By marshalllife


Social media is in fact a force to reckon with,online presence has shown to really contribute to development and adoption of most Internet projects, likewise non Internet projects,through the creation of awareness on social networking platforms.

The awareness campaign organized by most project owners is always aimed to create "cognizance" from day to day trend of such project in order to reach far, wide and near the Internet sphere through the usage of social platforms, "because knowledge is indeed powerful".

Trending topics on the Internet tends to create notice to individuals,it makes them get aware of some unknown activities and grasp through it with every hearer being conscious of what the project/topics offers, even why it was created and how they were derived from-hence the introduction of a weekly campaign for smart cash on twitter.
This initiative is not just about tweeting the goodies involved in being a smarty,this twitter campaign (Smart session) should enlighten and spread that smart awareness across to Newbies , Crypto Enthusiast like wise Investors through the use of social media hashtaging power,Twitter platform acting as the medium and also marketing smartcash on social media through this orchestrated method by the Atlas force.


Social Media networking platform is a great force to reckon with in today's social world, and through the power of hash tagging, one could achieve a high form of visibility in just a short period of time if the operation is planned and executed in a well professional manner.
SMARTCASH is a project that has a lot to offer both in individual form,merchant and companies across the world because of its features revolving around every aspect of the human race. with all this smart features attached to SMARTCASH and with what everyone of us tends to gain from its mass adoption,the adoption rate should be higher than 80 percent of most popular coin, therefore a call for awareness outreach should be implemented to boost the overall project visibility.

The need to Introduce a smart campaign to create more and more weekly visibility for SMARTCASH project is call for.
This social campaign tends to create more awareness to the Internet users and at the same time trending the SMARTCASH project on Twitter with the use of hash tagging.

Creating awareness alone on social networking platforms might not prove more effective if the method is not planned and organized with a nice working techniques. the best way to create a good social media awareness and for it to yield an effective results can be achieved through "mass" orientation with the use of well trusted force (team), proper timing ,well developed social accounts and professional skillful individuals that knows what they are doing.





My  name is Destiny Marshall aka @marshalllife on steemit and also on smartcash, founder of project Atlas (A crowd force dedicated to promote blockchain technology) 

i have won smartcash best article of the week with my smartcash Team song and also won MVP of the week twice or thrice now in a roll. 

i have been very active since my exposure to the smartcash community, i learnt a lot about smart and will really love to see smartcash shots for the moon and i really wish to be part of that story embarassed 



The project Atlas are group of networking individuals (team) on the Internet ready to swing in to action and use their professional marketing skills/knowledge with their intellectual and interactive gifts to draw more investors and builders to any project through social media awareness campaigns.

Introducing project atlas to the blockchain world

The project-atlas HQ base on discord uses the team force of more than 30 twitter accounts to spread mass awareness with quality and unique tweets through the power of unique hash tagging and organized individuals.

How campaigns are done.
The project makes announcement on its discord channel,Volunteers accepts the terms and conditions of the mission attached to the campaign, They later submit prove after they are done to "prove channel" , moderators moderate each accounts tweets ranging for how many tweets was demanded from them,

  1. unique tweets get the standard rewards.
  2. medium tweets get a fair rewards with a message for them to improve on the quality of their contents.
  3. poor tweets are rebuked or rewarded very low.


Our First Smartcash Demo Campaign And Results

The demo free version of the smartcash campaign we did for just two days

  • (5 to 7 tweets daily)(A total of 10 to 14 tweets from each twitter accounts)
  • (7 to 9 volunteers multiple by 10 or 14 tweets)


smartcash tweetbinder analysis


The results came out astonishing as we hit a milestone of 700k plus impression and 200k plus reach.

(Analysis shows 17 Contributors participated meaning 8 to 10 unknown accounts joined the campaign even after 7 to 9 accepted on our discord)

You can draw your analysis with this hashtag projected for the demo analysis.



You can also lurk around on Twitter for our smart activities.


