 YES Valid
45 SNsP7oqciP8vKFe7vbVWstBwp6xL6kh87E Σ 11307.40000 YES Valid
44 SdXYNLMs7EJDfFsjzzNVwMoNcHs8RvBxR1 Σ 11142.50000 YES Valid
43 SkSaY6JHMjJWf5jh7LdpV6neqCP76q9ekZ Σ 13466.90000 YES Valid
42 Sem1JfsvmEc3c9ZfZ16AZw7ahgBnjbDPDu Σ 0.00037 YES Valid
41 Sd8BD3QqocHdBMcV99w3jvG9jNPrK46wz3 Σ 11302.80000 YES Valid
40 SfkwKvPQYiR8XHLhubgn8MJ2AxNtn1hBfk Σ 736.08388 YES Valid
39 Sc9EJFb5rjdZT4agnWmAoZbZvr2ymjKkej Σ 1359.98000 YES Valid
38 SUTKKg7AjpfmhS8qtq6BjSABvuE6ChUGTW Σ 1342.49263 YES Valid
37 SY7SjKXs3nvoGJTjznD8SBcCYnSnwEdcz3 Σ 13421.40000 YES Valid
36 SUN38JEJq6m7JEB8Hq4QGw4F1CbvEDAWub Σ 3272.39392 YES Valid
35 SMoDC24Hi5fjt6SbYjcCdUvjJUgLAz2dSK Σ 14812.40000 YES Valid
34 ShXSw2a9KDcb6SoJQdhy8N6o9MnvA7ZSt3 Σ 10.00000 YES Valid
33 SbV5MxDNBDJuU3MbzW1fsYKJjTnfcR3W32 Σ 29.47637 YES Valid
32 SNUK3N7ZALTwC3S4KByrDD4yvtMqYfXqWd Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
31 SN5DDjJL4rM4toehgidy6TvGf5Eq1oiDGx Σ 13752.70000 YES Valid
30 SXKvwvnfHpdQqf9pr1FpF2V4V2er7oHHiQ Σ 11727.30000 NO Valid
29 SZEHfQzjUUJtyALr93u7PAme1NrNdH2J8D Σ 11531.20000 NO Valid
28 SX8rV51FeZQpqB7jRmSyxk97RZZ1soZQaX Σ 31.71225 YES Valid
27 Sfr4EM5vpo5CtQGS88prYsxfQMYiTgTVSa Σ 60.00000 YES Valid
26 SVEyQAoEGoJT9T8B9m4wVWk4XBFgpPf1Nu Σ 135.00000 YES Valid
25 SaXL4ieWWjzCkqY52iVpyX6Rrj1H8BizNP Σ 3.07000 YES Valid
24 SVTRnH5ZnAdJHfSJNAVyZ1tV35dqjCxSuD Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
23 SQc9kXpeDE8wkYENjX9LZCMgW6q49b5jWE Σ 0.98200 YES Valid
22 SPEK5z3Sz6P6XeZQrMaqKqrYZ1i8EMnqMd Σ 59.00000 YES Valid
21 STdgfx43Kqf5GLcVstHCyJtDW9AB5L5Goi Σ 3699354.00000 YES Valid
20 SUXJULRYwz3pT3jhh6T2nCaV6Uz5YGdjoF Σ 5168.47656 NO Valid
19 SZQTVJkHtAnezxHfzDAEbXh5hSYMCgvW7i Σ 120.00000 YES Valid
18 Se71aGruxGhzfk1f1VZPi4x5JZPGdd4VcU Σ 10355.00000 YES Valid
17 SfhvZrR9bkNxQPqVXm3apSWkVqdovANfLD Σ 247.77650 YES Valid
16 SPvfRf1Yz6AawkT2wp1QhGxDboWdNTbN3g Σ 10794.50000 YES Valid
15 ShJUURqaiLDSs1Do7EHSd7VwybBFcLEbS4 Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
14 SMgwFwWzeJ35H9ddd7bbMBoTeUVehkWCVd Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
13 SVu4CZ8ufyv8zovqZe418mWUcjefJzpzVi Σ 1738.29237 YES Valid
12 SjsRcmP8smsv5yR6r6vnBKKdANA6rptp2i Σ 121.99000 YES Valid
11 SjVpURTwRDqSxKFxfWci5QSvURFRkENVj3 Σ 1241.00000 NO Valid
10 STQTSbzsdJb2X9LZ5FABKiY4J1YztGrqC6 Σ 55505.94531 NO Valid
9 SiwCA6osjvJ2NUgXcVpvaHqfYYC4XAkGc3 Σ 4945.34424 NO Valid
8 Sg4pN9S5NLN9YcrTqABK3minSLKvEwNueJ Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
7 Sb32Kd7xZ25X5R79CWuAiga15teiAwoiPc Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
6 SSxK6X7HgcdhvtrzCt7WdTYYaq5qRUUVgP Σ 10187.09961 YES Valid
5 SdoGeMjMvLhyh3Hf5USDPUVj3KT74X3Lgz Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
4 SbfnTsAi4uSZHuawS4njFhXRWsFqBQwRcP Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
3 SMdNWd45cy9PvqucaAycVxV95FZjNN9kta Σ 1242.99902 YES Valid
2 SWqzu5iKhtrp5AvDz1r2o3dHgTbPNsjK6a Σ 10.00000 YES Valid
1 SYprroVSkS93Twnu8AM91SXVnvDKLbZDRM Σ 10355.00000 YES Valid


  • Antonio-Clark 04/03/2018 00:05

    There is a little mistake: the giveway payment should occur the 5th of May not of April.