How we tend to create massive awareness with this method.

Weekly awareness campaign will be so encourage even up to some months in order for us to come out with a colorful results,but we tend to run the campaign for 8 weeks to show the SmartHive how this process can turn out to be a cracker, after the eight weeks are over, a new proposal asking for continuity of this campaign will be published.

The SMARTHIVE looking into our previous milestones and impressions can decide if this method is good for the gander and if it might be able to improve the overall media performance of SMARTCASH in creating a project awareness on Twitter.

Weekly reports will be made every Sunday on our steemit blogs and also on the SMARTCASH forum to update the community of every weekly milestone, Impressions/reached we've created on Twitter.

Apart from just updating the smartHive with our weekly details for the awareness campaign, my proposal on smartcash discord,a smarty suggested i create a public keyhole account with historical subscriptions and put out to smarthive community so any member can willingly track even our daily activities up to when the campaign ends after eight weeks (2months) .

From other hash tags to use,the permanent hashtag for hashtracking this campaign will be #SmartHive_theory inclusive of the original hashtags to be added.


Estimation Of Weekly Campaign Results (Reach /Impressions)

Reaching more twitter users is possible with active hashtags and also tweeting at the right time.

each members of the team will be made to tweet 20 unique and creative tweets on a daily for 7 days with every time set to catch attentions on the media - (for maximum effect,with active studied working hash tags and proper timing )
Weekly reach and impressions - estimated

  1. maximum - Impression + Reach Audience = 5 to 18 million even up to 8 weeks
  2. minimum - impression + reach audience = 2 to 10 million up to 8 weeks

Total estimation for eight weeks (2 months)

  • Maximum =40,million / 144,million
  • minimum = 16,million / 64,million

Cost for each weeks

$525 weekly for volunteers and moderators

(payment is paid to volunteers according)

  • To twitter followers they have.
  • The impacts their tweets made on the platform (we use analytics tool to draw this out)
  • Quality of the tweets and how well arranged they are.

The first 14 atlas force who accepted on our channel will be selected to participate and numbers from 15 above will be discarded in order for me to have the ability to monitor it thoroughly and see it turn  successful

  • The highest payment team members will be paid = $30 weekly ($30 × 14 = 420)
  • 2 moderators to moderate for all weeks =$40 (40 × 2 =80)

Total team budget for 2 months =$525 × 8weeks = $4200


Payment may varies from each volunteers because of the options listed above, Volunteers with low quality and small impacts will receive low payment, if this happens, it will leave us with even more left over fiat after the campaign - the leftover $? (USD) remaining will automatically triggers continuous campaign even to the ninth and tenth weeks until the whole funds for the campaign has be exhausted and used properly.


  • Keyhole subscription for 2months = 179 × 2months =$358

Total amounts to spend for the two months campaign

  • some of the twitter accounts to be used for the campaign awareness


@SteemitBlogs @TabletWallpaper

@Stallion_Team @project_atlas2

"And may the atlas force be with us"




Date Amount (US$) Amount (Σ) Description Status
April 29, 2018 2,100.00 25,875.45 * weekly campaigns up to four weeks (First round /first month) In progress
April 29, 2018 358.00 4,411.15 * Keyhole subscription for 2months In progress
July 02, 2018 2,100.00 25,875.45 * weekly campaigns up to four weeks (second round /second month) In progress
* Estimated

Requested Amount

  • Total USD: 4,558.00
  • Estimated SMART: 56,162.05
  • Estimated BTC: 0.62452204


  • Created Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018
  • Voting Deadline: Saturday, April 21, 2018 20:46:00 UTC
  • Payment Date: Payments will be made in accordance with the delivered milestones


  • Funds Allocated (Not Started)


Yes (974607.193118782)
No (54552.1476392284)
Abstain (81250.8271942139)

Voting Audit

Vote # Address Voting Power Vote Is Valid
64 SUftW68UPsTGE76fWjFJapqrkxapPpUwkX Σ 4999.60010 YES Valid
63 SehVotYJVgBFEkxCGbRfgYx99TYhFHGDym Σ 10170.90000 YES Valid
62 SX1bCH7wBPogV4ngaVNpxDVu66N9sKrcRC Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
61 SgxmAvHT2sNsBG8Rw5Z5sjVhEwaEAyGdct Σ 56.29437 YES Valid
60 SWJSrnw41n3uHnxoPJoviRsQds6arQSBu8 Σ 3319.38330 YES Valid
59 SWcwi6hV6o5sdmcJHicnausF3cEFWDfJTS Σ 1113.22278 YES Valid
58 SaAEqbzQ6BMySnKGr9kjoP6uBkXFXQ6k6H Σ 121729.97656 YES Valid
57 ScaWhDc3MvgDSG46adt4gNQNdkcriWwJao Σ 245154.06250 YES Valid
56 SMk8XKy82osqWPxrnTdm7e2J9hqmJGFjzr Σ 1816.02002 YES Valid
55 Sf51pr4P2dCNTJTGKoi2iDrzgn5pikivfU Σ 8674.17090 YES Valid
54 SfzUaEoVSvCXXdsnSHNvsdj2B8Tqz4xx1m Σ 78598.79688 Abstain Valid
53 SdMtBNVCxqudpNpnUthGQVXdssHDUPiVLC Σ 1749.45972 YES Valid
52 SbnMPgcup7nBFeQws9oTa1bM3F3bkVaWBT Σ 753.23291 YES Valid
51 SeNmqKA2EWddhiuMRZ7kyryCkfh3ktuEDD Σ 12808.28704 YES Valid
50 SZK8LLS2PTBxE7vg4bi4jVz7nquPjLb8Wx Σ 11904.90000 YES Valid
49 ScuuLBTULyzKcVdeuE7jkWE5WcdcakQfWL Σ 3131.44995 YES Valid
48 Sh2p4RwT8xBr2QKsoAdhynPF4JCNWJJZa1 Σ 1024.88965 YES Valid
47 SgAJ7k93enc2UgtLJH3geHu5GdYECcBQZa Σ 2133.46143 YES Valid
46 Sb1J47TEo1o99XTfxNcCsn2DzD9YCCDe3g Σ 2.56411 YES Valid
45 SX8rV51FeZQpqB7jRmSyxk97RZZ1soZQaX Σ 181.68803 Abstain Valid
44 SdwPH4c3jUHzCNAnybAt7q5zUj235QVdEf Σ 10100.17285 YES Valid
43 SSeKxrqQRVjoRvQcYDA6dosGd7s2ZXneXL Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
42 SX5YDo1hCq3qV3UkQVq7h37mEgp2dA8wYC Σ 83.52690 YES Valid
41 SdtwgALH9DrBQuFohX4HMAjGa6qvkPjkak Σ 2741.14331 YES Valid
40 SfhvZrR9bkNxQPqVXm3apSWkVqdovANfLD Σ 247.77650 YES Valid
39 Sgtr31bHKybiTXcpoRTr16ZKrm86Cq593N Σ 23597.28906 YES Valid
38 SaHG2RRRWafCJGbBQ5buXTbDSXTRfQuS2H Σ 2599.60010 YES Valid
37 SgAX7iUpUEcBaK6xeeMuF3zUo1e52TBs6n Σ 98.31353 YES Valid
36 SiCTijTXczMuVpWZ3uy5LvYSmkC3Ag4HFp Σ 4160.79946 YES Valid
35 SfEnQppPmyHeYrdBDkh7W5r2oHmWW5KZug Σ 12474.40000 YES Valid
34 SXtvRRNExU8yRiLzAGGLq3D4W4KLBGQfvy Σ 1100.00000 YES Valid
33 SRLwYtrf8thfdgt4kiMYvEAckkEJ94MfEZ Σ 10382.98047 YES Valid
32 SMiQ9GJ7PBm7YQx7ZERd7TmwBovEHzVWkZ Σ 1802.74780 NO Valid
31 SjrHT84MSk4RCECbxcmH9otvjw3XMGP2Lv Σ 11295.90000 YES Valid
30 SaDV4zAK89AHvnGdmh4jRtbTVSD5jA1Sw3 Σ 11118.40000 YES Valid
29 Sfd4Jng6gdc4GQebAhrw31FcvjdskNU6eN Σ 326532.05172 YES Valid
28 SjRNuL2JStKvrhnfGeQCcmyyAcAqhHVrxj Σ 1.50877 YES Valid
27 SiwCA6osjvJ2NUgXcVpvaHqfYYC4XAkGc3 Σ 2470.34229 Abstain Valid
26 SNsP7oqciP8vKFe7vbVWstBwp6xL6kh87E Σ 11307.40000 YES Valid
25 SdXYNLMs7EJDfFsjzzNVwMoNcHs8RvBxR1 Σ 11142.50000 YES Valid
24 SkSaY6JHMjJWf5jh7LdpV6neqCP76q9ekZ Σ 13466.90000 YES Valid
23 Sem1JfsvmEc3c9ZfZ16AZw7ahgBnjbDPDu Σ 0.00037 YES Valid
22 Sd8BD3QqocHdBMcV99w3jvG9jNPrK46wz3 Σ 11302.80000 YES Valid
21 SfkwKvPQYiR8XHLhubgn8MJ2AxNtn1hBfk Σ 736.08388 YES Valid
20 Sc9EJFb5rjdZT4agnWmAoZbZvr2ymjKkej Σ 1359.98000 YES Valid
19 SUTKKg7AjpfmhS8qtq6BjSABvuE6ChUGTW Σ 1342.49263 YES Valid
18 SY7SjKXs3nvoGJTjznD8SBcCYnSnwEdcz3 Σ 13421.40000 YES Valid
17 SUN38JEJq6m7JEB8Hq4QGw4F1CbvEDAWub Σ 3272.39392 YES Valid
16 SMoDC24Hi5fjt6SbYjcCdUvjJUgLAz2dSK Σ 14812.40000 YES Valid
15 ShXSw2a9KDcb6SoJQdhy8N6o9MnvA7ZSt3 Σ 10.00000 YES Valid
14 SbV5MxDNBDJuU3MbzW1fsYKJjTnfcR3W32 Σ 29.47637 YES Valid
13 SNUK3N7ZALTwC3S4KByrDD4yvtMqYfXqWd Σ 10000.00000 YES Valid
12 SN5DDjJL4rM4toehgidy6TvGf5Eq1oiDGx Σ 13752.70000 YES Valid
11 Sev41UbPXWEfTsfUQccBy7zse4cAuQT9M6 Σ 1409.93994 YES Valid
10 SeBWQQx65eYbiDAX1hggPnnuHB66cToEQW Σ 164.98801 YES Valid
9 ShJUURqaiLDSs1Do7EHSd7VwybBFcLEbS4 Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
8 SMgwFwWzeJ35H9ddd7bbMBoTeUVehkWCVd Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
7 SVu4CZ8ufyv8zovqZe418mWUcjefJzpzVi Σ 1789.87481 NO Valid
6 SeJY4dKhptxa5tbiXxUM7y3xRMVJWEUzLC Σ 1109.31323 NO Valid
5 SQViiqJL8BswUNqQK49ehPVotxVYyehjfL Σ 5496.17773 NO Valid
4 SgAR2boWEAxDtbPXpKASx9aSivWAnmmqop Σ 10825.00000 NO Valid
3 ScnhnFb9fM9iYnDoqKQWPjt3UgZy5PTgM3 Σ 10000.00000 NO Valid
2 SdchrPQ8UUTthJfpyKtC8taW66WAwKdvyF Σ 2603.57007 NO Valid
1 ShM4DgYRTa6EaN2i251p4anEL75cTsawem Σ 925.46399 NO Valid


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